Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 5)... Part 29

6 years ago

***** 3 weeks later ********

I was inside my room on a saturday morning, I did a little sanitation in my room, cooked noodles after the sanitation and I needed to have my bath. I pulled off my cloth, trouser and boxers and I was totally Unclad. I dropped my clothes at the bottom part of my wardrobe and I picked my towel from the top of the wardrobe and tied it around my waist. I entered the bathroom and put on the shower, I was still in the bathroom when I heard a knock on my door. I rushed the bath and walked out of the bathroom and walked towards the door with towel still tied around my waist.

“Who is that?, who is there?” I shouted and no
one answered. I walked back to the bed thinking maybe the person knocked on a wrong door or probably it was a knock on another person’s door. On taking 3 steps backward, I heard the knock again. I went back to the door again and I asked “who is there?” and again I got no response. I became scared and I was worried.

“Who could be there?”

“Could it be thieves?”

“Or a deaf who couldn’t hear me speaking?”.

With towel still tied round my waist, I took the courage and turned to handle of the door and
opened it. I was shocked and surprised at the person I was seeing infront of me. Adebimbe was standing right infront of my door looking so beautiful, cute and charming. I scanned and accessed her downwards with my eyes, she wore a blue skimpy gown with an open cleavage revealing the upper fleshy parts of her jugs. I scanned downwards and I saw the end of her short gown which managed to be few centimetres below her butt0ckz, on seeing this, my J0yst!ck picked its frequency and I had a hard on.

“Enter dear, welcome”, I said to her as I locked the door from behind. On turning back to adebimpe, she dropped her handbag on the floor and gave me a hug pressing her b0s0m firmly on my chest. After few seconds of hug, she pulled backwards a little bit, pulled her head backwards, she looked into my eyes with a flirty smile on her face, before I knew what was happening, her head began to move closer to mine and her eyes was closing gradually and she finally placed her lips on mine and we began to kiss. I pulled her closer and couldn’t resist her. We continued to kiss and we moved our legs gradually until we walked closer to the bed and we both fell on the bed. We continued kissing and our hands began to do some movements, I was kissing and moving my
hands downwards and I located her b0s0m and began to smooch it from outside her gown. She
began to m0an while moving her hand downward to my towel, I pushed her bre@sts out of the gown and was pressing and squeezing it while she finally loosed my towel and began to stroke my erected J0yst!ck. I moved my mouth away from her mouth and moved it down to her bre@sts and began to sU-Ck it simultaneously. I moved my hands downward to the end of her gown and lifted it up while caressing her laps, this time, her m0an was getting higher and the pitch was getting
louder. I moved my hands inward to her pants and played around it for some moment. I then shove the pant sideways to have access to her
womanliness, “dammn!!!. She was so wet and dripping”, I played around her cl!ts teasing it and finally digging her honeypot with my fingers while she was m0an!ng like someone who was about to faint.

“Huuuuuh, ooooouch!!!, haaaaaagh!, onihaxy!!!!!!, you will kill me today!!!, infact you have killed me already!!!!, oooooouch!!!!!!!” Suddenly, bimpe stopped stroking my J0yst!ck and she sat up, pulled off her pants, pulled up her gown. She pushed me to lie flat on my back and she sat on my J0yst!ck in a “woman on top” style. Adebimpe supported herself by mounting her hands on my chest while she was rising and falling on my rod. I was lost in ecstacy as I watched her b0s0m bouncing up and down as she was rising and falling on my J0yst!ck. I raised up my hands and placed them on her b0s0m and pressed while she was jogging on my J0yst!ck. We bleeped so hard for almost 10minutes until I was about to Pour and my breathing was getting higher.

Uuuuhhhhh!!!!, huuuuuuurgh, oooooouch!!!, I began to m0an as I was almost returning from the heavens then I noticed someone tapping me on my laps. Wake up!!!!!!.

I managed to open my eyelids and I discovered
I was dreaming,”chaiii!!”.

The voice sounded again “wake up jor!!!!!!!!, you just slept with your door unlocked!!!!”.

This time, I opened my eyes completely to see the
person waking me up as the voice sounded so

ME: heeee!!!!, Adebimpe!!!! How did you get here?, when did you get here?, you didn’t tell me you were coming!!!.

****i was so surprised to see adebimpe sitting beside me on my bed wearing the exact gown she wore in my dream****

BIMPE: sebi I told you yesterday on chat that daniella cried and insisted that she wanted to follow her dad to abuja, and her father eventually took her away.

ME: yeah, I remember!!,

BIMPE: I’m off duty today, and the house is so boring and I felt lonely and empty at home, and I thought of where to stroll out to. Then I thought of your place.

ME: ***still suprised**** but you didn’t call me or inform me that you will be coming.

BIMPE: onihaxy!!, your line has been switched off since yesterday evening and there was no other way I could reach you.

ME:***still suprised and looked at the wall clock and the time was few minutes past 3pm*** haaaaa.

BIMPE: what is “haaa”, are you not happy to see me?, or are you expecting someone?

ME: no ooooooo, I’m not expecting anyone. just surprised to see you.

BiMPE: better!!!!, oya get up and entertain me jaree. Abi you don’t know how to entertain guest for the first time ni?.

ME: ***smiled*** ok ma,

I stood up and went to the fridge and got soft
drinks for her, she requested to watch a movie and I inserted an indian film disk into my dvd player. We started watching the film and we were gisting along side until few minutes past 5pm when this sudden rain started falling.

Bimpe looked out of the window and yelled.
“Oooooooh God!!!, which kind of rain is this ooooo, the wiper of my car stopped working since yesterday and I’m yet to fix it, I won’t be able to drive in the rain!!!!!!”.

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