Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 5)... Part 6

6 years ago

BiMPE: ***sobbing*** don’t underestimate the power of love. You and I know that I have always loved you, despite the ups and down between us in the past, our path still keep crossing. To crown it all, I have a beautiful daughter for you whom I carried in my belly for good 10 months, so tell me how will the love of her father vanishes just like that in my heart?.
Belive me onihaxy, my feelings for you are real
**continued sobbing***

ME: **held her hands and wiped her tears*** ok
bimpe, its ok, I understand you. But at this point, let’s make things clear to each other, I have handed over betty to you and henry forever, you even sealed my lips with a oath, and now I’m inlove with your husband’s sister and I’m planning to settle down with her. Please bimpe, I’m begging you for heaven’s sake, let’s just kill whatever feelings we have for each other and let’s concentrate on our spouses.
Please I know you can do this, you have hated me and haunted me in the past, you can still do it again please.

BIMPE: ok dear, if that is what will make you happy, I will try my best to control my feelings, all I wanted is your happiness, but on one condition.

ME: what is that?

BIMPE: you will not avoid me again and you won’t be harsh on me again. I do shed tears most times you act cold towards me.

ME: is that all?

BIMPE: yes

ME: ok, I will try.

BiMPE: that’s my baby. But wait onihaxy, be sincere please, swear to God that you don’t have any feelings for me again

ME: let me tell you the truth, I like you, that’s why I’m still around you, but I’m trying to concentrate on my spouse, that was why I have been avoiding you.

BIMPE: please don’t avoid me again dear.

ME: I heard you.

BIMPE: alright, so where do you live and how are you coping?

ME: I’m squatting with a cousin for now in mushin, though we are like 5 in the room because 3 of his friends are living with us.

BIMPE: are you comfortable with the place?

ME: not at all, but I don’t have any choice for now, I will manage till I get my own apartment.

BIMPE: that will be nice, which area are you getting the apartment

ME: somewhere around ilupeju or obanikoro or maryland.

BIMPE: its ok.

ME: thanks dear. So, what did you say you wanted to tell me?

BIMPE: hmmmmm, its about your wife betty

ME: **scared** betty?

BIMPE: yes

ME: what happened to her?

BIMPE: I have wanted to tell you before from the start, but I know you won’t listen, that was why I didn’t bother, although the matter was minimised for sometimes now, but I think it had been resurrected again.

ME: bimpe, you are still scaring me please, tell me what happened to my betty.

BIMPE: ok, her father had a plan of marrying her to his rich friend’s son in Abuja. Although betty was against it at first and that was why she ran away from abuja to lagos, but of recent, betty and the guy has been exchanging romantic call and making some plans. So that’s why I’m here to inform you to act fast before you loose your wife.

ME: bimpe, this is a lie, betty can’t do something of such. are you sure of what you are saying?

BIMPE: onihaxy, you don’t have to doubt me.
Ok, when you see her, ask her why she isn’t working at the moment, and also pressurise her to introduce you to her father. From there, you will get more revelations. But please, don’t let her know that you heard it from me please!!!!!!, I beg of you.

ME: **screamed*** what!!!!!!!!!!


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