Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

6 years ago

I followed betty immediately and we climbed
the stairs with both of us smiling and playing
with each other, on reaching the top of the
stairs, I could see like 4 doors. She pointed at
the room one after the other and describing
them to me.

She said the first room is her brother’s matrimonial room, the next room is
daniella’s room, followed by another room
was said to be a guest room and the last
was betty’s room. “””Chaii!!, money good oooooo”.

She opened the door of daniella’s room to
on her and I entered with her.

The room was
bigger than my cousin’s room in mushin, it has
academic and cartoons wall papers hanged on the wall, a standard bed which she was
sleeping on with a standard wardrobe,
AC and colourful toys on the floor. I also saw a
bathroom door inside the room. I was like, “All
this luxury for a child not up to 2 years?”.
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She closed the door and we went to her room, she
opened the door and I sat on her bed. I looked
round the room, her room has the same
settings and structure with daniella’s room,
that she has a portable fridge, a make-up chair and table with mirror hanged on the wall, I TV
and DVD stand and so on.

I was looking in
admiration and I was cursing poverty inside of
me. She closed her door from behind and came
to sit with me on the bed and resting her head
on my shoulder.

BETTY: onihaxy, this is my room, do you like it?

ME: looked around. Its cool, fine and colourful.

BETTY: thanks so much.

ME: the room downstairs where you and bimpe
normally enter most times, who lives there?

BETTY: our previous maid used to stay there before, but now, we use the place as a
secondary store.

ME: ok dear,

BETTY: so dear, what do you care for?

ME: Anything ***smiled***

BETTY: ok ***stood up, walked towards the fridge, brought out a “five alive” with a glass
cup**** let me serve you dear.

ME: ***smiled***

BETTY: ***poured the drink inside the glass cup
and gave it to me.***

ME: ***took it and drank it up** dear the
at that outsourcing firm was so much.

I’m so
stressed up jare.

BETTY: **smiled*** onihaxy, you are funny, you
are sitting on a bed, pillow is behind you, and you are saying you are tired, lie down jaree. ***
removed my shoes and socks and she pushed
my back to bed***

ME: dear, don’t let me sleep off ooo, so that
bimpe will not catch me here.

BETTY: ***lied beside me, with her left leg over my laps and her head on my shoulder*** are
you scared?

ME: yes na.

BETTY: if she meet you here, nothing will
happen, even if I keep you here for days,
nothing will still happen, the only person I fear is my brother.
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ME: funny, what if she inform your brother?

BETTY: she dare not. Do I look like a teenager?

ME: ***laughed.***, how will you know when
she is around?

BETTY: she has her own keys

ME: ok oooo, that reminds me, I saw a man at
entrance of the gate when I entered, who is
he? .

BETTY: yeah, he is the new gateman and
security guard.

ME: ok. Betty and I continued to chat, from there, we
started playing and it led to a hot and
passionate romance.

Our lips met each other
and we are kissing under the chilling AC, she
came closer with her hands wrapping my neck
while my hand began to move down to her b0s0m, I started with a tickle on her
then squeezing and pressing the b0s0m
through her gown, I was finally able to bring
out her boobs from to top of her gown, I
moved my head downwards and was sU-Cking one the
b0s0m while hand-manipulating the other one,
she let out a soft m0an “ooooooouccchhh” as
she presses my head closer.


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