Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 4)

6 years ago

BETTY: ****coming down from the stairs and
looking at us******. Hmmm, men and football

HENRY: na so now, atleast ours is better than
gossips you girls do. *** faced me*** onihaxy,
abi no be so?

ME: ***smiled*** na so oooo.

BETTY: ehn ehn onihaxy!!, is that what you will
say also?

ME: smiled

HENRY: ***faced betty**** where is bimpe?

BETTY: she is still in the kitchen.

ME: hmmmm, no wonder I have been
perceiving aroma since ***smiled***

HENRY: betty, please tell her that we are ready
to eat.

Betty went to the kitchen while henry and I
continued our arguments, we started from football, then enter politics from there to life
style, then to women. We related as if we
each other for long. As we were discussing,
bimpe was looking at me and I was looking
back in annoyance but I hid it from betty and henry.

The table was set and the four of us sat
on the table. Betty did the serving and we
discussing as we are eating. I sat beside betty,
bimpe sat next to her and opposite me.

sat beside bimpe.

HENRY: onihaxy, betty discussed so much
about you which I think I’m somehow satisfied

ME: thank you sir.

HENRY: my wife also said she used to live in
same area with you before and that you guys used to fight.
>>Story From =>

Me: ***smiled***

BETTY: that’s past tense brother, they have
reconciled with each other.

BIMPE: ***smiled***

HENRY: if that is it, thank God. But onihaxy, there is a little problem.

ME: **scared*** what is that sir?

HEnRY: there is an agreement that she must
posses her masters before getting married.
you think you can cope and wait?

ME: I’m already aware of that sir. I will
wait since I don’t have another alternative.

BiMpE: ***paused her meal and stared at

BETTY: so if you have alternative, you will dump me abi?

ME: haba dear, you know I won’t do that na.

BETTY: you just try it!!!, I will kill both of you.
You and your alternative

THREE OF US: ***laughed***

HENRY: another thing is that she will be travelling out of the country for her program.,
hope you won’t disappoint us?

ME: I won’t sir, its betty we should beg that
shouldn’t disappoint me.

HENRY: I trust her she dare not. **faced bimpe***. Mummy daniella, you aren’t
saying anything about our discussion?, why?

BIMPE: ***sighed*** just don’t have anything to
say to it. Whatever you people decide is ok by

BETTY: hmmmmmm. Brother, don’t mind both of them, their fight is off and on?

BIMPE: haba!!!!, aunty betty, stop that now,
did I tell you we are fighting?

ALL OF US: smiled.

HENRY: ****brought out a cheque*** mr
onihaxy, here is a cheque of 100k, as a token of appreciation for saving our daughter. Thanks

BIMPE & BETTY: stared at me

ME: ***think for a while****, thanks so much
sir. But please keep it, daniella is more like my own
daughter also.

BIMPE: ****looking scared***

ME: ***continued*** I knew her and used to
meet her here even before knowing you. So it
won’t sound right. Thanks so much once again, no offence sir,

HENRY: that’s wonderful mr onihaxy, but I still
insist. Please accept it from me.

ME: ok, if you insist sir, hold it and deduct it
from the bride price I will be paying.

HENRY: ***handshake with me***, thanks so much onihaxy,

ME: you are welcome sir.

We chit-chat for about 30 more minutes. I
checked my time and it was few minutes to

ME: I need to get going sir.

HENRY: why so early?

ME: my destination is far sir.

HENRY: where is that?

ME: ***chaii, how you go call mushin for this
kind place na** fadeyi area.

HENRY: ok bro, see you some other time.

ME: **smiled*** you aren’t always around

HENRY: yeah. that’s right, I’m running.
Professional course every weekend in abuja. I
was around today just because I was expecting
>>More Story @

ME: ok sir.

BETTY: ok, let me see you off. Ooops, where is
my phone?

ME: where did you put it?

BETTY: I can’t even remember, give me your
phone onihaxy, let me use it to find my phone.

ME: ok ***hand over my phone to her****

BETTY: ***climbed upstairs with my phone in
her hand using it to dial her number***

ME: *****ooooooooooooops!!, yeeepa!!!,
text!!!!!!, I never delete am ooooo, I pray she
didn’t go through it ooooooooo*****

BETTY: **came down with a frown on her

ME: ***chaiii, e don happen today****
I bid them farewell and went out of the
compound. Betty was holding her phone and
mine, she frowned and was silent. Her mood remained the same as we were strolling to the

ME: my love, you look so dull and silent, what is
the matter?

BETTY: **silent***

ME: ***stopped**, betty, what is the matter?, have I done anything wrong?

BETTY: ***stopped also****. Onihaxy, who was
the lady that sent you a text two nites ago?.
me the truth and don’t lie please.

ME: ***chaiiii!!!!, e don happen today******


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