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6 years ago

“Chaiiiii, segun was definitely right!!, That house
is a place that is dangerous.

Bimpe wants to
blackmail me, betty wanted to dig deep, na
oooo” .

I simply delete the previous recording and set the phone on a new one and returned it inside
the chair, as I dropped it, betty arrived with
container of water. She met me sitting alone
the living room as she entered.

ME: welcome

BETTY: thanks dear, where is aunty bimpe?

ME: she went upstairs. What took you so long?

BETTY: don’t mind me jaree, I met an old
at the junction, so we began to gist.

ME: hmmmmmmmm

BETTY: you didn’t believe me right?,

ME: I do my dear, just that I wasn’t expecting
you to stay out for so long.

BETTY: **fixed the water into the dispenser
came closer to me***. I’m so sorry my dear.

ME: its alright. Its 6pm, I would be going any
moment from now, I don’t want to get home
night so that my cousin won’t be angry at me.

BETTY: huuuh. So till when?

ME: maybe tomorrow morning before I return back to akure.

BETTY: ok let me see you off ***screamed:
mummy daniella!!!!, onihaxy is leaving****

Bimpe came down stairs and her face looked
someone who had slept but I knew it was fake,
betty told her that I was leaving, she acted as
she care and she told me to take care as she
returned upstairs while betty and I walked out
of the house.
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On getting out of the living room,
betty excused herself “onihaxy!, please just a
minute, I wanted to change my slippers”.

Ok dear no problem, “yimu!!, she wanted to
her recording gadget,”. Betty came out with phone on her hand within
20 seconds and I smiled
“Oluwa, thanks for making me to scale
his one”.

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m not comfortable with this your stay at Ado. I can’t settle there, why not
relocate to lagos?. Or will your family go

ME: ***paused and faced betty***, no ooo, no
one will be against it, just that I haven’t got any
job here yet.

BETTY: ok, I will discussed it with my brother
beg him to fix you somewhere in our daddy’s

ME: **held her hands***, thank you so much

BETTY: and if it won’t work out that way, I will
need copies of your CV and submit them to
daddy’s friends here in lekki and ajah. It would
make it easier for us to be seeing regularly instead of this “once in a month of a thing”.

ME: ok dear, I will forward them to your email.
thank so much dear.

Betty followed me to the junction, we both
a shuttle bus to lekki phase one gate. I took a “lag bus” going to oshodi and she returned
home there after..

While I was in the bus returning to oshodi I
logged on to whatsapp to gist my nigga.

ME: hi sege,

SEGE: how far?, how the thing dey go?

ME: fine ooooo, you were right the other time

SEGE: how?

ME: betty was monitoring me.

SEGE: heeee!!, you caught her peeping?,

ME: no oo, she placed her phone on vibration, set it on voice recording and hide it inside the

SEGE: haaa!!, how did you find out?,

ME: after waiting for 15minutes and she
return, I dialled her number and I found out.

SEGE: thank God ooo, onihaxy, you just have to
be careful around these two girls. One wanted
discovery and the other wanted a revenge.

ME: you are right.

SEGE: delete any message, image or contact
that has to do with bimpe from your phone. If you want to communicate with bimpe secretly,
do so on another sim card and make sure you
stick to texts than calling.

ME: why?.

SEGE: so as to avoid another voice recording,
and if the texts later leaked. You can easily deny
it saying its not your number.

ME: ok boss.

SEGE: and don’t always stay alone with bimpe.
Make sure a third party is there, don’t they
have a maid?.

ME: they used to have, but betty said the maid
used to steal their money, so she was fired.
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SEGE: ok, you just have to be careful and be
mindful of your speech and attitude whenever
you are with them. Because if you loose betty, you might not make
heaven I swear.

ME: loooool, why na?.

SEGE: she is the available opportunity for you
step up and upgrade your career.

ME: yeah, that reminds me, she said She would
try to fix me into her dad’s company or any
other firm in lagos so that we can be closer.

SEGE: you see what I was talking about?. You
just have to be careful so as not to loose this
girl ooo..

Me: ok boss,

SEGE: and also onihaxy, try to control yourself,
don’t do anything silly that will ruin everything.

ME: anything silly as how?.

SEGE: by having se*x with bimpe ni, because my instinct tells me that you will still fall on her
again and again.

ME: haba na, segun!!!!.

SEGE: don’t segun me, abi no be the onihaxy
wey I sabi?. You know she is now married and her husband’s sister is also your girl. So don’t
even try nursing the thoughts of bleeping
talkless of doing it real.

Me: hmmmmmmm

SEGE: if you refused to listen to me and anything happens, I will deny you and I will
never be part of it,

Me: yes boss, I hear you.


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