Adebimpe The Facebook Girl

6 years ago

BIMPE: onihaxy, I said what do you want?

ME: I want to marry betty, and I don’t want
to stop me. Infact, I want your 100% support.

BIMPE: alright, I heard you.

ME: and also, I want …………

BIMPE: ***cuts in*** Mr man, that all I can
grant, nothing more ***hanged up***

ME: “”hian!!! wetin be this na?. I want ask of
my certificates na” ***redials number and it
was switched off***

I dropped the phone and continued with my work until I got multiple pings from betty. I
suspended my activities and chat with her.

ME: hi love.

BETTY: how far?, you have been keeping me
waiting since na.

ME: I’m sorry dear, my boss just left.

BETTY: ok dear. So I’m listening.

ME: hmmmmmmm. The truth is that I knew

BETTY: hmmm, I thought as much. So she was
your ex?

ME: Ex kee?, no oooo.

BETTY: so what was the relationship between
you guys?.
>>Story From =>

ME: we used to live on the same street in

BETTY: hmmmmm, why did you deny her
earlier on the day you saw her on my phone.

ME: because we weren’t in good terms

BETTY: really?, what happened?

ME: she used to be rude, proud and arrogant.
So we had a fight on a particular day and since
then, I hated her with passion.

BETTY: are you sure there was nothing romantic
attached to it?

ME: betty, I swear to God, you can ask her.

BETTY: ok oooo, no wonder she doesn’t want
to talk about you. I guess the hatred na long

ME: loooool.

BETTY: and now that you want to date her
husband’s sister, how will you guys be relating?

ME: hmmmmmmm. This one is strong ooooo.

BETTY: hmmm, eleyi Gidi gan. Jokes apart, will
you guys continue like this?.

ME: maybe we would settle our differences
because of you then.

BETTY: that would be better.

ME: looool. Betty please, can we chat later, I want balance the account for the day.

BETTY: ok dear, TTYL.

I dropped my phone to tidy up my work.

I got
home and decided to gist segun on the latest

ME: hi sege.

SEGE: Ale Bimpe, how you dey?.

ME: looooool. Not oko again?, na Ale now abi?.

SEGE: yes na, you know say she don marry. So
na concubine you be for now.

ME: you no well.

SEGE: so how far about that parole?.

ME: loool. I don do am.

SEGE: e work?

ME: e work. The thing surprise me sef. I don’t
know that bimpe can fall for a threat.

SEGE: sebi I told you. You know I’m am oracle. I
told you she has her marriage to protect, so its
going to work. What you just have to do is to
bold always and don’t let fear appear on your
voice and on your face. She would definitely
continue to fall for it.

ME: thank you jaree.

SEGE: you don ask for the certificates?

ME: no ooooo,

SEGE: why na?,

ME: I was about to ask when she cut the call,
and her number hasn’t been reachable since then.

SEGE: don’t worry. If her dog run away from
motor car death for 20years, na cutlass go still
kill am.

Me: hmmmmmmm.

SEGE: so what was the negotiation you guys had?.

ME: betty in exchange for her peaceful

SEGE: that’s my guy, don’t let betty find out
the truth about you and bimpe. Or else, you will
be finished.
>>More Story @

ME: that reminds me, betty made enquiries
about bimpe from me sef.

SEGE: really?, when?, how?

ME: she said bimpe saw my picture on her
phone and she screamed just like I did when I
saw bimpe’s picture on her phone?.

SEGE: haaa!!, that girl smart sha. How you
come take resolve am?

ME: I called bimpe to inform her and we both
agreed on a story to cook for betty.

SEGE: did it work?

ME: sure. I told betty that bimpe and I once lived on the same street and we had a fight

SEGE: and she believed you?.

ME: yes na. She was even trying to settle the
fight for us sef.

SEGE: that’s my boy. You don dey smart be
that. Now I’m proud to be a good coach.

ME: you no well.


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