Adebimpe The Facebook Girl

6 years ago

I picked the call with the mindset that its
definitely adebimpe.

ME: hello

CALLER: ***female voice*** hi sir

ME: *** confirmed that it wasn’t bimpe** who
am I speaking with please?

CALLER: Lolade sir. The lady who came to apply
for a sales rep
2 days ago and I collected your number

ME: ***recollect*** yes!!!, I remembered. How
are you?

CALLER: I’m fine sir. I just want to remind you
of the recruitment
sir. Please I need the job sir. Please help me sir.

ME: hmmmmm. No problem, always keep
intouch with me so as
to get updates. But for now, we are still going through the CVs
submitted. No one had been considered yet.

CALLER: ok sir, thank you sir. This is my number
sir, pls save it.

ME: alrite, no problem.

CALLER: have a nice day sir. ME: and you too, ****hang up*****.

3 days earlier. We recently purchased a new
pure water Van to
expand our distribution channels to our
customers. A driver was
needed with a female sales representative who will assist the
driver in dispatching the pure water packs to
our customers.

manager and I deliberated on how to go about

We agreed to
pay the driver 13k and the sales Representatives 10k monthly
salary when they are employed.
>>Story From =>

A notice board was placed outside the
compound containing a
vacancy for an experienced driver and a
female sales representative. Before 2pm the second day
after the notice was
pasted, 3 guys applied for the driver post and
4 young ladies
came to apply for the sales Representative

At 3pm, my manager was about going out and
won’t return for
the day when this young lady came inside the

table is located at the entrance of the
manager’s office and the manager was already out of the office and
was about going away
when this lady called lolade approached my

LOLADE: hi sir ***knelt a little***

ME: hi, what can I do for you?

LOLADE: I’m here to apply for a sales

ME: ***faced my manager standing by my table
and almost going
out**** oga, you have a guest applicant

MANAGER: onihaxy, abeg attend to her. Sebi you know the
interview process?

ME: yes sir

MANAGER: I’m late for where I’m going to, I
can’t wait anymore.

ME: ok sir, bye sir.

MANAGER: **walked away** bye.

ME: ***looked back at lolade, she is a slim girl
with an average
oranges size. She isn’t too skinny by she isn’t

She looked
straight from her appearance when she was coming inside, I
couldn’t grade the backside because I haven’t
seen it then. she
has only one thing I dislike in her physical
appearance which is
the large quantity of spots on her face. She has a dimple and a
nice set of teeth coupled with a good smile***
hi miss ??

LOLADE: miss lolade

ME: ok miss lolade. How are you?

LOLADE: **smiled** fine sir

ME: you can have your sit **pointing at the 2
chairs infront of my

LOLADE: thank you sir. **sits down**

ME: **na where I go start the interview from
sef?***. You said you are here to apply for a sales rep?

LOLADE: ***smiled again*** yes sir

ME: from the vacancy notice, you are told to
come with your
application letter, original and copies of your
credentials and a copy of your CV. And the requirement for this
job is an SSCE.
Hope you have them here with you?.

LOLADE: yes sir.

ME: ok, can I have your letter first?

LOLADE: **opened a brown envelope and brought out a letter***
here is it sir

ME: ** glanced through the letter and noticed
that she had a cool
handwriting and nice construction of
sentences*** ok, what about your result?

LOLADE: **brought it out** here is it sir

ME: **glanced through it*** you failed
economics but passed
account and commerce. How come?

LOLADE: I was sick on the date of economics paper and couldn’t
do it properly.

ME: sorry.

LOLADE: thanks sir

ME: what about your C.V?

LoLADE: here is it sir

ME: ***glanced through the age and noticed
that she was 18**.
your CV says you are 18. Is that true?.

LOLADE: yes sir

ME: well, you look 29 to me **smiled**

LOLADE: ***smiled also*** you are funny sir.

Gradually, the interview session turned into a
gisting and
interactive session as I was throwing relevant
and irrelevant
questions at her just to engage myself. >>More Story @

has a good sense of humour as she was flowing very well with me. I
collected a copy
of her result and returned the original to her. I
told her to go and
that she would get a call from us if we need

She stood up from her chair and walked about 3 steps away
from me when
she turned back and asked, “Sir, please can I
have your
number?”. “Why not?” I replied as I gave her
my number afterwards.

I screened and observed her
Bottom as she was
walking away from me. I can rate the a$$ 60%
sha. Not too big
but looked fitted inside her short pencil skirt. I
was discouraged by the spots on her face sha. That was why I
couldn’t think of
her anymore until she called me.
“Onihaxy!!, e be like say this lolade get
potential oooo”
” E be like say I go dey use this girl manage body pending the
time I go get a girl of my taste in this Ado-

Gradually, the thoughts of Bimpe was leaving
my mind and the
thoughts of lolade was coming in………..


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