Adebimpe The Facebook Girl

6 years ago

****After Bimpe’s text message*******

I cried till midnight, the whole world appeared
to be crumbling
before me. I suddenly lost appetite for
everything and the
thoughts of suicide began to fill my heart.

My memory flashed back to the stress, hustle
and struggles I
went through for five years at the university
before obtaining the
certificate, I began to remember all the stress
I went through during NYSC, I also remembered how I sq££zed
out time out of
no time to attend java and oracle classes, I
remembered the
stress of writing the professional exams
before finally getting the results.

“Chai!!!!, Adebimpe wicked gan ni oooo”

After a while, my mind stopped flashing back
to the past and it
began to think about the future. I started
consoling myself with the thoughts that “after all, I can easily re-
apply for another
certificates”, but how will that be possible
before thursday
evening that I would have to travel to Ado?.

***weeping and biting my finger**** “Chaii, Adebimpe is just wicked”
“Did I really deserved this extreme
” What do I do before thursday?”
“Should I call my uncle to tell him that I don’t
have my results with me?”
“How will I even say it sef?”
“How do I even reach bimpe and beg her, who
knows, maybe
should would forgive me”
“Who knows maybe she had set my certificates on fire?”
“Will I just loose this chance of getting a
better job again?”
“Will my uncle ever be willing to assist me
“I just wished I checked my credentials properly before leaving
the hospital”.
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Infact, I regretted once again for travelling to
niger state for the
GNLD interview.

I continued murmuring and crying all through the night with
nobody to talk to, At a point in time, I thought
of calling segun
but I couldn’t. I was seriously angry and mad
at him.

He was the
one who pushed me and led to bimpe’s “hard- way” treatment in
the first place. Bimpe shouldn’t have gone to
this extreme if he
hadn’t chased her out when she was here with
me in Akure.

Another thought started overlapping my mind. I began to see the
whole things as the handiwork of my step-
“That woman must be a witch”
“She had never wanted my progress since child
hood” Why must my certificate be stolen at this
time that I needed it for
a big job?”
Moments after, another thought came into my
mind that it must
be the handiwork of the people from my village.
“I could remember how my dad used to tell me
that the village
people can bring people down in the spirit
Different thoughts began to overlap my brain as I continued
attaching the situation to every possible

I looked
at the wall clock and the time is 3:48am and
yet I couldn’t sleep.
“Chaiii, I swear to God, I will personally kill Adebimpe any time I
set my eyes on her again”
I began to nurse evil thoughts on how to harm
adebimpe. I wish I
knew her contacts and address, I wouldn’t
mind paying hired killers to kill her.

inshort, I must take my own revenge also in a
hard way,
“This is definitely the Beginning of the end
between me and

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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl

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