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I woke very early the next morning. Tosin had
woke up earlier to
prepare bathing water and also breakfast. I
tried asking him
about his work and why he wasn’t living in a
more decent accommodation despite his huge income.

told me he was
investing into a project, and also sending
money to his family
and that’s why he couldn’t afford to get a
better apartment. I said “ok”. I tried asking him about how the test
would look like and
also trying to get more details about the job.

Tosin began to beat
around the bush and not giving me a straight
answer. He gave me an address and told me to meet him at
work because he
wanted to leave earlier. He left me at home
and left while I was
reading my GMAT and preparing hard for the
test. The test was scheduled for 10am so I left the
house around 9am.

On getting to the venue, I saw a lot of people
dressed up in
quality and expensive suits and I got scared.
“Would I be employed out of this multitude?”. I called tosin
to inform him of
my presence and he told me to calm down and
be prepared. I
tried looking around but I couldn’t find any
signboard for the company.

At 9:40, we were called to come inside and fill
an attendance
form. The staffs I saw were looking so poor
and I could see the
poor quality of what they are wearing. I got amazed because I
never expected such from a company paying
120k per month. I
ignored my observation and proceeded to a
mini hall provided for
the exams to be written. I sat down with the pool of applicants.

At about 10:25 am. Someone came inside the
hall with question
papers and he was distributing it to us and he
told us we have
just 30 minutes to answer the questions.

On seeing the paper, I
was shocked. All the questions been asked
were all based on
health, diets and nutrition. “Could this be
GNLD?” I asked. Well, I
answered the question and then submit it along side with others.
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Then tosin came up to the podium infront of us
to address us. I
said to myself “yeah, that’s my guy”.

TOSIN: hi everyone

US: hi sir

TOSIN: I’m glad to announce to you that the
interview would hold
today, so you should all be patient.

US: ok

TOSIN: I’m assuring you that almost all of you
will get this job.

US: ******side talks*****

TOSIN: before you would be called for
interview, let me give you
some motivations

US: thank you sir

TOsIN: do you all know that you can be as rich as dangote and
adenuga if you all believe?

US: yes sir

TOSIN: you see, the power of success and
failure is in our hands
and we can either choose to be poor and rich. You see, I was
working with dangote before i joined this firm
but I wasn’t
fulfilled. But I can tell you. I haven’t spend up to
2 years in this
firm and I already had 2 cars.

ME: ****was so furious and angry, which 2
cars?, for your face
me I face you apartment?***** chaiii, I was
tricked into another
GNLD scam sha, I just sat down and observing
with anger.

TOSIN: you see, between 2 years, this firm had
sponsored me to
south africa and zambia. And this december, I
would be in
london. Bla bla bla bla.
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ME: ***i began to hate myself the more, I began to consider the
money, time and effort wasted, I still kept
quiet and observing.

TOSIN: but to make it with us here, it comes
with a price. You
have to pay just 10,000 for licensing to be a registered
nutritionist in other to work with us . But I
assured you, you will
make your money in the first week of
resumption with us.

Before tosin finished with his speech, majority of the applicant
had stood up and left. We were not up to 10
left out of the
hundreds that came for the test. No doubt, I
had been tricked. This is purely GNLD.

TOSIN: if you don’t have cash here, you can use
your atm card on
our POS here, or you can make a deposit with
any amount on you
and balance up later. I’m assuring you that you
would never regret it bla….bla….bla.

If you are ready to make a change, go to the
room where our
interviewers are waiting to meet you. Thanks.

Tosin left the podium and went into one room
and I followed him, I tapped him at his back and he turned around
and faced me.

ME: tosin, so is this what you tricked me to
come and do?.

TOSIN: onihaxy, I never tricked you. I want you
to make it. You can’t continue to be a slave to a peanut
income. That’s why I
invited you?.

ME: so where do you want me to get the 10k
license fee?

TOSIN: you can deposit 5k now, and I would borrow you the rest.
When you start making money, you would
return it.

ME: ****so angry****. Do you know that you are
very silly?.
Infact, you are mad.

ToSIN: why all this?

ME: so you lived all this fake life?, you claim to
have 2 cars when
you never had a bicycle?. You claim to earn 120k
and yet, you
are living in a face me I slap you apartment?.

TOSIN: calm down.

ME: its ok, thank God I came here with all my
credentials and my
belongings. Good bye

TOSIN: onihaxy, where are you going?

ME: ***yelled*** never ever in your entire life call me again. .
I hissed on tosin as I walked out of the place. I
was so sad within
me and very angry with myself. I never
believed I could be tricked
into something like this. I called segun to inform him about what
happened. He felt my pains and tried to
console me. I went
straight to the park to board a bus back to
abuja that same day.

On getting to abuja. I had just 2,800 left on me. I was just
convinced within me that I would meet
samson and get some
money from him to return back to akure.

getting to his house.
I received the greatest shock of my life. Samson’s family no
longer lives at the address I knew and no one
knows their where
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“Where do I go from here?” “Where do I turn to”?
“How do I get back to akure”?
“Where will I stay this night?
I checked the time and it was past 4pm.
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money left on me
couldn’t take me back to akure. I was even hungry. I don’t want
to return to tosin’s house as I was so angry,
pissed off and
furious within me. No one knows anything
about samson’s
family. Samson’s number isn’t connecting and I don’t know else
where in abuja.

I crossed my bag on my shoulder with my file
bag containing my
credentials on my hand. I walked down the
road and began to wander down the street, I was so lost in
thoughts and I couldn’t
hear anything around me. Suddenly, I felt a
great hit from the
side as I was walking down the road and that
was the last thing I remembered..

I woke up on a white bed and opened my eyes,
looked at the
whole room and it was all white. I tried raising
my leg but they
were panning and was bandaged. I looked at my hand and I saw
a drip syringe been attached to it. I looked
around and realized
that I was in a hospital but no one was I d
room with me. I looked
at the other side of me and I found an empty bed. There were just
2 beds in the room.
“How did I get here?”.
“What am I doing here”?
“Where are my bags and credentials?”.
I began to ask myself questions with no one to answer. I wanted
to stand up from the bed but I felt so much
pains all over my
body. I was too weak to stand up or do
anything. I looked at the
wall clock and the time was 7:30am. I just turned my head to my
left and faced the wall.

About 42 minutes later, I heard the sound of
the door and heard
the sound of foot steps. “That must be the
doctor of this hospital I guess”. The person was walking closer to my
bed as I was
turning my head towards the right to see
whom the person was. I
was shocked to my bone and I felt like
entering into the bed. Adebimpe!!!!!!, you!!, a nurse!!!!?
How come ??, what are you doing here .

was the
exact words that came out of my mouth as I
saw bimpe in a
white overall walking closer to me.

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