Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 59 Recap.

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Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 59 Recap.

Sanjay takes his pillow and goes on his sofa. Shruti sits on the bed and is crying. An emotional song is being played and Sanjay is also crying.
Shruti then removes her jewellery and sits crying as it damages her relationship with Sanjay on the first night itself. Shruti remember her marriage with Sanjay.

In the other room, Ami and Khushboo are about to sleep and then Khushboo says that she can't sleep then Ami gives her a doll. Khushboo sees it and kisses it and then Trisha comes and sees that they are taking her things so she shouts at them and tells them not to touch her things without her permission. Then they sleep. The lights are off, Ami and Khushboo say that they are not able to sleep then Trisha gets up and tells that she has to get up early next morning and tell them to just shut up. Trisha then sleeps. Ami and Khusboo get irritated when Sanjay's niece yells at them for no apparent reason. They decide to sleep in their mother's room. Ami and Khushboo go to Shruti’s room and Shruti takes them to sleep there and then she also sleeps there.

Next morning while Sanjay is bathing, he sees Shruti get up. He goes to Shruti after bathing and offers her tea and tells that he knows she could not sleep tonight. Prabha comes and sees them and their children sleeping. Shruti and Sanjay wish her good morning. Prabha tells that she came to call them for breakfast and Shruti tells her that she can make breakfast. Prabha tells her that no need as she just has to come and eat
with her children. Sanjay gets angry and leaves.
Sanjay stops his mother and asks her why is she talking so rude to her. Prabha taunts Sanjay about Shruti's rude behavior towards him that Shruti was sleeping with her children on the bed and he was sleeping on the sofa and why? Then Parul comes and listens to their conversation and asks why he was sleeping on the sofa and says that actually on wedding night, one should sleep with his wife but why on sofa. Sanjay tells them that it would be good if they don’t interfere in his and Shruti matters. Sanjay leaves and Prabha tells herself in her mind that she knows there is some problem between Sanjay and Shruti and even is Shruti tries to come close to Sanjay then she can't come. In Daadi’s room, Ami and Khushboo go running and ask her whether she could sleep or not. Then Daadi tells that she could sleep as she was tired because of the marriage.
Shruti comes and Ami says that she did not realize when she slept away in her mother’s laps. They hug Shruti and tell that she is her best mother in the world. Khushboo tells them to stop and she takes a picture from signs from her hand. Ami goes and tickles Khushboo. Shruti goes in the kitchen and wish Parul good morning, Parul say the same. Shruti offer to work. Shani says yes and tells that it is her first day in the kitchen. Prabha tells her to keep quiet and go as all work is done. Parul goes as she has to see Trisha. Shruti asks if she can make paratha and that at least tea or coffee. Prabha tells her to go as all work is done and tells her to take care of her family. Shruti further feels humiliated and insulted when on every step she face ignorance from her mother in-law and others.

Everyone at the breakfast table and also Daadi and children. Sanjay tells Prabha that he is going for an important work at office and to take care of Daadi. The children come and Khushboo says good morning to everyone. Prabha misbehaves with Daadi, Ami and Khusboo as they also face hatred of the family members. She tells Daadi that how can she call her because she is Shruti’s mother in-law and her mother is Kumkum then Prabha tells that she has come in her daughter in-law’s house. Ami gets angry and tells Prabha to shut up as she is trying to say that Daadi has entered forcefully in the house.
Prabha tells that she is small and should know how to talk to elders.

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