Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 57 Recap.

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Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 57 Recap.

Khushboo is very happy and thank Sanjay addressing him as uncle. She is readily to accepts Sanjay as her father and then says that now she can call him dad and not uncle. Sanjay who is now a happy man that his Shruti has become his wife and his two best friends, Ami and Khushboo, are his children. He says yes. Ami who is still sensitive about her father Harsh refuses to accept Sanjay as her father and tells him that her only father is Harsh and is the best father in the world. She cries.

Sanjay deals the issue with love, he talks to Ami and he tells her that he cannot take her father's place and he does not want to take the place of her father and he will not be able to take Harsh’s place in anyone’s life. He asks Ami to accept him as her friend only if not as her father. Then he packs Ami and Khushboo’s bag and with them he comes out and goes to keep the bags in the car with both of them.

Shruti's ex mother in-law ( Daadi ) and Naani come out. Shruti tells everything to Daadi and tells her not to work much till Pravin comes to
take her and that Venilal will do all the work.
Then Shruti's mother says that she will stay with Daadi but Daadi says that she doesn’t need anyone to take care of her.

They all leave and Daadi goes inside and hugs the photo and cries hard. Shruti tells Sanjay that she will come back and goes to see Daadi, she gets upset and apologizes to be selfish and she didn’t think about Daadi and asks how will she live with Nisha. Then Sanjay comes there and he decides to keep Daadi with him at his home as she will be lonely after Shruti's exit and says that she will only stay with her son. He further relieves Shruti from her worry regarding Daadi by taking her with them to their house.

Then at Sanjay’s home, grahapravesh ceremony’s preparations are being made and then Trisha says that Sanjay uncle has come and everyone goes to do their grahapravesh. Sanjay-Shruti along with their daughters and Daadi reaches Sanjay Mehta's house for Grihapravesh.
Prabha does the aarti and then is welcoming her.
Sanjay tells Daadi to come and the moment she comes in, Sanjay says that she will be staying with them only and everyone is shocked except Sanjay’s father. Sanjay's family gets displeased on learning the same as Daadi inclusion in their house annoy them further and Sanjay’s father is happy.

Shruti feels fortunate to have Sanjay in her life. Sanjay says that when he decided to marry Shruti, he accepted her with all her responsibilities and that because Harsh was his best friend, his mother is also his mom and he will take care of her and therefore she will also stay with them. He takes everyone to their respective rooms and Shruti thanks him for getting Daadi. At the same time, Parul comes and tells him to go to Ami and Khushboo and look if they want anything as she is taking Shruti. He then goes to them and tells Trisha to stay with Ami and Khushboo. Prabha also explains her to adjust. Trisha refuses to share her room with Ami and Khusboo. Ami and Khushboo are both tensed.

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