Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 53 Recap.

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Zee World Movie: Life Of Ami - Season 1 Episode 53 Recap.

He tells her that she blackmailed Shruti and adds that he can stay back only on one condition, if his mother requests Shruti to marry him, and now she has to go to Shruti’s house and tell her to be the daughter in-law of that house and make her wear those bangles which she gave to Bhavna and also give her blessings to Shruti. To win back Sanjay, Sanjay's mother says okay and agrees to Sanjay's decision of marrying Shruti.

Prabha tells her daughter Riddhi that she has to to do something because the marriage is today.
Riddhi asks Prabha what should they do now.
Prabha tells that if they allow Sanjay to go to U.S then they will gain a lot of loss and if they make Shruti their daughter in-law then the loss will be less and she will be able to atleast have her son in front of her. Riddhi asks what is the decision.
Her mother tells her that they will go and make Shruti her daughter in-law but today it is their loss but that same loss will be her victory afterwards and will put her one step above her victory. Meanwhile Shruti is sitting in her house, thinking of Sanjay wearing her the ring and is sad. Just then, someone knocks at the door. Shruti gets up and sees that it is Prabha and Sanjay’s dad that visits her house. Shruti is amazed to see Prabha and her husband there.
She asks them how come they are there. Prabha and her husband come in and Prabha tells her that she has come to asks for her hand for her son, Sanjay and wants her to become her daughter in-law. Shruti gets shocked and tells her that before she did not want her in her son's life but now…… then Prabha tells that now she has realized her mistake and she removes her bangles and gives it to Shruti by blesses her with it and tells her that she should think once and that Sanjay also wants to marry her. Shruti is surprised to see Prabha's changed behavior.
Although she keeps the kangan ( bangles ) but fails to take the decision of marrying Sanjay immediately. Sanjay's father also explains her while Daadi, Ami and Khushboo listen to that.
Prabha and her husband go bidding them. At home Sanjay is desperate to know about Shruti.
Riddhi is getting mad at seeing Sanjay’s desperation and then feels him that he will soon get a phone call. He gets a message from Shruti that she wants to ask something from Sanjay and wants him to meet her in the park. At home, Ami is still against this marriage, she gets frustrated on seeing all this and leaves her room in anger.

Sanjay and Shruti meet each other at the park.
Shruti asks Sanjay if Prabha come by her own or was she told by him. Sanjay tells that it's only that his mother has understood what he needs and in what he is happy. Shruti then says okay. Sanjay asks her what is her answer but Shruti tells him she has to think as she has 2 children and she is also someone's daughter in-law in law. Shruti goes but looks back once. At Shruti's house, Ami is angry and Khushboo and Daadi are trying to pacify her. Then Naani comes and Daadi tells her that it's good she came and tells her only her can speak to Ami. Daadi takes Khushboo out and goes out of the room. Kumkum ( Naani ), Shruti's mother tries to convince Ami for Shruti and Sanjay's marriage and tells Ami that she is only giving Shruti trouble. Ami gets shocked and gives an expression of “ how is she troubling her”.
Naani makes her understand the situation that she is making her mother sad a lot and she is only thinking of herself and not of her mother.
She tells that Shruti has done everything for her and Khushboo and she is her both mother and father and has done everything for her and also earns money for them. She is very sad and will stay sad for her whole life if she does not make her happy. Naani tells her that if Harsh is seeing this then how sad must he be feeling that Shruti is sad. She tells Ami that if she does not want Sanjay as her dad then it is okay but she can't take that authority from Khushboo as Khushboo also needs that love of a dad. Naani tells her that Shruti has done everything for them so now she should do something for her.

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