Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 41

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Abhi tells Suresh to go ahead and carry out his threat.
He walks away.

Pragya goes to Suresh and calls him aside.
She asks him why he did that.
Suresh says the accident was serious and someone could have died.
Pragya begs him to withdraw his complaints.
Suresh says he can't.
He asks how long she will continue to lie about things; he won't let anyone ruin his friend's life.
Pragya thinks of her mother and how she already has suspicions about her marriage.
Suresh says Abhi will be punished, he will pay for the crimes he committed.
Pragya holds his hand and begs.

Abhi sees them and gets suspicious.

Pragya takes Suresh to her house and they watch her mother from outside the window.
She begs Suresh to consider her mother's condition; after she found out the truth about her and Suresh, she passed out and now her mother is happy that she got married to Abhi so she doesn't want anything to affect her health.

Abhi thinks to himself that Suresh hates him and Pragya does too, so it means they are working together.

Pragya tells Suresh that if the news of the case gets out and her mother knows about Abhi and Tanu, she won't be able to bear it.
Suresh apologises to Pragya but tells her he really can't withdraw the case because he wasn't the one who lodged it,it was the shopkeeper but he will try and convince him to withdraw the case.

Abhi strolls out of the station and sees them.

Pragya thanks Suresh.
He says it hurts him to see her like this as she still has a problem.
Pragya says she doesn't really feel the pain anymore because she is doing it for her family.

Abhi concludes that Pragya is after his life, that was why she allowed him go with Tanu, so she and Suresh could send him to jail but he will set them up and make them go jail instead.

Pragya thanks Suresh and leaves.

The family is gathered at home.
Grandmother comes down and asks for Pragya.
Pami says Pragya went after Abhi.
Grandmother asks where Abhi went.
Pami says they went to the police station.
Grandmother panics and asks why.

Alia tells her not to worry; Abhi just bumped his car and the police are investigating.

Abhi arrives and Grandmother starts to ask a lot of questions, then she starts crying.
Abhi assures her that he is fine.
Grandmother's cousin says no one can harm him when Pragya is around, as she is good luck for him.

Pragya arrives and Grandmother asks what's going on.
Pragya says it will be alright..
Grand Aunt tells Pragya to hold Abhi hands.
Pragya is hesitant.
She holds it and Abhi sq££zes her hand hard.

Grand Aunt asks what the complaints is about..
Abhi says the case is still on
Grand Aunt says the charge will be dropped as Pragya will bring good luck.
Abhi tells them to get in and help with planning for the ceremony tomorrow.
Pragya tells Grandmother to tell Abhi not to drink at the engagement because that was how the accident happened.
Abhi asks how she knows that.
Grandmother tells Abhi to promise not to drink.
Abhi is reluctant at first but he makes the promise.

Purab is in a shop with his Uncle, Aunt and cousins.
He thinks of how to tell them the truth about his wedding because they will find out by tomorrow.
His cousin says they want better dresses than the ones on that floor, so Purab takes them downstairs then he goes back upstairs.
The cousins see Bulbul and recognise her from a photo on Purab's phone.
They ask if she's Bulbul and she confirms.
They call their parents to come and see her.
Bulbul says she doesn't remember ever meeting them.

They introduce themselves as Purab's family and the Aunt says they kept telling Purab they wanted to meet her but he insisted they will see her at the ceremony tomorrow.
Bulbul asks what ceremony that will be.
They say it's her henna ceremony.

Purab sees Bulbul and comes down to join them.
Bulbul says she doesn't understand what is going on.
Purab explains to his Aunt that he is not marrying Bulbul but Alia, Abhi's cousin.
He tells them to leave Bulbul to go and he will explain all later.

Bulbul leaves and Purab begs his family not to mention Bulbul at the henna ceremony because if Abhi's family finds out he's still in love with Bulbul, there will be trouble.

Abhi is with his lawyers.
They tell him the case is a serious one and the only way out is to get the stall keeper to withdraw the case.
Abhi says Suresh is supporting the stall keeper and he can't go to him.
They remind him of his reputation that will be ruined if word gets out he was with another woman.
They tell him another way out is if he can convince them that he was with his wife that night.

Pragya brings tea to serve the guests and she overhears.
Abhi says it's a bad option and he will phone them when they have a better loophole for him.

The lawyers leave.
Pragya tells him this is why she tells him to obey his elders.
He says who asked for her opinion
Pragya says he was talking about her and maybe he should listen to her next time.
He asks if she's trying to teach him right from wrong.
She says if he knew what was right, his grandmother wouldn't have chosen her for him.
Abhi asks if she thinks she can turn his life around.
Pragya says she's obviously the more responsible one.
Abhi says he's in the mess because of her.
Pragya says he is in it because of Tanu and he needs better friends.
Abhi tells her to keep her suggestions to herself.
Pragya tells him to go to his room and try on his golden suit without complaining.
Abhi asks if she expects him to wear what she picks out.
Pragya says Grandmother told her to pick out what he will wear for the henna ceremony.
Abhi says she's being bossy again.

Pragya is in Grandmother's room.
Grandmother says she's worried about the family.
Pragya says she can take care of things.
Grandmother says she may not be able to help because legal matters are problematic.
Pragya says she thought she was talking about the henna ceremony.
Grandmother says if the police end up finding evidence against Abhi, he will be behind bars.
Pragya tells her not to worry as nothing has been found and she will make sure it goes well.
Grandmother thanks her.
Pragya reminds her that she said she doesn't want Abhi to wear his golden suit tomorrow, so she will make sure he doesn't wear it.
Grandmother asks how she will be able to manage that.
Pragya says when you know how a person's mind works, then you can get them to do what you want.
She assures Grandmother that Abhi won't wear the golden suit.

Abhi is in his bedroom holding the suit.
Pragya enters and he asks her if she brought his favourite suit out of the wardrobe.
Pragya says she wants him to wear it for the ceremony.
Abhi says the suit used to be his favourite but now that she has touched it, he doesn't want it anymore.
Pragya pretends to he hurt which makes Abhi happy.
He sq££zes the suits and throws it on the floor.

Her phone rings and they both see the caller is Suresh.
As she runs to go and get the phone, she trips over the suit and holds Abhi for support.
They stare into each other's eyes.
They finally break apart and Pragya takes her phone outside.
Abhi flings the suit again in anger and says he's sure Pragya and Suresh are planning something against him.

Pragya goes out to meet Suresh and he informs her that the man Abhi hit with his car, says he wants a lot of money
Pragya says she will like to talk to him herself , so Suresh should bring him to the street near her house later.
She takes and taxi and leaves while Suresh gets on his scooter.

Abhi sees them and wonders who he should follow.

Bulbul is home, thinking about Purab and crying.

Purab is doing the same thin at home.
His cousin asks why he's getting married to someone else when he loves Bulbul.
His aunt also asks why.
Purab says if they don't want to attend his wedding, there is no problem but he doesn't want to discuss the matter.

Pragya and Suresh meet the accident victim.
Pragya asks what he will get by reporting to the police.
He says he will get justice.
Pragya gives him a collection of jewellery, saying that's what she can afford.
Suresh reminds Pragya her mother gave them to her as a gift after working so hard to make the money to get them.
Pragya says they will be of no use to her if her marriage falls apart.
She gives the man the jewellery and tells him to withdraw the complaint and it will mean the world to her.
He thanks her.

Abhi sees them and thinks Pragya is bribing the man to frame him.
He decides to torture her so much that she will confess to what she did.

Abhi is sitting on the chair in his room eating popcorn and watching a movie.
Pragya tries to get past but he blocks her path.
She sq££zes past and tries to take the duvet from under him.
He doesn't get up.
She tricks him and he gets up, so she takes it before he sits back down.
He blocks her path again and she sq££zes herself past.
She watches the screen and screams when she sees it's a horror movie
She tells him to turn it off.
He tells her to go and sleep on the balcony so she doesn't have to watch.
Pragya runs off to the balcony.

Abhi then gets scared himself and turns off the TV.
He goes to lie on the bed and covers with the duvet.
Pragya returns to the room.
Abhi looks in the mirror and sees her reflection, thinking it's a ghost.
He screams and she screams too.
Both of them get under the covers then slowly peep out.
They turn and see themselves, then scream again
Abhi turns on the light and starts to tease Pragya.
He tells her she can sleep in the room because he's kind.
Pragya says she will sleep on the balcony.
Abhi doesn't want her to go because he's scared of sleeping alone.
He says he will turn on the movie if she does.
Pragya agrees to sleep and Abhi turns off the light.
She begs him to turn it on.
He says he will leave it off.

Abhi looks and sees the window open and the wind is blowing the curtain, scaring him.
He begs Pragya to go and close it.
She says she can't go.
Abhi gets scared again as he remembers the scene from the movie.
He asks if she sleeps with her glasses on
She says she doesn't.
He begs her to stay awake.

Next morning.
Grandmother wants to lift some presents from the table, so she tells Pragya to help her.
She then sees Abhi and tells him to help Pragya with the presents.

Pragya teases Abhi about being scared last night.
Pragya says he was also scared.
He says he was only acting but later admits and begs her not to tell anyone
Pragya says what about the media.
Abhi says he knows she would do anything for money and he would pay her anything she wants not to go to the media.
Pragya says she will never do that.
She sees Tanu and tells Abhi to go and meet her.

Abhi leaves all the presents with her and she almost falls but Akash helps and says he will carry them.

Abhi and Tanu are talking when Grandmother's cousins approach them.
They ask Tanu why she is not helping with the preparations.
They say the groom's name is always written on the bride's hand and if the groom can find it, their bond will be strong.
Tanu gets excited.
The grand aunts say it only applies to lovers so Tanu shouldn't write anything on her palm.

When they leave, Tanu says she will write Abhi's name on her palm.
Abhi begs her not to because if his grandmother finds out, there will be trouble.
Tanu says they are bound to find out sometime.

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