Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 40

3 years ago

Pragya says she will be going back home.
Sarla begs her to stay for a while.
Purvi tells Sarla not to beg her to stay as she can't wait to get back to Abhi.
Sarla asks Bulbul who didn't join in the tease, if she is okay because she is very quiet these days.
Bulbul says she's not quiet and she still teases Pragya.
Pragya agrees she does.
Sarla looks worried and Pragya asks if she's okay.
Sarla says she didn't like what happened at the engagement ceremony, the way Pragya was treated especially, they searched her bag and Abhi forced her to dance.
Pragya assures her that all is well and Abhi just loves his sister so much, besides fighting in a relationship is healthy.

Sarla asks who the woman was that was insisting Pragya's bag be searched, she is at all the functions and it seems she has seen her on TV.
Pragya says she's Alia best friend.
Sarla says she doesn't like her at all and she way she looks at Abhi is inappropriate.
Pragya says she will stay away from her.

Tanu panics as Abhi is driving back home.
Abhi tells her to relax as nobody saw them.
She says she blames Pragya because she must have cast a spell on them.

Suresh is at the police station with the stall owner that Abhi hit.
He informs the police inspector that the stall owner is a victim of a hit and run.
The inspector asks him if he saw who it was.
The stall owner says he didn't really see the face of the person.
Suresh remembers Pragya and how it seems Abhi is cheating on her.
He tells the inspector that he saw the car and the driver; it's Abhi the rockstar.
He threatens that if the police don't do their job then he will go to the media because the man could have died.

Alia thanks Purab for putting a ring on her finger.
Purab is deep in his thoughts.
She tries to get his attention and says now that she finally has him, she won't let him go again because she had waited for so long.
She holds him and he stands up.
She asks what's wrong with him,they are engaged now.
Purab says they may be engaged but they are not married yet.
He walks away.

Pragya and Bulbul walk outside the house.
Suresh approaches them and tells Pragya that she doesn't have to worry anymore as he is with her now.
Bulbul warns him to leave but he continues talking to Pragya saying he knows everything and he will take care of it.

Abhi is sitting on his bed, doing a research on his laptop, for drunk driving penalties.
Pragya is shocked to see him when she gets home.
She asks what he's researching.
He tells her it's nothing.
She tells him she understands and she's really sorry.
He tells her it's not what she's thinking.
He shows her the laptop screen and she asks why he's researching drinking and driving.
He asks how she is able to see from all the way there when she claims to have bad eyesight.
Pragya says that's why she wears glasses.
He asks if her glasses are to enhance her magic.
Pragya asks what he means.
He brings out the book on hypnosis and throws it on the bed.
Pragya asks why he's throwing her book.
He asks if that's the spell book she uses on him and Purab. He says he knows she's using magic just to make a fool of him.
She says she doesn't need to because he's already so foolish
She asks him to tell her why he's researching drinking and driving so she can help him.
He takes his laptop and says he's going to conduct his research on the balcony and he doesn't want her to see it.
He goes to the balcony.
Pragya looks at her eyes in the mirror to see if there is anything strange in them because Abhi keeps accusing he rod casting a spell with them.

Pragya is changed into her sleep wear.
She sits on the bed and waits.

Abhi rushes into the room, soaking wet.
She asks what's wrong.
Abhi says she ruined his plan by making it rain and his laptop got wet.

Pragya tells him to bring it so she can fix it.
She dries it with the hair dryer then tells him to go and change.

Abhi starts to take of his t-shirt but it's gets a stuck with his head covered and he's unable to see.
He begs her to help him get it off.
Pragya complains that he wears clothes that are tight and not easy to take off.
She struggles with helping him take it off and they both land on the bed when the t-shirt comes off.
Pragya is on top of him.
They stare at each other for a while then she leaves the bed and walks away.

Abhi starts wondering why Pragya pretends to care for him sometimes.

Sarla and he family are home when an invitation is delivered to Sarla for an event.
Purvi says she will like to attend the event.
Grandmother says Purvi needs to stay home and study for her test.

Abhi is changed and back in the room.
Pragya gives him a mug of coffee.
He asks why she pretends to care.
Pragya says she is doing it so he doesn't catch a cold then pass it to her.

The door to the balcony blows open.
Pragya goes to shut it and Abhi does so at the same time.
He ends up holding both her hands which are widespread, just like the pose in the Titanic movie.
They stare at one another the he tells her it's ike in the Titanic.

Pragya is spreading the duvet on the floor to sleep but Abhi tells her not to sleep on the floor but on the bed.
She is shocked
He says he's doing it so he doesn't trip over her if he needs to use the bathroom at night.

Pragya goes to lie on one side of the bed and Abhi piles up pillows to divide her side from his.

He is about to turn off the light but she begs him not to because she can't sleep when the lights are off.

He asks her what she is and how she has been coping on the balcony.
Pragya says she looks at the streetlights.

Abhi covers his head with the duvet and leaves the lights on.
Pragya keeps tossing and turning.
Abhi gets irritated and warns her to stop.
Pragya tries to lie still but she looks uncomfortable.
Abhi peeps at her from under his duvet and smiles to himself.

Purab's uncle and aunt along with their 2 daughters come to pay him a visit.
He welcomes them happily.
His uncle asks why he decided to get married so fast.
Purab says the bride's parents wanted it that way.
The uncle asks if he's marrying Bulbul.
Purab asks how they know her name.
His cousin says he always used to mutter the name in his sleep.
His aunt asks when he will introduce Bulbul to the family.
Purab panics.

Bulbul enters the living room and sees her family, the matchmaker and a couple.
Her grandmother says they have come to ask for her hand in marriage.
Bulbul says she doesn't want to get married, she is not interested.
She runs off to her room.
Everyone in the living room is shocked.
The matchmaker says someone must have hurt her.

Bulbul thinks about Purab and starts crying.

Pragya is in the kitchen cooking with Robin the help.
He says she is a very good cook.
Pragya says her mother is also a good cook and taught her how to.

Mitali comes into the kitchen and begs Pragya to teach her how to cook.
Pragya leaves the kitchen to take some food to Grandmother.

Mitali tells Robin to assist her.
He says he has never seen her cook in the kitchen before.
Mitali says everyone loves Pragya because she cooks so she wants to also cook.
She sends Robin out of the kitchen and tells herself that the henna ceremony will be soon and she will like to know if Pragya will write Abhi's name or Purab or Suresh on her hand.

Alia calls Purab to complain about his lack of attention to her.
He says he's been busy as his aunt and uncle are in town.
Alia says she wants to see them.
Purab says it's not a good time.

Pragya is with Abhi's grandmother who is sick and in bed.
She attends to her and grandmother says she will need Pragya's help for Alia's henna ceremony.
Pragya says she will help out.
Grandmother says Abhi will assist her.
Pragya says she doubts Abhi will be of any use.

The police come to the house.
Abhi sees them and tells them that the henna ceremony is not today but tomorrow.
The inspector says that's now why they are there; Abhi was involved in a hit and run.
Alia gets upset and asks how they would think that Abhi hit anyone with his car. She tells them it's not true.
Abhi is quiet.
Alia asks if they have any evidence.
The inspector says there is a witness; Abhi has to follow them to the station and he will also have to bring the woman who was with him, along.
Abhi starts to argue then he remembers Tanu was with him at the time of the accident.
The inspector tells him it's in his best interest to cooperate with them.
They ask him to show them the car.

Abhi takes them to where his cars are parked and they start checking.
Abhi leans on the side of the car he had the accident with, to cover the scratches.

Pragya goes to him with an umbrella and asks why he didn't tell her he had an accident.
Abhi says he didn't have an accident.
Pragya asks where the scratches on the car came from.
The inspector overhears her and sees the scratches on the car.

Pragya takes Abhi aside and asks why he didn't just tell her.
Abhi tells her to keep her voice down.
She asks if Tanu was the girl with him.
He says if she is not with him, then of couse it was Tanu with him and he doesn't want anyone to talk about it.

The inspector informs Abhi that he will have to follow them to the station.

Pragya panics thinking if the story gets out and her mother finds out about Tanu, she will be very upset.

Alia calls Tanu to ask if Abhi was in an accident with her.
Tanu says he was.
Alia asks how that could have happened when Abhi is a good driver.
Tanu says she forced him to take alcohol.
Alia gets upset and blames her, saying if anything happens to her brother, Tanu will be in trouble so she should fix it.

Abhi is led into the station.
He sees Suresh and asks the police why a good man like Suresh is in the station.
The policeman informs him that Suresh is the one who lodged the complaint against him and brought the accident victim in.

Abhi asks Suresh why.
Suresh says its personal, he knows what Pragya is going through in Abhi's hands.
He asks how Abhi could leave his wife in a hotel to go after another woman and he's sure she was the same woman him at the time of the accident.
Abhi says that's his business but what's Suresh interest in the matter.

Pragya arrives at the station but they don't see her as she watches them.

Suresh says he's doing it for Pragya who is his friend, he cares about his friendship with Pragya and he will look out for her.
Abhi asks how much he wants.
Suresh says that's the difference between the two of them, money means nothing to him and he's not doing it for money but for his friendship with Pragya.
Abhi tells him he will lose.
Suresh says he doesn't care about winning he wants Abhi to go through same pain and despair Pragya is going through.

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