Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 39

3 years ago

Pragya tells the cook to heat up the food.
Abhi and Tanu watch her.
Abhi acts drunk and Pragya decides to ignore him.
He surprises her by showing up in front of her, saying she's his wife and it's her duty to be by his side.
Her tells he to come with him but she refuses. He yells for her mother and she agrees.
She follows him and he says he wants to feed her a sweet with a topping of his choice.
She sees him spilling chilli on the sweet and she says she can't eat it.
He threatens to call her mother, so she takes a bite.
He tells her to chew it.
Pragya says it's too hot and asks for water
Abhi says she's too bossy, so she needs to drink some of the alcohol.
Pragya refuses to drink it.
He starts calling for her mother.
Pragya calls Grandmother and when Abhi turns, she runs away.

She decides to stay with grandmother so he doesn't bother her.
Abhi sees her and decides to teach her a lesson.
He announces to everyone that his wife has challenged him to a dance and he doesn't have a choice, so be will let her beat him.

Sarla asks Bulbul why Pragya will challenge Abhi to a dance when she can't dance.
Bulbul tells her not to worry .

Pragya panics.
Grandmother tells her not to be scared, she should just make sure she never lets go of Abhi's hand no matter what.
Pragya says what if she falls.
Grandmother tells her not to let go even then, they fall together and rise together.

Tanu asks Alia why Abhi would want to dance with Pragya.
Alia tells her not to worry as she is sure Abhi has something up his sleeves.

Abhi and Pragya get on stage. She heeds Grandmother's advice and doesn't let go of Abhi's hand.
She dances excellently and Abhi keeps telling her to let go.
Pragya refuses to let go and each time Abhi manages to let go, Pragya grips his hand again.
In the end, Abhi falls down.

Grandmother and her cousins laugh as the guests cheer.

Tanu looks like she's about to cry.
Alia too doesn't look pleased.

Everyone claps and Grandmother asks Pragya if she didn't tell her not to let go.
Abhi storms off in anger and Pragya looks sad.

Kabir tells Sarla that they made very good decorations at the engagement but the food isn't properly cooked.
Sarla suggests he helps during the wedding.
Abhi's grandmother over hears and tells him to just handle it, since he owns a catering business.

Kabir says he will do it but not for money.
Grandmother says she wants him to accept because the days of free services are long gone.
Kabir insists he won't take money.
Grandmother tells him she may just refuse his help too and if he does it and people like it, he may get more orders.

Mitali and Pami are watching and not pleased.

Abhi comes back out and tells Pragya she's clever but he didn't lose, she tricked him and he fell, she humiliated him in his house so she should wait to see what he will do right in front of her family.
He pulls Tanu and goes to Sarla.
He tells Sarla that he doesn't love her daughter and doesn't even like her, he hates her and Tanu is she only woman he loves.
Sarla asks what he's saying.
Abhi says he can't live with Pragya anymore and he can't continue to pretend.
Sarla tells him if it's a bad joke he should stop.
Abhi says Pragya is not who they think she is.
He pulls Pragya and says no one will want to marry her, she will ruin the man; Pragya has fooled so many people.
Sarla asks Pragya what Abhi is saying.
Abhi says Pragya has so many boyfriends she can't say anything. He says she was trying to date Purab for his money but then she left Purab for him because of his money and when she finds someone with more money, she will leave him too and such a fraud is not welcome in their house.
Everyone is watching.
Grandmother tells Pragya to respond to the allegations.

Pragya just stares with tears streaming down her face.
Sarla tells her to respond because Abhi is insulting them.
Abhi says he's only telling the truth; Pragya has called off many engagements and refused to marry a middle class man because of her greed for a rich man.
Sarla clutches her chest.
Abhi tells Pragya to respond.
Sarla faints and her family members fuss over her but Pragya just keeps moving back till her back is against the wall.
She watches in disbelief.

Sarla approaches her and asks what she is looking at.
Pragya realises it was all in her imagination.

Pragya looks around and sees Abhi.
He approaches her and Sarla and she gets scared.
Abhi tells Sarla that he wants to talk to her about her daughter.
Pragya panics and says they can talk later, let her mum eat something first.
Sarla says she already had dinner and wants to hear what Abhi has to say.
Abhi says Pragya made a huge mistake and she will be punished for it.
Sarla asks what she has done.
Abhi says he doesn't love Pragya.

Tanu smiles.

Sarla and Pragya panic.
Abhi says he doesn't love Pragya because he's been begging her to have a drink all night but she refused.
Sarla smiles in relief.
Abhi asks Pragya if she won't drink it.
Pragya takes the glass and says she will have it.
She drinks it and is shocked to find it's juice.
She says it's juice.
Abhi asks what she thought it was.
Sarla tells Pragya she's impossible and walks away smiling.

Pragya tells Abhi he's been having juice the whole night.
He says he doesn't drink at family parties.
He asks if she's done now.
He says she seems shocked and now she will dream of him.
Pragya just stares at him.
He says he knows she's thinking how bad he is but he's better than her.

After the party Abhi asks Alia if she's happy that she's now engaged to Purab.
Alia hugs him.
Tanu says she's leaving.
Abhi tells her to wait.
She says she doesn't know him but he's the guy that was dancing with the ugly woman, he danced with her put a ring on her finger and he was glued to her.
Abhi tells her to stop joking around.
Tanu says she's not joking; he made a mockery of her and people think she's a thief, his grandmother's cousin even told her to take tips from Pragya.
She says she's tired of it all and doesn't even remember the last time they spent time together.
Abhi asks if she wants him to go against his grandmother.
Tanu tells him to do whatever his grandmother says and when she asks him for a grandson, he should obey her again.
She says she still loves him.
Alia suggests Abhi drops Tanu off at home.

Grandmother approaches them and tells Abhi that the weather is not good.
Abhi says he knows what she's thinking, he will drop her off at home.
Grandmother smiles and says he has become very responsible.
She tells him to come and Abhi is surprised she was referring to someone else and not Tanu.
He asks who and she says his in-laws of course; she already told them that he will drop them off at home.
Tanu stalks off.

Salrla and her family are discussing how to go home.
Pragya says she and Abhi will drop them off.
Abhi says he will drop them off.
Sarla asks if he is okay.
He says he has a headache but it's okay.
Pragya says if he's not feeling well, he should go and rest while she goes with them.
Abhi insists.
Sarla tells him to go and rest.
He agrees and says the driver will drop them.
He tells Pragya he will like to speak with her.
The others go outside.

Pragya tells him he should have just told her be didn't want to go, rather than lie to her family.
He tells her to stop bossing him around; Tanu is already upset with him and he needs to go and drop her off.
He says his girlfriend is upset with him because of her and she was humiliated too, sometimes he thinks Pragya uses magic because the ring was supposed to have been found in her bag.
Pragya is shocked.
She says he knew everything and planned to humiliate her in front of everyone.
He says she got saved and now he has to go.
He warns that no matter what happens tonight, she shouldn't call him.

Pragya is escorting her family home.
It's raining.
Grandmother says she really enjoyed the party and won't forget the gift Abhi gave her.
Bulbul asks what gift.
Grandmother shows them a big bottle of scotch.
Sarla asks why she collected alcohol from him.

They hear a car horning behind them and when the car overtakes theirs, Pragya is shocked to see it's Abhi driving Tanu home.
She tries to distract her mother so she doesn't see him.
She starts a fake story about someone in their neighbourhood.

Abhi looks and sees Pragya and her family.
He turns his head away and tells Tanu to look.
He calls Pragya on the phone and asks what she's doing following him.
Pragya carries on a conversation as if they are having fun teasing each other.
Abhi gets upset and flings the phone.
He soon overtakes their car.

Mitali is with her children in her room. She tells them to stop fighting.
They start arguing again and she tells them to stop.
They begin asking her questions from their textbook.
She answers and gets tired.
Raj enters the room.
Bubbly asks Mitali for their country's national food.
Mitali gives a wrong answer and Raj asks her why.
She tells him to give them the answer since he knows it.
She leaves the room in anger.

Abhi tells Tanu that if she's going to continue sulking he will as well go back home
Tanu says any excuse to go back to his stupid wife.
Abhi says he's just joking.
Tanu says he seems to be taking the marriage seriously.
Abhi says she's jealous and he now knows how to bring it out; it means she loves him, so to get her jealous he will spend more time with Pragya.
He apologises and says he will do anything to make her happy.
Tanu says he didn't drink at the party so he will have to drink for her.
He says what if the police pulls him over.
Tanu says it means he doesn't love her.
He agrees to drink.
They each drink a can of beer. and drink.
Tanu throws her can out and it lands on Suresh who is riding his bike at night.

Tanu starts holding Abhi's face and he says he can't see.
He swerves the car and knocks a guy down.

They both panic and Abhi is about to get out of the car to attend to the man but Tanu tells him not to let anyone see his face.
She pulls him back in.

Suresh and some other men rush to the man who was knocked down

As Abhi is driving off, Suresh copies the car license plate number then realises it's Abhi's car.
He starts to wonder who he is with.

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