Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 37

3 years ago

Grandmother's cousins arrive for the engagement. They are 2 sisters.
They see Grandmother and says she looks younger than her 65 years.
Grandmother says she has Pragya to thank.
They ask to see Pragya.
Grandmother says they can meet Pragya later and Alia is the one getting engaged.
She introduces Alia to them and they tease her about having a runny nose when she was younger.
There tell her to call Pragya.
Alia is not happy that her grand aunts are more excited to see Pragya.

Pragya and Abhi come down the stairs.
Abhi thinks to himself that he has to convince the guests that he and Pragya are happy.
He tries to hold her and she pulls away.
He repeats the action and gets the same reaction.

Grandmother's cousins says Pragya is well mannered and shy about holding hands publicly, unlike the other girls out there.

Abhi tells Pragya that he promised his grandmother that he will behave in front of her cousins.

They get to the where the cousins are and as they bend to touch their feet, Abhi and Pragya bump heads.
Abhi gets upset asking if she can't see with her 4 eyes.

He remembers his audience and says he cares about her and doesn't want her hurt.
Grandmother's cousin tells them to bump heads 3 times as it is a sign they will stay together forever.
Abhi bumps his head against Pragya 2 more times and enjoys hurting her.

Purab arrives at the house alone.
Pami asks if his family is not coming.
Purab says his uncle is unable to make it but will come for the wedding.
Pami tells him that Akash is now the Abhi's manager and he's been very busy.

Purab is surprised and wonders why Abhi didn't tell him.
He goes outside and runs into Bulbul.
Her keys fall down and he bends with her to pick it up.
They stare in each other's eyes till Alia calls Purab.
She informs him that her grandmother would like to introduce him to her cousins.
Purab gets up and heads back into the house.

Alia asks Bulbul why she is trying to s£duce her fiancé.
Bulbul asks what she means by that.
Alia says she is getting engaged to Purab and doesn't want Bulbul to spoil her mood.
She heads back into the house.

Sarla and her family arrive.
Abhi's grandmother and her cousins receive them.
One of the cousins gives Abhi a set of bangles for Pragya.
They tell him to wear it on her wrist.
Abhi tries but it is too small.
The grand aunt tells him to be gentle and it will fit.
Abhi tries again and it doesn't fit.
His grandmother whispers for him to be gentle
Abhi tries again, more gentle this time and it fits.

Tanu arrives as he is slipping the bangle on and she is horrified at the sight.

Abhi is given the other bangle to wear on Pragya.
He tries again but Pragya touches the latch and it opens.
Everyone laughs at Abhi's shock.

Abhi tells Pragya to always smile when the family is around.
He holds her and smiles at her as the family watches.

Tanu sees them and she is not happy.

Afterwards, Pragya walks away and runs into Tanu.
Tanu asks what was going on.
Pragya says she saw for herself.
Tanu asks why she has the guts to talk to her like that.
Pragya walks away.

Bulbul goes to Pragya and hugs her.
Pragya asks why she came.
Bulbul says Sarla insisted she attends the ceremony because people would be asking.
Pragya says she tried her best to make things right but it all fell apart.
Bulbul tells her to smile then says Pragya's purse doesn't match her outfit.
They swap purses.

Pragya's male cousin starts scrutinising all the rich girls.
Purvi and Bulbul warn him to behave himself.

The ceremony is about to start.
The priest asks who will perform the ritual in the bride's family.
Grandmother says Abhi and Pragya will.
The priest tells Pragya to perform the rituals on Purab.
Abhi teases her about performing the ritual on her ex boyfriend.
Grandmother gives Abhi gifts to give Purab.
Abhi says Pragya should do it.
Grandmother tells them to do it together.
Bulbul tells herself that Abhi and Pragya are right for each other.

Abhi and Pragya bump heads.
He tells her that they need to do it again. He bumps her a second time.
He looks at him grandmother's cousin and she tells him to do it once more.
He leans his head for a bump but Pragya holds it and guides the head gently so the bump doesn't hurt her like the previous ones.
Abhi calls her a smart girl.

The priests asks who will perform the ritual on behalf of the groom's family.
Grandmother begs Sarla to do it since Purab's uncle and aunt couldn't make it
Sarla agrees and tells Bulbul to assist her.
Bulbul and Purab are very uncomfortable as Bulbul performs the rituals with Sarla.
Purab has tears in his eyes.
Abhi teases Pragya as she is also in tears.
His grandmother's cousin asks what he is telling her.
Abhi says he's telling Pragya that he hates her.
The grand aunts laugh and say he's very funny.

Tanu gets upset seeing Abhi and Pragya together.
She walks out of the house.
Alia follows her outside and asks why she is leaving.
Tanu asks if she wants her to watch Abhi and Pragya all night long. She blames Alia for getting Abhi married to Pragya.
Alia says it's all part of the plan and he only spends time with her so he can humiliate her.
Alia says she will expose Pragya right here at the engagement ceremony so Tanu shouldn't leave if she wants to see what will happen.

Sarla asks Pragya why Abhi could say such a thing in front of everyone.
Pragya says it was just a joke and he later apologised to her.
Sarla wipes her tears.

Alia goes to look for what she thinks is Pragya's purse.
Mitali asks what she is doing.
Alia says she wants to put her engagement ring in Pragya's purse so everyone can see her for who she is.
Mitali says she will help her but when she needs her help one day, Alia will help her too.
Grandmother calls Alia, so Alia gives the ring to Mitali to put in the bag.
Mitali searches and sees the bag she gave Pragya as a gift, so she puts it in.

It is now time for the couple to exchange rings.
Grandmother tells Pragya to get the rings.
Pragya looks sadly at Bulbul before going to get the rings.

Bulbul says she wants to go to the bathroom.
Sarla tells her to stay as it won't look nice.

Pragya brings the tray with the rings.
Purab opens his box and says the ring is missing.
Alia says she gave the ring to Pragya.
Pragya says she didn't even open the box.
Grandmother asks where the ring could be, she tells Aliya to go and check her room.
Mitali offers to go with Alia.

Alia asks Mitali if she put the ring in Pragya's purse.
Mitali says she did.
Tanu enters and Mitali panics but Tanu tells Alia that she came up with a brilliant plan.
Mitali is surprised she is in on the plan.
Alia tells Mitali to excuse them.

Mitali leaves the room and Alia tells Tanu that Pragya will be out of the house soon because she will expose her.

Alia goes back to the party and says her ring was stolen and she knows it's an inside job.

Tanu sends Abhi a text message saying she thinks Pragya took the ring as she is from a poor family and doesn't want Purab and Alia to get married

Grandmother tells Alia that she will get her another ring.
Alia says she won't get engaged till she finds that ring.
She says she knows someone doesn't want her to get engaged and she needs to find the person and throw them out.
She announces to the guests that she will search everyone's bag till she finds the ring.

Abhi takes her aside and says he knows she suspects Pragya but if she starts searching bags, she will embarrass the family and what happens if she doesn't find the ring.
Alia says she will find the ring because she put it there herself.

Mitali tells them to check her bag.
Pami shows her bag too.
Alia tells Purab to search her family members' bags so the guards can search the guests.

Mitali notices there's a lot of money in Pami's bag and thinks Akash must be making a lot of money.

Mitali's son son says he wants to use the bathroom, so she leaves the room with him.

Purab asks Pragya for her bag.
Grandmother says no one will search Pragya's bag.
Tanu says it won't seem fair to others
Grandmother tells her it is a family matter and doesn't concern her.
Alia tells Grandmother that it won't be fair to the others. She asks Abhi if he minds that his wife's bag is searched.
Abhi says he minds, then he says he doesn't mind; he wants them to search so they can see his wife is innocent.

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