Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 20

3 years ago

Sarla asks Pragya to repeat what she just said.
Pragya says she cannot marry Suresh.
Sarla gives Suresh a slap and asks him if it's because he loves someone else.
Pragya tells her mother not to blame him.
Sara holds him by the collar and asks why he got engaged to her daughter if he didn't love her.
Pragya begs Sarah and says it's her own fault. She told Suresh that she loved him and he didn't want to break her heart.
Suresh says he will marry her, he will fall in love with time.
Pragya tells him not to do it just to make her happy.
Suresh says he knows he will fall in love with her.
Pragya says he cannot love her because he already loves someone else as people fall in love only once in a lifetime.
Pragya says she can't marry him.
Suresh tries to talk but Sarla tells him Pragya doesn't want to marry him and she doesn't want him to marry her either.
She tells him to leave and never come back.
She pulls him towards the front door and shuts it in his face.

Abhi comes to see Tanu at her place.
He tells her that she has come a long from the time she could not even apply lipstick.
Tanu says he taught her to wear make up.
Abhi says he couldn't tell Alia he was in love with her friend while she was still in college and now they've been together for 8 months.

He brings out the engagement ring and tell her it's for the girl that he would marry.
Tanu says he only loves her so why think of marrying someone else.
Abhi says he wants to marry her, his grandmother is not well and she wants him to get married.
He tries to slip the ring on her finger and she pulls it away.
He asks if she doesn't like the ring.
Tanu says she is about to sign a deal for 12 million and it's written in the contract that she can't get married for 1 year.
Abhi is livid and asks if she's rejecting him.
She tries to explain but he's too upset to listen and he storms out.

Pragya is in her room, crying and asking herself why she's not destined to be happy.

Abhi is going to his car and thinking about Tanu's rejection.

Bulbul comes to meet Pragya in the room.
Pragya is standing by the window. She tells Bulbul to come so they can make a wish.
Pragya says she will wish she never sees another shooting star again because they don't fulfil any of their wishes.

Bulbul is crying. She says she's so sorry; she's responsible for Pragya's failed relationships. Whenever suitors come and they see her, they leave Pragya and go for her. She asks why they can't see Pragya's qualities because she's a kind and perfect person.

Pragya consoles Bulbul and says if she wasn't with her, she wouldn't have been able to talk to anyone.
She tells her not to blame herself and no matter what happens, they will always be family.

Suresh is watching then from his window.
Arvint comes to meet him and Suresh asks him why he told Pragya everything.
Arvint says he couldn't lie to Pragya and since Suresh didn't have the courage to do it, he felt it had to be done and now Pragya can marry someone who loves her.
Suresh agrees with him.

Pragya tells Bulbul that she will not be getting married. She will be by herself.

Abhi gets home very upset and says he won't marry anyone.
Alia asks him what's wrong.
Abhi says Tanu rejected him. He groomed her into what she is today and even taught her to negotiate contracts and now she is turning him down for a contract.
Alia is upset that Tanu rejected her brother.

A doctor attends to Sarla and tells Pragya that her mother needs to rest.

Pragya begs Sarla not to worry. She says she will get married and Sarla can choose the husband for her.

Bulbul is watching them by the door.

Abhi is working out at home. He is still upset as he remembers Tanu's rejection.

She comes to see him and says she is willing to get married to him.
Abhi says he doesn't want to marry her.
Tanu says he was the one who told her to go for the contract 3 months ago.
Abhi says he doesn't trust her.
Alia enters the room and says she can't believe that Tanu's could reject her brother for a modelling contract.
Tanu says she wasn't expecting it.
She holds up the contract and tears it up.
She tells Abhi that she doesn't care about it anymore and all she cares about is him; she will marry him.
Abhi ignores her and she walks out of the room.

Alia tells Abhi that he is allowed to love money but wrong for Tanu to do the same.
She tells him that Tanu loves him very much and he could just wait a year but she knows he won't wait a year because of their grandmother.
She says she doesn't think it is right for him to do that to Tanu.
Abhi says he needs some time to think about it.

Pragya gives Bulbul her lunch but Bulbul says she's not going to work.; she only wants to take some papers to Purab and she will be back.

Bulbul calls the office and Purab's aunt says Purab is at home.
Bulbul decides to take the papers to his house.

Alia asks Abhi what he has decided.
Abhi says he's not sure.
Alia says he only has to wait a year for Tanu's contract to be over.

Purab arrives and Abhi asks for his opinion.
Purab says he thinks people should marry who they love.
Alia says Abhi can just reject whoever their grandmother brings and reject the one after and before he knows it, a year would be gone and he can marry Tanu.

Abhi says maybe she's right.
He tells her and Purab to continue with the conversation.
He leaves them alone.

Purab asks Alia if she told Abhi about their conversation.
Alia pretends she doesn't know what he is talking about.
She says their grandmother isn't feeling well so they will have to postpone their wedding but she will talk to Abhi about the wedding.
Purab gets upset and walks away from her.

Abhi goes to meet their grandmother who is sitting in her room.
She asks him for the girl he wanted her to meet.
Abhi tells her to forget about the girl.
Grandmother asks if she's seeing someone else.
Abhi says she is.
Grandmother tells him not to worry, she will find him a nice girl and he shouldn't look down on arranged marriages because they do work.
Abhi tells her that he has decided she can arrange his marriage.
Grandmother is elated.

The matchmaker who is Abhi's grandmother's friend has come to see Pragya's grandmother.
Pragya's grandmother tells her to help them find a match for Pragya because her previous engagement has been called off.
The matchmaker says it will be difficult to get Pragya a man now and she may have to settle for an older man or a divorcee.
Grandmother gets upset.

The matchmaker gets a call from Abhi's grandmother asking to meet the lady whose birth chart was a match for Abhi.
The matchmaker tells her that she is with a family whose daughter's engagement got called off.
Abhi's grandmother tells when to attend to them in that case.

Purab is at home. He is shocked when Alia comes in.
She tells him that she got some engagement rings that she wants him to try.
She slips one on his finger.

Bulbul arrives at Purab's house.
She gets to the door and sees Alia talking to Purab in the bedroom.

Alia tells Purab that she missed him when she was in Australia and they need to get married because it is what their families want; he made a promise to her brother and he will fulfil it.
She hugs him as she is talking.
Bulbul looks heartbroken and runs away.

Purab tells Alia to stop it as she's out of her mind.
Alia tells him that she doesn't love him and doesn't need him but he is her obsession and she won't step aside for a middle class girl.
She asks what he employed the girl for, was it so that he can have fun with her on the side?
Purab slaps her.
Alia says she will get back at him for slapping her; her new obsession is to destroy him and as she is Abhi's sister, she will do it.

Pragya is standing by the roadside.
Suresh rides his scooter by and stops.
They stare at each other awkwardly, then he rides off.

Pragya sees a little boy and girl arguing. She asks what they are arguing about.
They say they are waiting for their father.
Pragya asks where he is and they say they last saw him by the temple.
They tell her that they are hungry and she decides to get them something to eat.

Akash's mother gets a call from her son saying he can't find the children.
She panics and says maybe they have been kidnapped.

Abhi comes downstairs and she tells him the children have been kidnapped.
Abhi tells his cousin that he will call the police commissioner.

The children ask Pragya if she wants some of the snacks she got for them.
She tells them to all go to where they last saw their father so they can wait for him there.
The little girl says she wants to take a taxi because she can't walk any more.
She gets into the taxi and as Pragya is trying to get her to come out, their father sees them.

He starts accusing Pragya of trying to kidnap his children.
Pragya says he's mistaken and she was only bringing the children to him.

Raj asks if she's taking them in the taxi? He says he will call the police and report her.
Pragya tells him to go ahead so she can tell the police that he can't take care of his children; they were walking about tired and hungry and someone really could have kidnapped them.
She warns him not to try it again and she walks away.

As she's crossing the street, Abhi's car almost runs into her.
Her bag falls down in the middle of the road and she bends to pick up her things.
Abhi looks out to see her but she has her back turned.

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