Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 19

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Purab tells Alia that he met someone he's in love with and she should try and understand because he thinks about the person the whole day.
He says he agreed to marry Alia because she's his childhood friend and Abhi asked him to marry her and he agreed because he had never experienced love before.
Alia asks Purab if the girl is a good kisser and if she's the one who picked out his boring shirt. She asks what the girl has that she doesn't. Does he like traditional women who stay in the kitchen all day long?
Purab just stares at her.
Alia is very upset. She tells him that she gave up a lot of marriage proposals because of him and she's not an ordinary person, she's the rockstar Abhi's sister and nobody can take what belongs to her.

Purab moves to a corner and calls Bulbul. He says he wants to talk to her.
She agrees to meet him at the Diamond Garden in an hour.

Sweety is outside the house when Dimpi the tailor greets her and walks on.
Sweety decides to follow her and see if she's going to see Suresh.

Dimpi enters Suresh's house.
Sweety gets to the door and brings out her camera to take a picture of her holding Suresh but the person she is holding stands up and it's Arvint.
Sweety is so shocked that she trips and hits the bin outside the door.
Arvint and Dimpi see her holding up her camera.
She lies that her camera isn't working so she was just testing it.
She picks out the trash from the bin and says she will help them dispose of it.

She gets downstairs and throws the papers in the trashcan.
As she walks away, she has a second thought.
She goes back to pick the papers and looks through them. She sees Suresh's notes about being in love with Bulbul. She also sees Bulbul's photograph.
She is surprised and decides to tell Bulbul about it.

Pragya returns home and Shows Sarla the necklace she got.
Sarla asks if everything went well.
Pragya starts thinking about her run-in with Abhi again and wonders why destiny keeps bringing them together.

Abhi is in his car and also wondering why he keeps running into Pragya.

He gets a call from his Grandmother's doctor. She informs him that she doesn't have good news.

Bulbul is waiting for Purab to show up.
Sweety comes to meet her and says she just found out something that she needs to know.
Bulbul panics.
Sweety says Pragya is being lied to because Suresh doesn't love Pragya but her.
Bulbul tells her to stop telling jokes.
Sweety brings out the letters and gives them to Bulbul.

Bulbul is in shock as she reads the letters.
She asks how Suresh could think about her this way and betray Pragya.
Sweety says she has to go.

Rachna sits with Pragya in front of the house.
She asks Pragya to tell her when she and Suresh started liking each other.
Pragya says it just happened; overtime she just noticed Suresh used to care for her and she cared for him too.

Suresh arrives and tells Pragya that if she's done with the rice she's sorting, he can take the plate.
Pragya says she's still working on it.
Suresh goes into the house and offers to help grandmother with the task she is performing.

Pragya tells Rachna that it's not just her that Suresh cares for but everyone else as well.

Sweety is on her way home, thinking how her revenge at Suresh will be complete when the wedding is called off.
Suresh sees her and offers her a ride home on his scooter but she declines.

Bulbul is crying and remembering all the clues she missed that Suresh was in love with her.

Purab arrives and sees her crying.
She tells him she heard something terrible and doesn't know what to do.
He asks why she is crying.
Bulbul says her sister's fiancé has been betraying her.
She hugs Purab and begs him not to cheat on her.
She says someone has betrayed her sister and if she finds out, she will be shattered.

Suresh sees Bulbul and Purab in an embrace and he doesn't look too happy.

Purab tells Bulbul that he will not be betray her trust.

Abhi gets home and asks for the doctor.
Akash's mum says she's in her room.
Abhi runs upstairs.

Akash's mother, Pami, says they need to go and see what's going on.
She goes upstairs with Akash and her in law.

The doctor is with Grandmother in her room.
Abhi enters and the doctor informs him that his grandmother's condition is serious. Her blood pressure is high and she needs to watch her sugar intake. She is also extremely stressed and if it continues, it can cause permanent damage.
She is worried about something and Abhi needs to take care of her.

Pami asks Grandmother what she is worried about.
Grandmother says she's not worried about anything other than her grandchildren; she wants Abhi to get married and he doesn't listen to her.
Abhi asks if she's really serious about it.
Grandmother says the day he gets married is the day she will stop worrying.
Abhi says in that case, he's ready to get married.
Grandmother is happy. She says she has chosen someone.
Abhi says he will choose his own bride.
Pami's daughter in law panics.

Grandmother tells Abhi to choose a bride and introduce to her.
Abhi tells her to promise she will stop worrying.
She says now that he's getting married, she will stop working.
Abhi kisses her hand and tells her that he loves her.
Grandmother thinks in her heart that she wants him to get married to Pragya but she doesn't know where Pragya is.

Sarla enters the living room holding her head in pain. She almost falls but Pragya supports her.
Everyone in the house panics and they all rush to her side.
Pragya berates Sarla for not taking proper care of herself and working too hard.
Sarla says she has a lot of work to do.
She starts delegating duties to everyone. She tells Pragya that she has a few things to do.
Pragya tells her not to do anything.
Madvhi comes to asks Sarla to sit and help her choose an outfit for Suresh.
Sarla tells Pragya to do it because she has work to do on the kitchen.

Madvhi asks for Suresh and Pragya goes out to try and phone him.
He doesn't answer his phone and she sees the light on in his apartment.

Bulbul comes to Suresh's apartment. He is surprised to see her.
He asks what she's doing there.
She asks him the same question saying today is his haldi ceremony and she knows why he's not there.
He asks what she's saying.
Bulbul asks if he's in love with her.
Suresh is stunned.
She says Pragya means a lot to her and she has always wanted to be like Pragya and Suresh is trying to take advantage of her kindness.
She says he's one of those men who fall for just outward beauty and she blames herself for giving Pragya her approval to marry him.
She tells him that she doesn't care about his feelings for her and she loves someone else.
She asks why he's marrying Pragya when he doesn't love her.
Suresh says she's right, he doesn't love Pragya.

Pragya is by the door.

Suresh says love is not all that matters in a marriage and he knows he will love Pragya eventually.
Bulbul gets very upset and tells him that he doesn't deserve her sister and it's evident that he's not happy about the marriage.
Suresh says she's right, he's not happy.
Bulbul says if he's not happy, then he can't make Pragya happy, so she is going to tell Pragya the truth.
Suresh says Pragya knows the truth about his feelings for Bulbul and he decided to suppress it but when he saw her with someone else today, he didn't like it and it hurt him.

Pragya looks very hurt.
Suresh and Bulbul don't know she is watching and listening to them.

Suresh tells Bulbul that he will get married to Pragya.
Bulbul says he will not.

Pragya turns around to leave and runs into Arvint.
She asks him and he says it's true, Suresh is only marrying her because he doesn't want to break her heart. Suresh doesn't have the courage to call off the wedding and he doesn't know if she has the courage.
Pragya walks away in tears, remembering all Suresh said to Bulbul.

She gets home and breaks down in her bedroom.

Abhi is in the studio recording a song. He stops playing the guitar and takes out an engagement ring from his pocket.
He tells his band mates that he will see them later.

Alia is on the balcony, looking at the photo she took of Pragya and Purab.
Abhi appears behind her and she hides it.
She asks if he's really going to marry a traditional woman to make their grandmother happy.
Abhi says he will marry a woman of his choice.
He shows her the ring and she asks if he's marrying Tanu
Abhi says he will propose to Tanu tonight.
Alia asks if he really wants to marry a woman like Tanu.
Abhi asks why.
Alia says Tanu is a model and career oriented so she might not want to get married.
Abhi says he's sure she will say yes.

Sarla enters Pragya's room and sees her crying.
She tells Pragya not to be worried about her because she is fine.
She says she used to be worried Pragya will not find someone but now she has found Suresh who loves her and she loves him too.
She tells her that it's time for the haldi ceremony.

Sarla goes back to the living room and everyone is ready to perform the ceremony.
Pragya enters the living room.
Bulbul arrives home looking very sad. She sees they are about to begin the ceremony and she turns back.

Sweety asks if she is alright.
Bulbul says she has work to do.

Suresh arrives and Pragya goes to him.
She tells him that they can't get married
He asks what she's talking about.

Pragya says he loves someone else and she knows the person better than anyone else.
She tells him that she overheard his conversation with Bulbul so she can't do it.
She says if it were an arranged marriage and she didn't know anything about him, it would have been good but she knows him and knows the marriage is like a favour to her and she can't accept it.
She says they were only meant to look at each other from their bedroom windows but not to be together and she can't marry him.
Sarla drops the tray of haldi that she is carrying, as she stares at the two of them.

They turn to look at her.

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