Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 15

3 years ago

Arvint asks Suresh if he is saying he now wants to marry Pragya.
Suresh says he wants to.
Arvint says but he's not in love with her.
Suresh says he might not be in love with her now but he will because she is such a nice person and does so much for his family.
Arvint tells him it's not a good enough reason to marry her because he loves Bulbul.
Suresh says he used to love Bulbul but not anymore; it took time for him to realise it was an unrealistic dream.
Arvint tells him to think about it before he hurts Pragya again. He says everything is up to destiny.
Suresh says he is sure he wants to marry Pragya because where else will he find such a good person.

In the middle of the night, Pragya meets Bulbul in the kitchen and asks why she isn't sleeping yet.
Bulbul says she had some work to finish up.
Pragya says she can quit her job if her boss is still grumpy.
Bulbul says he's not grumpy anymore.
Pragya asks what's going on.
Bulbul tells her not to worry about him, then she changes the topic to Suresh and says she knows Pragya is thinking about him.

Purvi and her mother are peeping at them from their room
The mother says Pragya used to be the only one who woke up in the middle of the night but now Bulbul is doing it too.
Purvi asks if it means Bulbul is also in love like Pragya, and can't sleep as a result.

Bulbul and Pragya are in the bedroom.
Bulbul says she knows Pragya has something on her mind and she wants her to say.
Pragya tells Bulbul that she won't understand.
Pragya thinks to herself that she doesn't know what do do now that Suresh has proposed. She doesn't know if it's right or wrong.
As if Bulbul could read her mind she assures her that Suresh is the right man for her and the only condition that should make one not get married, is if they are thinking of someone else.
Pragya asks what she means. She says Suresh is neither right not wrong for her.
Bulbul runs to the window and says there is a shooting star.
Pragya looks and tells her it's just a faulty lamp post.

Purvi asks her mother why Pragya and Bulbul are looking for a shooting star when it's a cloudy night.
Her mother says she prays they get whatever it is they are wishing for.

In the morning, Sarla enters the room to find Pragya and Bulbul still sleeping.
She wakes them up but they are reluctant get up.
She threatens that if they do not get up, she will call Akash's scary mother.
Both girls jump up.

Akash's mother arrives at Pragya's house.

Rachna brings breakfast and Sarla commends her for waking up and working when her own daughters were still sleeping.

The doorbell rings and Rachna answers it.
Akash's mother comes in and asks them how they can be enjoying themselves after ruining her son's wedding.
She says Pragya's wedding was called off that's why she wants to ruin other people's lives and Pragya is jealous.
Sarla asks how she dares to talk to them like that. She says they are cultured people
Akash mother says she's sure Pragya will never get married and even if she gets a proposal, it will fail.

Suresh appears and asks who told her that. He says Pragya will get married. He accuses her of wanting to auction off her own son for money but her dreams have been shattered.
He says Pragya is very responsible, she takes care of everyone and she is being humiliated because she is not married.
Akash's mother stares at him.
Suresh says she had the guts to ask them for proof that Akash is the father of the child. He asks what proof does she have to show that Akash is the son of his father.
He tells her to leave before be loses his temper.
She walks out and Sarla starts to cry.
Suresh asks why she is crying.
Sarla says Pragya's marriage was called off and she might never get married again.
Suresh says she will get married and he's sure the man who will marry her will take care of her.
Sarla panics and asks if she won't marry Pragya anymore.
Suresh is quiet.

Pragya tells her mother that she will marry Suresh.
She hugs both of them and when Pragya's hand touches Suresh behind Sarla's back, she pulls her hand away.

Purab is in the car with one of the girls who love Abhi.
She complains that she can't find her necklace.
He helps her search the car for the necklace and the car begins to shake.

Bulbul looks and sees the cat shaking. She peeps inside and sees Purab and the girl.
She tells him that he's disgusting to be doing such a thing with a girl in the parking lot.
She says she doesn't want to be close to him ever again.

Suresh stares at Pragya and wonders if she really meant she wanted to marry him or she only said it because her mother was there.

Madvhi comes to take Pragya away.

Abhi is stuck in traffic with Tanu. He remembers his meeting with Pragya in the same neighbourhood and says he hopes she doesn't meet such people.

Suresh is in a small shop when it starts to rain. He sees Pragya in the rain and asks the shopkeeper for an umbrella.
He takes the umbrella to Pragya and they stare at one another.
She tells about the weather changing and he says she's just like the weather. He asks if she is sure she wants to marry him or just said it because of her mother.
He begs for a chance to fix the mistakes he made.
Pragya says she agreed to marry him not just because of her mother's reaction and if he never proposed to her, she would have waited for him; now she knows he really wants to marry her, she won't give up the chance.
Suresh says only a fool will give up a person like her.
Pragya says she will marry him on one condition, that he turns the umbrella in her direction.

Abhi's car is approaching Pragya and Suresh, who are standing in the middle of the road.
When the car gets close, they break apart.
Pragya looks and see Abhi.
Both of them are surprised to see the other.
She asks why they are driving as if the road belongs to them.

Abhi tells her that he didn't respond to her interview the other day because his family was there but the next time she makes such a scene, she will have him to deal with.
He winds up the glass and tells the driver to move the car.
Pragya is rooted to the spot and speechless.

Bulbul is walking on the road. The girl who was with Purab earlier, comes down and asks her what she thinks of herself. She says she's not dating Purab but she is interested in Abhi and all the girls that hang around Purab want Abhi.
Bulbul asks what the connection is.
The girl says Abhi and Purab are best friends and Purab is his manager, so whatever Bulbul has with Purab, she needs to sort out her feelings.

Bulbul is shocked and happy that Purab had nothing to do with the girls.

Purab is driving and thinking of Bulbul.
He wonders why she affects him so much.

Pragya is at home, drying herself up.
She remembers Abhi and all he said to her earlier.
Purvi tells her that Sarla is still upset about what happened in the morning.

Pragya goes to meet her mother in the kitchen and asks if she's still upset over what Akash's mother said.
Sarla say she's scared that something might go wrong.
Pragya assures her that nothing will happen and she will get married to Suresh.
She tells her to start the preparations because she and Suresh will want to get married this month.

Grandmother and Bulbul tease Pragya.

As Pragya is going to the room, Bulbul asks her who she was taking to in the car.
Pragya says it was Abhi and he thinks he can just drive around as he likes.

Bulbul decides that she will have to apologise to Abhi on Pragya's behalf.

Abhi gets home with Tanu and complains about the traffic.
He goes to the window to look at the weather.
She comes to meet him and he says he has something for her.. He tells her to close her eyes, then he slips a ring on her finger and she gushes about it.
She tells him she can't wear it because of the media who will have the wrong ideas if they see a diamond ring on her but she will cherish it.

Purab is at work, thinking of Bulbul.
She enters the office and he's shocked to see her.
He asks if she came to resign and says it's even a good thing because they can't work together, she keeps interfering with his personal life.
Bulbul tries to talk but he interrupts her.
He says he made a mistake the other day and she formed an opinion about him and called him a cheap man.
He says he's not cheap and he doesn't like her.
He snatches the paper from her hand thinking it's her resignation letter and tells her to get lost.

Bulbul is almost in tears as she walks away.
Purab opens the envelope and sees a card in it with the words 'I am sorry.'
He is shocked.

Bulbul is at her desk telling herself that she apologised and he reprimanded her so she won't stay.
She turns around and sees him.
He says he saw the card.
Bulbul says she sent the card because she made a mistake but she will be leaving now.
She gets up and he tells her that she is doing the right thing by leaving and he will pay her a bonus.
Bulbul is surprised. She says she doesn't need the money.
Purab says he is letting her go, so he has to compensate her.
Bulbul says she made a mistake now he's firing her.
Purab tells her she's a hard worker.
Bulbul goes back to him and asks why he is sending her away.
Purab says he can't continue to work with her because he keeps thinking about her when she's away and he can't handle it; he doesn't want to fall in love with her.
He says he has fallen in love with her.

Bulbul turns and runs out for the office.
He follows her and she gets into the elevator.
He runs down the stairs but he doesn't see her.
She goes back upstairs and sits in her office.
She decides that she liked hearing what Purab said and wants to hear him say it again.

She goes downstairs and doesn't see him.
She is about to turn and go back into the elevator.
She sees Purab in the elevator and as she gets in, he gets out.
She is about to leave when he stops the elevator and gets on.
They stare at themselves for a while, then hug tightly.

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