Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 14

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Akash tells Grandmother that he can't take what Sukriti is saying.
He says the other girl has a child for him and he switched the DNA tests; he will go and find her and he will prove that she is carrying his child and he married her in a temple.

Everyone is shocked to hear what Akash is saying but he is too angry to care.

He sees Rachna and pulls her to the middle of the room. He asks her to let everyone know he is the father of her child.
Rachna confirms he's telling the truth.
Akash asks Sukriti if she has heard now that he is not infertile.
Sukriti says she can't marry him and she has to go.
Akash says she can go; he just wanted to prove to everyone that he is not infertile.
Sukriti and her family walk out of the room.

Abhi's Grandmother begs Rachna for what they have done to her and says she will ensure she gets married to Akash.
Rachna says she is not interested in marrying Akash because he doesn't love her, she only wanted to prove she wasn't lying; Akash rejected her so now she is also rejecting him.
She walks away and Pragya follows.
Grandmother stops Pragya and begs her to take care of Rachna. She looks closely and remembers she was the one who helped her cross the road earlier.
She asks how she knows Rachna.
Pragya says she is her neighbour.
Grandmother prays for her and tells her to take care of Pragya.

Suresh arrives just as Pragya and Rachna are leaving. He meets them in the hallway and asks why they came when he told them not to.
Rachna tells him not to worry because they got what they came for.
He asks what happened but she tells him to come home with them first.

Akash mother runs outside to beg Sukriti's family to stay, saying it was all a lie.
Her father vows that he will make sure Akash never gets married again for what he has done to his daughter.

Abhi arrives and he's surprised to see Sukriti and her family leaving. He asks what is going on and Akash's mother explains to him.

Abhi rushes into the house and looks back when he sees Pragya in the hallway.
He continues running to go and see what is happening inside the house.

Grandmother berates Akash for bringing shame on their family and trying to ruin Rachna's life.
Akash says he couldn't bear what Sukriti was saying about him.

Grandmother gets even more upset that he feels no remorse. She struggles to speak then gets dizzy and faints.
Abhi rushes to her and yells for someone to get a doctor.

Outside, a throng of reporters confront Suresh.
They ask him if he's forcing his sister to marry Akash because he keeps coming to the house and making claims. They say the DNA report proves Akash is not the father of her child so his sister just wants publicity.
Suresh is too shocked to respond.
Pragya tells them not to insult Suresh and Rachna. She says she will tell them the truth; Akash married and impregnated Rachna but because she is a middle class girl, he denied her but he himself has now confessed the truth in front of everyone.
She says Suresh tried to confront Akash's family but he got beaten up and Abhi got the school authorities to sack them and Abhi himself helped to cover up his cousin's mistake and sings about love when he doesn't believe in it.
She says they are middle class people but they will not keep quiet when people try to take their dignity. They came to fight for justice and their rights and they got it

Sarla and the family are watching them on TV from home and very proud of Pragya.
Grandmother says everyone now knows the truth.

Akash's mother berates him for ruining their plans.
He says he doesn't even want to marry Sukriti.
She says she is concerned about what Abhi will do to him. She reminds him of how Suresh looked after Abhi dealt with him and says if his grandmother dies, Abhi will throw them out and they will be penniless again.

Abhi yells Akash's name from the top of the stairs.
His mother pushes him out and pretends to be flogging him with a stick.
Abhi comes downstairs and gives Akash 2 hot slaps then jacks him up.
Akash's mother says they should both beat him but to her surprise, Abhi collects the stick from her and starts to beat Akash with it.
Akash is screaming in pain. Abhi raises the stick up to hit Akash on the head and someone holds the stick back. Abhi turns to see its Aliyah, his sister.
She asks what he is doing.
Abhi says she doesn't know what Akash has done.
Aliyah says she knows and how can he take the word of a middle class girl over his own cousin.
Abhi says Akash is the father of the child.
Aliyah says it does not matter after all Abhi himself has done things and the girl probably wants to trap Akash to gain publicity and for money.
Abhi says even grandmother wanted Akash to marry her.
Aliyah says Grandmother is so old fashioned. She says she can't believe he is beating up his cousin because of some middle class girl.
Abhi says he beat up an innocent man because Akash lied to him.

Abhi goes upstairs and Aliyah assures Akash and his mother that she will handle Abhi and their grandmother.
She says Abhi loves her as much as he loves Grandmother and will do anything she says.
She vows to save the house from Grandmother's old fashioned ways.

At home, Madvhi tells Suresh and Rachna that she's so happy now.
She commends Rachna but Rachna says it was all Pragya's doing.
Suresh says they will leave tomorrow.
Rachna says they can't leave yet; Pragya has done so much for them so they won't leave till Suresh marries Pragya. She says they have to think of Pragya's happiness now.
Suresh is unable to tell them the truth.

Akash's mother is massaging his body in bed.
He complains that she was hitting him and now tending to him.
She says she has to do it so Abhi won't know she was in on it because if Abhi finds out she was in on it, there will be big trouble.
Her husband says he is going to see how grandmother is doing, he tells her to come along.
She tells Akash not to leave the room and if he runs into Abhi by any chance, he should get Aliyah to help him.

Abhi gets a call telling him to switch on the TV.
He turns on the TV and sees Pragya. A reporter says she is the one who revealed the truth about Abhi.
They playback the video of Pragya talking about Abhi and how his family tried to cover up Akash's bad deeds.
Abhi gets a call from one of his sponsors and they say they are dropping him as the face of their product.
Abhi concludes that Aliyah is right and Rachna's family is spreading rumors for publicity.
He vows to find Pragya and not spare her.

In the morning, Grandmother sees a photo of Pragya in the papers and wonders if she is married because she will want Abhi to marry a girl like her.

Abhi sees the papers in his room and vows to deal with Pragya.

Pragya takes Suresh into her room and tells him she thinks it's time for them to tell the family the truth.
Suresh says it won't be necessary because he wants to marry her.
He says when a person spends their time walking on your journey with you and holds your hands, that is love.
He says Bulbul will never love him.
Pragya stares at him. Too shocked to respond.
He asks if she will marry him.
Pragya still stares at him for a few seconds then asks if he really loves her.
Suresh says he wakes up with a smile daily because he knows she is there to help him and love is not just about flowers. He says he loves her and he didn't even know it. She has always been there for him and she told him love is about looking in the same direction and they are doing that.
He says he knows it won't be easy for her to make a decision because he hurt her before, so she can take all the time she needs and he's prepared to wait for her forever.

Purvi's mother enter's the room to let Suresh know that some men are there to see him.

Suresh and Pragya stare at each other, then he goes to see the visitors.

Sarla and her family get outside and they see all their neighbours are gathered in front of their house.
Madvhi tells Rachna to go inside.
The neighbours beg Rachna to stay. They apologise to the family for the things they said about them. They say they watched Pragya's interview on TV and now know the truth.
They beg Suresh for always making fun of him and say they now know he was just helping them and thanks to him, their streetlights are wroking and so many other things he takes care of in the neighbourhood.

Suresh gets a call then goes to tell Pragya that the school just called and offered them their jobs back.
He says she has always been good to him and he wants a chance to be able to make up for his mistakes.

Bulbul is at work. Pragya calls her to inform her that she and Suresh got their jobs back.
Bulbul is excited.

The colleagues ask her why she is so excited.
Bulbul says her sister got her job back.
They tell her that she will throw them a party.
She tries to open a pack of juice and a colleague asks if she can do it.
Bulbul says she's an expert.
Purab tells her that she can't do it.
He tries to help her and the juice splashes on her face.
He laughs at her and tells her to go to the washroom.

Bulbul goes to the washroom and turns on the tap but it sprays water everywhere.
She shouts and Purab goes to check on her.
He sees her fussing with the tap and when she sees him, she holds unto him and hides her face inside his jacket.
Purab freezes for some minutes.
She begs him to try and stop the water.
He struggles and manages to stop the water.
He looks at her and they both laugh at themselves.
The water starts again and he struggles to turn it off again.
They both stare at each other and move very close. Bulbul puts her hand on his shoulder and stares at him, then suddenly removes her hand and asks what he takes her for.
He apologises to her and she runs out the bathroom.
She gets out and asks herself what she is doing. She says she can't allow Purab use her like he does the other girls.

Suresh picks Pragya from school and she gets on his scooter. He tells her to hold on tight because he doesn't want anything to happen to her there or in real life.

As they ride, Pragya starts to playback everything with Suresh from the beginning till when he proposed again last night.

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