Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 13

3 years ago

Suresh is limping and Pragya is walking beside him.
He tells her to go home.
Pragya says she also resigned from work because he quit.
He asks why she didn't think of her family before making such a decision.
Pragya says he didn't think of it too and she can't work in such a place where an honest man is not valued.
He tries to talk her out of it but she says he already made up her mind.
He says he doesn't know where his journey will take him.
She tells him that it doesn't matter where his journey ends; what matters is who his companion is.
She gives him a shawl to protect him from the cold because he's shivering and tells him that he may not love her but she will perform her role in helping him solve the problems in his life..
They walk home in silence and he steals glances at her.

Purab asks Bulbul why she is working so late.
Bulbul says she's not coming to work tomorrow and needs to sort out the files.
He asks if she's quitting again.
She says she will quit if he forces her to.
He asks if she quits every time there's a crisis.
She says if the crisis is anything like him, that's what she will do.
He says he pities her boyfriend ; how does he deal with her?
She says she doesn't have a boyfriend.
He asks how come she doesn't have one when she's so pretty.
She says he's not handsome but has a lot of girlfriends.
He says he doesn't have any girlfriend.
She asks who all the girls following him all the time but he reprimands them and shout at them.
He says what she seems is not always the true picture.
She asks if they are just short term relationships then
Purab tells her to think whatever she likes.

Grandmother asks Abhi why Rachana did such a thing knowing Akash is not the father of her child.
Abhi says women would do anything to trap a rich man.

Akash mother enters the room and says Sukriti's parents called and want the wedding to be held tomorrow.
grandmother says it's too soon but Abhi says it's okay .
Akash enters the room and Abhi says they will organise a grand wedding for him.

Bulbul is walking on the road at night, looking for a taxi to take her home.
Some men are chasing after her. She runs and sees a car driving behind her. She can't see the driver because the glass is tinted so she tells the driver that she will file a complaint to the police with his licence number.
He rolls down the window and she sees its Purab.
He tells her he wanted to help her get away from the drunken men.
She gets into the car.
He says she lied she didn't have a boyfriend. It he just saw him chasing after her.
They both laugh.
She tells him to stop her somewhere.
He asks if that's her house and she says she is a decent girl and can't let him take her home.
He says he knows her house.
She asks if he has been following her.
He says she filled her address on the application so he clearly doesn't need to follow her.
She says he doesn't need to because he has so many girlfriends.
He tells her to get out of his car and he hoped she will find a boyfriend that can stand her.

She gets down and smiles to herself, praying for a guy like him who is caring and laughs at her jokes but then she says she doesn't want the guy to be exactly like him.

Sarla asks Pragya if she can take her next month's salary in advance because their bills have piled up.
Pragya looks shocked.
Sarla says if she can't ask for it, no problem, they will wait for next month.
Pragya says she's sorry she didn't want to tell her like this but she has left her job. She tells Sarla all about her and Suresh quitting their jobs.
Sarla tells her not to apologise because she has always taken care of her responsibilities from a young age but now she has stood by someone's side; they may not have much but God blessed her with a wonderful daughter.

Madvi is watching them.

Pragya begs Sarla not to tell Madvi and Rachana.
Sarla says she would have been mad if she kept the secret from her because she tells her everything.
Pragya feels guilty about still keeping the truth about her and Suresh's engagement from her mother.

Grandmother goes shopping for sarees for the wedding.
She wiped out to wait for the driver and sees a lady who is afraid to cross the street.
Pragya helps the lady across then goes back to grandmother to ask for she needs help crossing as well. She nods and Pragya helps her.
She asks for her and name and Pragya tells her.
She asks what she does for a living and Pragya says she is a teacher.
She thanks her but Pragya says she is older than her and shouldn't be thanking her.
As Pragya walks away, she calls Pher back and gives her blessings, praying that God will give her all the happiness.

At home, Bulbul and Purvi are fighting over the remote and Sarla sees that Rachana is sad and quiet.
She collects the remote and gives Rachana to watch whatever she wants.
Rachana changes it to the news and they announce that Akash's wedding date had been changed to tonight.

Rachana goes to the room to start packing up her things.
Everyone goes to her and she says she can't stay in the city any longer.
Suresh says they can't give up. He still has faith.
Madvhi says they have to go, Rachana is right.
Suresh says they can't go.
Madvhi slaps him and asks how many people he will fight, will he fight Akash, the people on the streets who make fun of them or the college authorities who took his job?
Madvhi breaks down in tears and Suresh tells her that they will do what she wants.
He tells Sarla that he has never given up anything before but he has to give up this fight because the rich people are too powerful.

Pragya tells him to look at Rachana before he leaves, he wants to give up the fight and leave Rachana in her condition.
Suresh says Rachana will be fine.
Pragya begs for a chance to take Rachana to Akash's house one last time.
Suresh says there will be no need to that, he will go and get the tickets so he and his family can leave.

The preparations are on the way in Abhi's house.
His stylists are trying to put an outfit together for him.
He gets a call from Purab informing him that a sports company needs him for an Ad.
Abhi says he cant make it because of Akash's wedding.
Purab says they are ready to pay him double and the studio is not far from his house.
Abhi says he will be there.
He tells his stylists to pack up so they can go.
He gets a call from his sister Aliya, informing him that she will be coming home for the wedding.
Abhi is very excited to see her again.

As Abhi is going past his aunt's room, he hears her berating Akash for wanting to buy an expensive watch for Sukriti.
Abhi enters the room and tells her it's not a problem. He gives Akash his ATM card and gives him the pin as well.

When Abhi leaves the room, Akash thanks his mother for coming up with a brilliant plan.
She tells him he won't get Sukriti the watch though, he is the groom and should be getting gifts from her.
She collecte the ATM card from him.

Rachana tells Pragya that she is right to say they should fight for justice. SHe says she still wants to fight for the sake of her baby and she wants the baby to know it's father.
Pragya says she is glad.
Rachana asks what she needs to do.
Pragya says Akash and his family obtained a fake report so they will do the same to them.

Akash receives a present of a sports car from one of the guests.

Grandmother sees Abhi about to get in his car. She tells him it's his cousin's wedding and he needs to stay.
Abhi says he is going to get paid a lot of money.
Grandmother says he cares too much about money and he might miss a chance to meet a nice girl at the wedding.
Abhi says he will be back soon.

Grandmother heads back into the house and as Abhi is going into his car, Pragya is walking past with her face covered but her shawl gets caught in Abhi's watch strap.
She freezes when he turns to ask if he knows her.
pragya doesn't turn around as she says she doesn't know him.

He assumes she is Sukriti's friend and tells her that Sukriti is busy in her room and she may go there if she wants to see her.
He tries to leave again and her scarf is still trapped. He asks if she is following him.
She tells him that her scarf got caught in his watch.
He removes it and gets in the car.

Grandmother is praying for a good daughter in law for Abhi.

Pragya enters one of the rooms and she accidentally hits Abhi's photo and it falls on the floor.
Tarun enters the room and tells her she snapped the photo so it is hers, however the man in the photo is not hers.
He asks who she is and says she is not Abhi's friend because she knows all of his friends.

Suktiti is in her room with her friends she tells them to go and get her makeup kit.
Pragya enters the room and Sukriti asks who she is.
Pragya says she is a friend and she brought her a gift from one of Akash's friends who want her to see it before the wedding.
SHe gives her a little pack wrapped in a ribbon.

As Pragya is leaving, she accidentally bumps into Akash's mother who asks who she is.
Pragya covers her face and quickly escapes when someone calls Akash's mother.

Suresh goes to inform his mother that he has booked the tickets for tonight so they need to pack their bags.
he goes into the room to inform Rachana but she is not there.
He asks Sarla where she is but she doesn't know.
He sees Purvi acting suspicious and asks where Rachana is.
Purvi at first denies knowing anything but when he continues asking, she says Pragya and Rachana went to meet Akash

Suktiti's mother asks Akash's mother if she has seen Sukriti anywhere.
Akash's mother says it;'s Sukriti's big day so they should let her come downstairs in her own time.

Pragya stands in a hidden corner, watching everyone.

Tanu sees a waiter serving alcohol and takes a glass to drink. She turns to see Abhi's grandmother watching her and she calls the waiter back to say she doesnt drink alcohol.

Grandmother is not fooled by her behaviour and tells herself that she could have forgiven Tanu's mistake but not her lie.

Sukriti opens the present and sees a medical report that shocks her.

Rachana is now watching with Pragya.

Sukriti goes to pull Akash aside. She tells him that she has a report that proves he cannot be a father.
Akash collects the report and looks at it. He tells her it is a lie.
Sukriti shouts and attracts the attention of her mother and some guests.
Aksh says he had a DNA test and he can have children.
She asks him what he had the test for but he says it doesn't matter.
Sukriti's mother tells Akash that he can't mary her daughter till they are sure he can father a child.
Aksh gets upset and says he had a DNA test and the truth is, he is the father of the baby.

Grandmother is shocked at hearing what he just said and she remembers when he denied the baby.

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