Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 12

3 years ago

Suresh arrives at Abhi's house.
Akash's mother asks why he didn't come with Rachana.
Suresh says he has agreed to a DNA test.
Akash and his mother are shocked.

Grandmother asks Abhi what a DNA test means.
Abhi explains to her and Grandmother says it's not necessary, she asks why the girl's always have to have to get proof.
Akash's mother says it will prove beyond a doubt if Akash is responsible for the pregnancy.

Suresh tells Akash to come with him for the test.

Bulbul has returned to work.
She works closely near Purab. She bends across his desk to pick up papers and he gets very uncomfortable.
He makes an excuse to leave the office.

Bulbul asks the elderly secretary, who they all call Aunt, if she knows why Purab hates her so much.
Aunt laughs and walks away, leaving Bulbul confused.

Suresh and Rachana return home.
Sarla is not happy that Suresh made Rachana take the test. She says people questioned his sister's morality and he agreed to take the test; she won't support him on it.
Pragya tries to explain to her but she walks away.

She asks Suresh when they will hear the result and he says it will be ready tomorrow.
She says he doesn't have to go alone and she will go with him but he says he has to handle it alone.

Akash is upset. He tells his mother that her plan failed and he was made to take the test.
The mother also looks confused. She says she didn't know Suresh would agree to take the test.

Purab calls the security at his office to let him know he's not coming back to the office, so be can lock up.
The guards says Bulbul is still working.
Purab wonders what Bulbul is still doing working so late and hopes Aunt was right about her and she is not stealing documents.

Grandmother is not feeling well. Abhi goes to Akash and warns that if anything happens to his grandmother, then Akash will be in big trouble. He says his grandmother is sick because of the stress from his troubles with impregnating Rachana.
Akash swears he is not the father and didn't do anything wrong.
Abhi says if he finds out he is lying, then he will see the worst of him.

Abhi leaves the room and Akash panics.

Purab gets back to the office and enters quietly. He sees Bulbul looking at files for their new project and thinks she is stealing again.
He bangs the door and asks if she is stealing.
She pulls him to another room and tells him to keep his voice down because she is trying to catch the person who is really stealing.
She covers his mouth with her hand and they can hear someone opening the door.

The lady picks up the files.
Purab stops her and asks why she is stealing from him and where she got the key.
She says she got the key from one of his employees.
She complains that he sent her away and she is trying to get back at him for what he did to her.
Purab tells Bulbul to excuse them.

Bulbul goes into another office and is upset that Purab accused her for something his ex-girlfriend did.

Purab tells the girl that he kept her away from Abhi because he knew she was the type to seek vengeance.
She tells him that she hopes he falls in love with someone and knows how it feels.

Bulbul peeps at them from the other room and wonders why Purab is not showing any emotions for the girl who is hurting because he broke her heart.

The girl leaves and Bulbul comes out.
Purab apologises to her and says he will drop her at home.
Bulbul says she already called home and someone will pick her up.
He asks if she will be coming back to work but Bulbul says she won't be returning.
He begs her to please return to work but Bulbul says they don't deserve her.

She runs outside and sees Suresh waiting for her. She is surprised to see him.
He explains that Pragya sent him.
Purab sees her get on Suresh's bike.

When they get home, Suresh asks her why she is sad and if anything happened with her boss at work.
Bulbul says she is fine.
Suresh insists something must have happened between her and her boss.
Bulbul begs him not to mention anything about her boss to anyone.
She wipes her tears and says something got in her eyes and she is not crying.

She enters the house and Suresh tells himself he can't bear to see anyone hurt

Suresh is eating with Pragya. He stops eating and says he is going to Akash's house.
Pragya says she wants to go with him.
Sarla tells him to go with Pragya.
Suresh tells Pragya that he doesn't want her to get hurt because of him.
Pragya reluctantly agrees to let him go alone.

As Suresh is leaving, he turns back to pat Rachana on the head.
Rachana starts to cry and Pragya consoles her, saying she will get her justice today.

Suresh arrives at Abhi house. He greets everyone and Grandmother tells him again that if the report proves that Akash is the father, then she will make sure he marries Rachana.

The report is given to Abhi and he looks shocked.
He walks over to Akash and gives him a hug. He says he knew he wouldn't lie to him.
Abhi turns to everyone and announces that Akash is not the father of the baby.
Suresh is confused.

Grandmother tells him not to be too hard on himself and to try and marry his sister off to someone she loves.
She leaves the room and Suresh tells Akash that he knows the baby is his.
Akash says he is not the father.
Suresh says Akash and his mother would have tampered with the result.

Abhi tells him to stop accusing his family wrongly.
Suresh says he is not doing it for publicity; he wants another test and Akash will come with him.
he tries to drag Akash out but Abhi drags him and pushes him out, saying he won't stand for anyone blackmailing his family.
Suresh threatens to report to the police.
Abhi loses it and pushes Suresh about then flings him outside.

The guards come and Abhi orders them to throw Suresh out.
Purab arrives and sees them taking Suresh out.

Purab goes inside to ask Abhi why he beat Suresh up.
Abhi says he doesn't want to talk about it.

Akash is celebrating in his room. He asks his mum how she did it.
She says she convinced Abhi to let them send the DNA sample to their own doctor and he agreed, so she switched the samples.
Akash says he had a dream that Abhi was beating him up and his mother was also shouting at him.

Suresh gets to Pragya's house, bruised and limping.
They ask him what happened and he tells them everything.
Sarla tells Pragya to attend to him. She says it's a good thing his mother has gone to the temple.

Pragya says Abhi is not a good person and she can't stand him.
Suresh says he has decided to get to the bottom of the matter; he won't rest until Rachana gets justice.

Next day at work, Aunty informs Purab that she is here.
He asks who it is.
She says the one he can't resist, Bulbul.
He begs Aunt to massage his head because he has a headache.

She gets a call and goes out to answer it then she gives Bulbul painkillers to take to Purab.
Bulbul enters the office and Purab thinks Aunt has returned. He tells her to massage his head.

Bulbul feels uncomfortable but she massages his head anyway.
He touches her hand and says it feels so soft.
He opens his eyes to see she is the one.
He asks why she is massaging his head and Bulbul reminds him that he told her to.
Purab says he thought it was Aunt.
He thanks her any ways and when she leaves, he touches the spot where she massaged and smiles.

Abhi goes to the college where Pragya and Suresh work. He tells the board of trustees to fire Suresh otherwise he wouldn't support the college anymore.

As he is leaving, some students stop him for photographs.
Pragya sees him and wonders what he has come to do.

Suresh goes to the clinic to find out what happened to the DNA sample.
The lab technician tells him that someone from Akash's family collected the sample before they could test it.

Pragya calls him on the phone and tells him that he needs to come to the college immediately.

Suresh gets to the Principal's office. The principal tells him that they heard about his sister's pregnancy and the scene he created at Abhi's house.
He says the trustees of the school know Abhi very well and he has said he won't perform at the youth festival if Suresh is still working in the school. They ask him to tender his resignation.

Pragya says they can't fire him, he is an upstanding man and it's people like Abhi that are a bad influence.
Suresh tells her not to bother. He signs the letter and says he doesn't want to work in such an institution where they don't know what is right and wrong.

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