Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 11

3 years ago

Akash and his family are walking back to their car.
His father asks his mother why she had to insult the family publicly like that. He says one day, she will be in such a situation too.

Sarla says Akash's mother is so uncultured.
Grandmother complains that the woman insulted them publicly and the neighbours would laugh at them.

Suresh says he wants Rachana to do a DNA test.
His mother protests but Suresh says he wants to rub it in Akash's mother face. He will give them proof and shame them just as they did his sister.
He vows to get back at them, saying the woman called them poor but she doesn't know what they are capable of when hurt.

Purab is looking for a file in his office. An employee tells him that Bulbul is the one who know where those files are kept.
He tells the employee to call Bulbul and ask for the file.
The man calls and Bulbul tells him to tell Purab that's he a moron.
Purab tells the man to place the call on speakerphone.
He hears Bulbul saying she should have known what a disgusting man he was; the first time she saw him, he was abusing a helpless girl.

After the call, Purab asks all his employees for their opinion and if he should have investigated the theft more.
An elderly man says he prefers to work for smaller companies because the staff get close to their bosses and he feels Purab should not have sent Bulbul away.
He says Bulbul is a good person.

Purab returns to his own office. His secretary who he calls his aunt, enters and tells him she knows he's like this because of Bulbul.
Purab is surprised.
She says whenever Bulbul is around, he is not himself and it's because he secretly likes her, she is a beautiful girl and he didn't like how she made him feel, so he sent her away.
She begs him to call Bulbul back to work.

Akash's mother pulls him into her room.
She complains that Akash is useless; she wants him to replace Purab in Abhi's life but he couldn't do that. She insists he must marry Sukriti.
Akash doesn't respond.
She tells him to go and invite Rachana out on a date and leave the rest to her.

Bulbul and Pragya are walking on the street.
Pragya asks if there is a problem at work.
Bulbul says she got fired; her boss accused her of stealing.
Pragya says she can't just let such an accusation go, she needs to do something.

Grandmother is massaging Abhi's hair and he is complaining of the smell.
She tells him it is good for his hair.
He keeps complaining and she tells him to rest.
He says he can't rest because he has a lot of work to do.
She says that's why he should settle down.
Abhi says she is beginning to sound like a broken record.
Grandmother says he really should get married.

Rachana is worried. Pragya tells her not to worry as they are all there for her.
She puts her to bed.
Pragya looks at the window and Suresh is there.
They both nod at each other in understanding.

Pragya vows to herself that she will not let their friendship get ruined; she will stay by his side.

Akash's mother goes to Grandmother and Abhi. She tells them that they went to Rachana's house tp propose to her but discovered she had a lot of boyfriends before Akash, so they can't be sure the child is for Akash.

Abhi gets a call from Purab for a photo session to promote a product.
Abhi says he wants 4 million for the job.
Akash's mother listens with great interest.

Abhi is driving with Purab to the venue of the photoshoot.
His car goes over a pothole and he splashes mud on Pragya.
Bulbul throws a stone at the car in anger.

Abhi gets upset and parks the car but Purab tells him not to go.
He comes down anyways.

Bulbul leaves Pragya so she could go and look for water for her to wash her face.
Abhi walks up to Pragya and asks why she couldn't watch her step.

He asks why she threw the stone at him but Pragya says she didn't.
She says he was the one who made her look like this, with mud all over her face.
Abhi asks her if he was the one who dug the puthole and filled it with mud.
He says she must have done it on purpose, to get his attention. He says he's Abhi and she says she knows.
He repeats his name and she says so?
He is upset she doesn't recognise him.

Purab sees Bulbul and thinks to himself that he knows it had to be Bulbul who threw the stone.

Abhi tells Pragya that he would lose 4 million for stopping to talk to her because he will be late. He was to make 4 million for just one hour's work.
Pragya says she didn't tell him to stop.
She says people like her are cautious and look carefully when walking.
Abhi stares at her.
She says one hour to her, means she will get home late and her tea will be cold, her mother will be worried and her BP will shoot up. She says she will also get to college late and her students will be disappointed.
Abhi asks how she dares compare his money to tea and blood pressure.
Pragya says he is arrogant and when he falls, he will fall badly.
He gives her a handkerchief and tells her to wipe her face.
He teases her by saying she looks nice.

Bulbul arrives just as Abhi is about to enter his car.
She tries to call him but he drives off.
She complains to Pragya that she is just like Suresh and doesn't care about who Abhi is.
Pragya says Abhi is arrogant.

Abhi tells Purab that Pragya was so different from the women he meets everyday and he hopes he doesn't meet her kind again.

Rachana is standing by the road when some men come to tease her about her pregnancy.
She runs away from them and they laugh at her.

Akash asks his mother why she told him not to go on the date with Rachana after making him invite her.
She says she has a plan and that the community will reject Rachana and her family.

Suresh is walking in the neighbourhood. He tells some men who are littering the streets that they should clean up.
They tease him about telling them to clean up when his house is not clean; they know what his sister has done and they want her to leave the neighbourhood. They say it is wrong to get pregnant before marriage.
Suresh says his sister is married.
They tell him his family is spoiling their neighbourhood and they need to leave.
Suresh wants to fight with them.
The secretary of the area tells him that his sister cannot live in the neighbourhood but he can stay if he wants

Pragya confronts the man and asks what gives him the right.
He says he's the secretary of the neighbourhood.
She says he's the chairman but Suresh has been the one doing the job in the neighbourhood; whenever there is a problem that needs fixing, Suresh is the one who fixes it or reports to the municipality.
She asks if they really believe those arrogant people who told lies.
The man says it has been decided and Rachana has to leave.
Pragya says the house is theirs and they can't go anywhere; Rachana stays with them.
She takes Suresh and drags him home.

At home, Suresh berates Pragya for taking charge of the situation as if he couldn't help himself. He says now she has angered the neighbours and it will be a problem.
Pragya says she couldn't just stand by and watch.
Sarla tells Suresh not to be upset; he has always helped them with their problems and it's not wrong for them to help him, especially as he is going to be their son in law.

Rachana rushes in, crying. She says Akash called her to come but he doesn't show up, then some men from the neighbourhood started teasing her.
Suresh is about to hit her when he stops himself. He tells her that it's not her fault for trusting Akash because she loves him.
He says what about him; who should he talk to?
He walks away sadly and Pragya feels hhis hurt.

Akash's mother comes downstairs to see the lady who works for her telling the help to clean up.
The lady asks her what will happen if Rachana brings a DNA test result before the wedding
Akash's mother tells her that Rachana is from a middle class family and she knows the family is facing the shame and won't do anything about a DNA.

Purab tells his secretary that he is managing well without Bulbul.
She tells him that no matter how he tries, he will never be able to get rid of his feelings for her.
Purab says it's not true; he doesn't have feelings for Bulbul.
She says she has been working with him for 5 years and she knows he has feelings for Bulbul.
She tells him to invite Bulbul back to work if he doesn't have feelings for her.

Purab calls Bulbul and apologises for firing her. He says she can have her job back.
Bulbul says he's inviting her back because no one can handle his files.
He says he's apologising yet she is shouting at him; she can have her job back if she wants.
He hangs up.

Pragya advises Bubul to go back to the Job so she can prove Purab wrong about accusing her.

Pragya sees Suresh sitting all by himself outside.
She tries to talk to him but he is not in the mood.
He tells her that he's very busy, with a list of things to do.
Pragya says he wants to keep himself busy because he's scared to go home, thinking people will tease him along the way.
Suresh doesn't deny it. He says he suggested the DNA test but he can't do that, so he has decided to move with his mother and Rachana to another city to save their self esteem.
Pragya says if he wants to save her self esteem, then he should get the DNA test.
She says they can only respond to the insults by getting the test.
Suresh stares at her.
She tells him not to let the society ridicule Rachana.

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