Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 10

3 years ago

Grandmother asks Abhi if there's really no one he likes.
Abhi says he likes 2 people. One is her and the other is Purab.
He walks over to Purab.

Aakash's mother tells her him and his father that purab is the one stopping them from getting control of Abhi's money and she has a plan to get rid of him, so that they can enjoy Abhi's money.
She says when that time comes, Aakash can leave Sukriti and now marry a woman of her own choice; that she can control.

Abhi takes Purab to the balcony and they reminisce over when he was a child and he told Purab he will live in a big house and buy a shopping mall.
Abhi says he has all those things now.
Purab tells him that he could one day lose it all because no condition is permanent.
Abhi says he could lose money but his talent can never go away.

Grandmother walks over to Purab when Abhi moves away
She tells Purab that Abhi is over confident and it scares her because he does not know that changes can occur.

Pragya consoles Madvi and Madvi thanks her for taking control of the situation with Rachana and the groom's family..
She hugs her and sings her praises.
Pragya wonders how she will be able to tell Madvi the truth, that her son is in love with Bulbul and not her.

Akash and Sukriti exchange engagement rings.

A security guard calls Purab and takes him outside.
Purab sees the other guards holding a struggling Suresh.
He asks Suresh what he wants and Suresh tells him the problem.

Purab tells Suresh to come with him.

Abhi is taking pictures with the rest of the family.
Purab calls him aside and breaks the news to him.
Aakash's mother hears them and tells Abhi not to believe anything.

Purab takes Abhi to meet Suresh.
Abhi asks Suresh how he can be sure he's saying the truth.
Aakash enters the room and Suresh tells Abhi to ask him.

Aakash agrees that he knows Rachana but they were only dating and were never married.

His mother asks Suresh if he has any proof that Aakash was mariied to Rachana.
Suresh says he doesn't have any proof but Rachana is pregnant with Aakash's baby.
Everyone, including Aakash, is shocked.

Abhi confronts Aakash again and Aakash insists Rachana was his girlfriend but they didn't get engaged.

Suresh says Rachana will not face the pregnancy alone.

Abhi asks Suresh how he can trust him.
Suresh insists the baby is for Aakash and that they were married.
Abhi tells Suresh that Aakash is his family so he has to go by what Aakash is saying.
He instructs Purab to throw Suresh out.
Suresh threatens to sue as he is being taken out.

Grandmother stops him at the door and says she will handle it. She says she makes the decisions and his accusations are not to be taken lightly.

Aakash's mother says Suresh's sister doesn't have any evidence.
Grandmother says she doesn't need evidence to know; she will find out.

She begs Suresh to give her time and she promises to make it up to Rachana. If she confirms Rachana and Aakash got married at the temple and he is the father of her baby, then Rachana will be welcomed into the family with open arms.

Suresh is happy with her decision.
He thanks her and leaves.

Aakash's mother accuses grandmother of not loving her own children like she loves Abhi.
Abhi jumps to Grandmother's defence says he forbids her to ever talk to his grandmother like that, ever again.

Pragya tells Bulbul that she hopes Suresh was able to change Aakash's mind.
Suresh arrives and tells her that everyone took Aakash's side and the only person who supported him was their grandmother and after hearing her, Abhi agreed with her.
Bulbul tells Pragya that she already told her that Abhi is not a bad person.

Madvi is very happy when Suresh tells her that the grandmother says if she confirms that the baby is for Aakash and they were married, then she will welcome Rachana into the family.

Suresh and Pragya are all alone and he apologises to her once again.
Pragya says they should focus on Rachana for now.
She says she will always be his friend and will always support him and help him unite with Bulbul one day.

Abhi puts Grandmother in bed and says he will get her water.
Grandmother tells him that she hopes he now knows money cannot buy everything; he has spent his money carelessly on Aakash and his family and they now behave like people without moral values.
She says he needs to marry a good woman who can bring the family back on track because Abhi has spoilt them rotten.

Pragya urges Suresh to go and talk to Rachana about what happened tonight.
Suresh says he doesn't want to see her and he will never forgive her.
Pragya says in that case, he doesn't deserve forgiveness either.
Suresh looks confused.
Pragya says he is not telling anyone that he is in love with Bulbul.

Grandmother breaks the news of what Aakash's grandmother told Suresh to Rachana, which makes her very happy.
Pragya reminds her that she had told her that Suresh will fight for her.
Grandmother says she's worried that if Aakash marries her because he's forced to, she might not be happy.
Pragya says it's left for Rachana to decide on what she wants to do.

Aakash is on the phone with his bride to be. He tells her not to bother about the man who stormed the venue of their engagement, he was just making baseless accusations.
His mother enters and takes the phone from him. She greets Sukriti and afterwards, she slaps Aakash and asks if he wants to blab about Rachana to Sukriti.
She informs him that they have to go and see Rachana's family because their grandmother says they have to go and see them.
Her husband lags behind and thinks to himself that he's not sure how to feel about the situation because he knows his wife can be troublesome.

Pragya and Bulbul see Suresh going into the wedding hall and follow him.
They see him packing up and decide to help him.

Bulbul complains that it's a lot of work. She tells Pragya and Suresh to keep their own wedding simple.

They both feel awkward and Suresh accidentally hurts himself.

His palm starts bleeding and Pragya goes to get a first aid kit.
She returns to see Bulbul holding Suresh's hand and cleaning it.

Bulbul leaves and Suresh tells Pragya he was thinking about what she said last night and has decided to tell everyone the truth.
Pragya says it's her fault for assuming he was in love with her, so she will tell them.
Suresh say it's better they just tell everyone together

They enter the house and call their mothers.
Everyone is gathered in the living room.

Aakash and his parents arrive and his mother complains about how dirty the neighbourhood is.
Her husband reminds her they used to live in such a place.

She sees Sarla's friend sweeping and asks for Rachana.

Inside the house, Suresh and Pragya are struggling to speak.
Sarla's friend rushes in to inform them that Aakash's parents are around and they have a marriage proposal for Rachana.
Everyone is excited.

The women go outside to welcome them in.
Aakash's mother tells Rachana that she has come with a marriage proposal.

She asks Rachana what college she was in.
Rachana tells her.
She asks when she began dating Aakash.
Rachana says it was in her second year.
She asks if Rachana was seeing someone before him.
Everyone is shocked.

She continues talking, saying Rachana could have been seeing someone and it may not be Aakash's baby.
She asks why Rachana got pregnant seeing as she's from a decent home.

Rachana says Aakash got married to her

Aakash denies it.

Suresh asks if she has come to make a proposal or accusations.
She says a wedding without witnesses is not legal.
Suresh tells her it's enough.

She asks how they expect her to believe what Rachana is saying.
She says they can't believe it's Aakash's baby without proof.

Suresh tells her that he won't allow her speak to his sister like that.
She gets upset and says she is leaving.

Madvi follows her outside and begs.
All the neighbours are gathered.
Pragya begs her to come back inside and not to talk outside.

She says nothing will make her step foot in the house again. She continues talking about Rachana,saying she got pregnant and she wants to trap her son.

The neighbours, who have been listening, begin to talk badly about Rachana and Suresh.

Aakash's mother carries on talking. She says they have to make know if it's Aakash baby for sure, before they can go ahead with the wedding.
As they leave, Madvi is crying and begging them to listen.

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