Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 9

3 years ago

Grandmother tells the women that she has called the best henna artists in the city.

Pragya comes to join them in the living room .
She begins to wonder how she will allow the henna ceremony go on, knowing Rachana is carrying someone else's baby.

Mardvi asks Pragya to sit down because it is also her henna ceremony.
Pragya sits down, still wondering what to do.
Bulbul tells her that the artist will write Suresh's name on her hand.
Pragya panics.

Suresh signals for her to come outside.

They get outside and he thanks her for not saying anything.
Pragya says they should just focus on Rachana.
Suresh says he vowed to only allow Rachana marry a man she loves and now it is happening.

Rachana gets up from where her henna design is being made.
The mothers ask her what is wrong and she says she wants to sit by the fan.

In Abhi's house, Aakash's mother is talking with his sister. She is shocked when she sees Rachana coming inside the house.

Pragya overhears Suresh making plans for Rachana's wedding and decides she can't keep quiet any longer.
She calls him aside and says she can't reach Rachana on her phone.
Bulbul and Purvi playfully push Suresh towards Pragya and he falls on her.

Rachana returns home and Suresh says he will talk to Pragya later.

Pragya tries to talk to Rachana about the pregnancy but Rachana says she doesn't want to talk about Aakash; she will marry her groom to be.
She says Aakash's mother was right, she threatened to destroy her family's reputation and says she can abort the baby or pass him off as her fiancé's child.
Pragya asks her if she really wants to live her life like that.
Rachana says she can't risk her family's reputation and she won't make Suresh suffer the humiliation. She says it's left for Pragya, if she wants to ruin the man she says she says she loves then she can tell him.

Bulbul enters Purab's office and he asks if she can type
She says she can.
He tells her to start typing. He starts to dictate to her about someone admitting to stealing office materials and tells her to sign with her name.
Bulbul is shocked.
He asks if she thinks he won't find out she stole papers and sold them.
Bulbul says she didn't steal anything.
Purab asks who did it then because he didn't do it.
Bulbul says she thinks he is just saying it because he couldn't have his way with her that night on the trip.

Purab tells her that she is worse than him if she decides to lie.
He says he could bigger get a office and earn 10 times more but he prefers to do things properly.
He tells her to leave.

Pragya decides she can't continue to keep quiet about Rachana.
She goes to Suresh's house, determined to give him the news but she gets there and sees him talking to Arvint about the set of jewelry he bought as a gift for Rachana.
He shows Arvint the set and says Rachana wanted it a long time ago and he had to save money to buy it and planned to give to her as a wedding present.

Rachana arrives at Suresh's house and he gives her the jewelry.

Pragya wonders the kind of man Aakash is.

Aakash tells his mother that he is not happy that he is marrying Sukriti instead of Rachana.
His mother takes him to the window and shows him some cars and reporters parked outside.
She tells him they are not there for Abhi but for him, his life will change if he marries Sukriti.
Aakash becomes excited.

It is Rachana's wedding day and Pragya is still thinking of telling Suresh.

Rachana is getting ready.
Pragya tells her she's beautiful and it's important one is beautiful outside, as well as inside.
Rachana ponders over Pragya's words.

Pragya goes to Suresh and says she wants to talk to him.
Suresh says he's very busy.
Pragya says it's important but Suresh says he will talk to her later.
Madvi comes to them and tells Suresh that the groom will soon arrive.
Pragya is almost in tears as Suresh leaves without hearing her out.

The groom and his family arrive.
Pragya panics when she sees them.

Purvi and Bulbul go to call Rachana but Rachana locks herself up in the room, thinking of the things Aakash's mother said to her.

Purvi and Bulbul call her name but she doesn't answer.

She picks up a knife.

Bulbul tells Purvi that she will go and get Suresh.

Suresh is with some guests.
Bulbul tells him that Rachana has locked herself in the room.

Suresh gets to the door and all 4 of them try to convince Rachana to open but she doesn't respond.
Pragya tells Suresh to break the door because Rachana may try to harm herself.

He busts the door open and grabs the knife from Rachana.
He starts to scream at her, saying if she didn't want to get married, she could have just said so, since she wasn't forced; she gave her consent to marry the guy.
Pragya tells him to stop shouting at her because she is pregnant.

Suresh and Bulbul are shocked.
Suresh goes crazy asking when she met with the groom.
Pragya says it's not for Raul, it's for someone else.
Suresh continues to yell at Rachana.
Pragya tells him to stay back.

Suresh asks Rachana who the child belongs to.
Pragya tells him to take it easy.
Suresh continues to shout, asking for the father of the child.

Sarla and Madvi hear him shouting as they enter the room.
They are shocked when they hear him mention Rachana's pregnancy.
Madvi almost faints and Sarla has to hold her.
She asks Rachana what she has done.

Rachana is unable to bear it any longer. She cuts her wrist with the knife and faints.
Everyone runs to her in a panic.
Suresh apologises to her for what he said but she is passed out.

Bulbul says a doctor is on the way.
Rachana is lying in bed. Her wrist is tied with a piece of cloth, to stop the blood.
Sarla's friends enter the room and inform them that the groom's family is asking Rachana.

Suresh says he will go and tell them the truth.
Pragya says he can't tell them. She begs him to allow her handle the situation.

Suresh says he is embarrassed.
Pragya says it's the guy who got Rachana pregnant that should be ashamed.

Pragya continues to beg Suresh not to ruin Rachana's reputation.
Suresh says her reputation is ruined either way and it's best to face the consequences now.

He goes to Raul's mother but before he can speak, Pragya appears and tells her that Rachana fell in the bathroom and hurt herself, so she can't get married in such a condition.
The mother in law says she wants to see Rachana.

Pragya takes her to the room and says the doctor said she needs to rest.
Raul's mother tells them that Rachana's health is more important, so they will book another day for the wedding, when she gets better.

Suresh vows to go and look for Aakash.

Aakash is wondering how much his ring costs.
Abhi tells him it's 75000 and Aakash almost faints.

They looks out of the window to the gate and see the reporters waiting there.

Abhi's girlfriend, Tarun, arrives.

Aakash's mother and sister are checking the gifts. His mother is counting the diamond sets.
She tells her husband that their son will now have his own money.
Her husband tells her that they have a lot of money already.
She says that don't have money; it's Abhi's money and she wants her own financial freedom.

Suresh arrives at the gate of Abhi's house and tells the security guard that he needs to see Aakash.
The security guard says Aakash is getting engaged and can't come to see him.

Suresh says he cheated his sister and wants to get engaged to someone else.
Some reporters ask him what he just said.
One of them says he is probably lying.

Abhi's grandmother asks him for his girlfriend. She tells him to just choose a nice girl, she doesn't care what job the girl has.

Someone jumps over the gate and the security guard goes after him.
Suresh seizes the opportunity to open the gate and run inside.
All the reporters follow him.

Pragya tells Rachana that Suresh is not upset that the wedding was called off but he is upset at what Aakash did to her.
She tells her to have faith in her brother; he will fix the situation

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