Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 8

3 years ago

Pragya wipes her tears and moves out of the embrace.
Suresh begs her to forgive him; he's sorry.
She asks him why he is apologising. She says it's her fault; she was trying to make a difference in her life thinking anyone can love her.
Suresh begs her for a chance to let him tell her the truth.

Sarla comes to the patio and sees them holding hands. She says she came to call Pragya but they should finish up.

When Sarla leaves, Pragya pulls her hand away from Suresh's and walks away.

Pragya gets into her bedroom and tears up a photo of her and Suresh. She sees the rose he gave her and remembers the circumstances around it.
She falls on the floor crying.
Suresh is watching her from his window and he is deeply hurt, seeing her like that.

Bulbul asks if she really looks that ugly.
Purab says she's okay and has a lovely smile.
He gets to her house and she tells him where to stop.

Pragya comes out to meet Suresh to go to school.
Bulbul meets them and asks Suresh if he thinks she's beautiful and if a man will like her. She says he's the only man that won't fall for her so she wants to know the truth.
Suresh says "yes".
Bulbul says she's happy he thinks she's beautiful.
Suresh and Pragya look at one another.

Abhi and Purab come to see Grandmother.
She asks where they've been.
Abhi says they went to make some money.

Aakash and his mother come to the room.
His mother tells Abhi that she is thinking that Aakash should be in charge of his accounts; he studied management and he can manage Abhi's accounts.

Abhi tells Aakash that what if he allows him spend his money instead of managing his accounts.
Aakash is excited.
Abhi says the money will be managed by someone more important to him than his family, Purab.
Purab is surprised.
Abhi tells his aunt that he will give the family as much money as they want but they can't manage his accounts.

Pragya informs Sarla and Madvi that she's going to college.
Madvi informs her that Suresh called and said he's coming to pick her.
Suresh arrives.
Madvi and Sarla remind Pragya about Rachana's henna ceremony tomorrow.

Purab tells Abhi that he can't manage his accounts.
Abhi reminds him that he has always helped him since they were kids.
They met as kids when Purab saved Abhi from some boys who were bullying him.

Purab reminds him that he wanted to share all his marbles with his family.
Abhi says he loves to share his money with his family.
Purab says they should get his love and not his money
Abhi says Purab is the only one who helps him without expecting anything in return.

Suresh parks the scooter in front of the college and Pragya asks him why he is torturing himself; it's not his fault that he doesn't love her and he will always be her best friend.
She says if he loves Bulbul, she will talk to her for him

He begs her not to talk to Bulbul because it was silly of him to think she could love him; she can never look at him, especially after she finds out what happened.
He says he doesn't understand relationships and one huge problem has occurred because of his mistake.

They get to the school office and their colleagues congratulate them on their engagement. The women bombard Pragya with questions.
Suresh runs out of the office.

Pragya follows him and tells him it's not their colleagues' fault for asking questions.
Suresh blames himself again. He says she's such a lovely person and now he has ruined everything

He walks away and starts to think of what the family will do when they find out the truth.

Pragya enters a bookstore in a shopping mall to buy a book.
She starts thinking of how they can cancel the wedding.
She hears someone talking loudly and wants to caution him about his noise but she is surprised when she sees it is Abhi. She remembers him as the guy who rescued her when she fell in the river.

Abhi doesn't see her. He is talking to Purab about having no time for love. He says he can find love right outside the window, people listen to his song and it drives them crazy. He says love is the most idiotic emotion and people end up wasting their time.

Pragya walks away in tears.

Abhi is at the mall to meet his fans.
They are a lot of screaming female fans.. He tells the crowd that he believes in love, he thinks it makes the world go round and he believes someone was made for you.
Pragya listens to him and remembers all she heard him say on the phone.
She says he's lying.
Abhi stops to look at her.

Abhi asks who said that.
A lady in the crowd points to Pragya.
Abhi asks his security if she's a fan or journalist but the security says she is neither.

Pragya says he's lying to everyone; there is nothing happy about love, love is a big lie and it's just foolish. Some people will fall in love after listening to him but what happens after that? Why is he playing with their emotions?
2 female guards come and take her out.
Abhi looks at her with great interest.

When she gets out, Pragya wonders what came over her to speak like that.

On the car ride home, Purab tells Abhi that he heard there was a problem at the promotion venue. Abhi says this is it, a girl challenged him and he liked it, if only she had stayed he would have offered her a job.

Pragya is complaining about Abhi on her way home.

Abhi tells Purab that he liked the girl and she looks like someone he has seen before.

At home, Grandmother tells Bulbul to change the TV channel.
Bulbul changes the channel and they are showing a news programme.
Rachana sees the story about Aakash, Abhi's cousin, getting married.
Rachana feels bad because Aakash is her ex boyfriend.

She leaves the house to go and call him.
She calls him a liar who said he was being forced to marry but she can see its all a lie, she has seen the photos of him and his wife to be and he looks like he is in love.
Aakash tells her it is not a lie, those photos are just a media stunt.

Bulbul comes outside and hears Rachana on the phone asking Aakash how he can do this to her.

Aakash's mother asks him if that woman is calling him again.
She tells him to threaten that he will expose her pictures on the Internet.
Aakash screams at his mother.

Sarla shows Bulbul jewelry she will wear for her wedding.
Pragya asks why she is so bothered and says if she doesn't get married now, it will be a problem.
Sarla tells Pragya that she is very close to her heart and she didn't make the rules that a girl has to get married and go to live with her in laws.
Pragya says what if her wedding is called off?
Sarla puts a finger over Pragya's lips and says Suresh will never let her be unhappy.

Madvi calls Sarla and she leaves the room.

Bulbul enters and tells Pragya that she thinks Rachana is not happy with her up coming wedding because she overheard her talking to someone and she feels Pragya should talk to Suresh, so he can talk to Rachana.
Pragya says she will talk to Rachana first.

Pragya goes to Rachana and says she wants to talk to her.
Rachana stands up and feels dizzy.
Pragya says she will get her some water.

Rachana runs to the bathroom to throw up.
Pragya comes back with the water and tells her to rest.

Madvi comes to Suresh's house to remind him to get ready for Rachana's henna ceremony.

Bulbul enters the room and notices Pragya is crying.
She asks her why and tells her not to worry, she is not going far and she will always say goodnight to her through the same window she says goodnight to Suresh.

They go to join the others for the henna ceremony.

Madvi asks if anyone has seen Rachana.
Rachana comes in, looking miserable.

Madvi says they are waiting for the groom's henna paste.
Rachana says she will be back; she wants to get her jewelry.

The groom's family arrive and his mother asks to see Rachana.

Rachana is in the bathroom, taking a pregnancy test.
It is positive.
She cries and asks herself how she could get pregnant.
She looks into the mirror and sees Pragya standing behind her.
Pragya asks if she is really pregnant.
She sees the pregnancy kit and scolds Rachana, then tells her to tell the truth.

Rachana says his name is Aakash, they met in the college in Mumbai. She started liking him and they got married in secret and was so happy.
He told her that when he comes back he will marry her in front of everyone but he never came back.
She found out he was going to marry the daughter of a wealthy business man.

Pragya wonders what she will do. She can't hide something so serious and can't tell anyone Rachana is pregnant either.

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