Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 5

3 years ago

Purvi accompanies Bulbul to the office for her interview.
Purvi says she thinks Bulbul will find her Prince charming there.
Bulbul complains that the office is too small and she's not sure she wants to work there.
She encourages Bulbul to go in.

Bulbul gets into the office

Purab tells his aunt that he has to close early to go and be with Abhi.
The aunt complains that Purab keeps giving up his own business to take care of Abhi.
Purab says he made a promise to Abhi's grandmother.
He complains about the girls that keep calling to speak with Abhi

The aunt sends Bulbul inside for the interview.
Bulbul see Purab and immediately recognises him as the guy who was rude to the girl on the road.
Purab tells his aunt that if any girl should call she should let them know he's not available.

He looks at Bulbul's documents and says she's qualified for the job.
Bulbul says she has just one condition, she won't lie for him like he told the other woman to do.
Purab ignores her statement and says he will see her tomorrow, by 10.

On her way out, a lady asks her for Purab and she shows her to his office

Purvi is happy when she discovers Bulbul got the job.
Bulbul is not excited.

When Bulbul gets home, she tells Pragya that she got the job and she wished to get her Prince charming because of what their mother said about stars aligning but her boss is not the type of man she expected.
Pragya tells her to welcome to the real world.

At night, Pragya takes a walk on a bridge and thinks about Suresh, with a smile on her face
She sees a shooting star and wishes that she never loses the joy she found today, she wants her life partner to be with her in all things and no matter where he is, she wants to be pulled towards him.
She accidentally falls off the bridge and into the river.

Abhi rushes into the river and carries her out.
They stare into each other's eyes

He looks at her and says this is exactly what's she dreamed of, for him to be pulled to her.
Pragya is shocked at his words.
He says he sees his future in her eyes, she was made for him and he can't let her leave this world because the stars have aligned them.

Some men rush towards them and tell Abhi that he's carrying the wrong girl.
It happens that Abhi is on a movie set and was supposed to rescue a girl but the real girl was yet to jump into the water.
He asks them who Pragya is, in that case.
One of the men says maybe she wanted to commit suicide.
Abhi says maybe she had man troubles.
He drops her roughly, back in the water and she runs off.
Some of men tell him that the media wants to talk to him for saving a woman's life.

Pragya turns back to look and wonders who he is because when he was saying those things to her, he sounded sincere.

Abhi is talking to the press about saving a woman's life.

Sarla and Suresh's mother, Madvi, are talking about the wedding.
Everyone begins to make a plan on how to get Pragya and Suresh to open up to one another.

Pragya returns home all wet.
They ask her what happened and she says the water pipe burst.

Grandmother tells them to put the TV on because Abhi is in TV.
The turn on the TV and Pragya is shocked to see he's the same guy who rescued her.
He lies that he saved the woman who had boyfriend problems and he sang a song from his album to her which made her decide not to commit suicide anymore.

Bulbul tells Pragya that Abhi saved a woman's life.
Pragya says Abhi was just trying to promote his album.

Purab and Abhi are in a car. Purab berates him for just jumping in the water like that.
Abhi asks if Purab has found a girl to work for him.
Purab says he found someone.

Rachana is getting ready for her engagement and she's not in a good mood.
She tells her mother she doesn't want to get married because she's scared.
Madvi tells her that she has to get ready.
Rachana tells Madvi to leave her alone, so she can get ready.

Sarla enters the room and tells Rachana that she shouldn't be scared because it is a common feeling amongst people getting married but it will get better and she will love her new home.
Sarla begs her to smile and Rachana cheers up.

At work, Purab's aunt tells Bulbul to take some documents to him.
Bulbul gets to his office and he is shirtless.
She turns her back and he puts on a shirt.
He looks through the document and returns it to her.
As she turns to leave, her scarf gets hooked. Thinking he's the one pulling it, Bulbul tells him to let go and says she is not one of his girls, she can't be with someone like him, she's disgusted to even look at him.
He appears in front of her and she almost faints when she realises he wasn't the one holding her scarf, her scarf is hooked between the chairs.
He stares at her for some time, then walks away.

At the house, the guests are beginning to arrive for the engagement.

Suresh arrives and helps with the wrapping of presents.
He looks at Bulbul who's sitting next to Pragya and smiles lovingly.
Pragya thinks he's looking at her and she starts to blush.

Madvi and Sarla think he's smiling at Pragya and they also smile with joy.

Suresh continues to smile lovingly at Bulbul.
Madvi tells him that he is unwrapping the gift instead of wrapping it.
Bulbul and Purvi begin to make fun of him and his shirt collar that is askew.

Pragya rushes over to him and helps him fix the collar.
He asks her if he looks strange.
She says he doesn't.
He asks why Bulbul and Purvi are looking at him.
Pragya says it's because he looks handsome.

Bulbul tells everyone to hurry up because the groom's family has arrived.
They all head to the door to receive the family.

After the engagement, everyone is happy that it went well
Grandmother asks Bulbul to get her cough syrup, so she can celebrate.
Bulbul thinks of the cough syrup and gets an idea.

Suresh tells Rachana that he is happy this she's getting married but sad at the same time.
Bulbul appears behind Suresh and signals to Rachana.
Bulbul tells Suresh that Rachana just got engaged and she thinks they should celebrate. She hands him a glass of grandmother's cough syrup.
He refuses it but she insists he should drink it.

Everyone watches as he drinks it.
He almost throws up.
Bulbul tells him that today she wants him to share all his feelings
Suresh says he will do it.

Everyone is watching and Sarla prays that they can express their love for one another because this is the last night for the wish to be fulfilled.

Purvi goes to call Pragya.

Suresh is tipsy, he tells Bulbul that he will finally tell her how he feels.
Bulbul encourages him to talk.
Suresh says he feels love is in the air, he couldn't says it but now he can.
Bulbul tells him to go to the patio and say it.

She puts him out and rushes to find Pragya. She tells Pragya that Suresh is waiting to talk to her on the patio.
Pragya heads for the patio and Bulbul goes to inform the others.

Pragya gets to the patio and is shocked to see Suresh acting strange.
Suresh is even more tipsy. He is unable to make out her face as she approaches.
He thinks it's Bulbul. He begs her to listen to him and says he loves her.

Everyone in the house is eavesdropping and very happy.

Suresh says she's the most important person in the entire world and his day is complete when he sees her.
He almost falls down and she tries to hold him up but he says she's fine.

Bulbul is secretly recording the conversation.

Suresh continues talking to Pragya.
He says he doesn't care now if things are properly done with the municipality, he only cares about taking care of her.
He asks if she will spend her life with him.
Pragya is crying tears of joy.
He asks if she will marry him.
She says "yes."

She moves close to him and he falls down.
He is shocked when he actually sees her face and it's not Bulbul.
He inwardly prays that he didn't say all those things to Pragya.

Bulbul rushes to him as Pragya goes inside to get water.
He sees Bulbul and he's relieved.

They manage to take him inside and his mother, Madvi, is upset.
She asks what they did to her son.
Sarla explains that they only wanted to get him to speak.
His mother is not happy, she says the person who made the mistake will have to be punished.
She turns to Pragya and says she made the mistake and her punishment is that she will take care of Suresh for the rest of his life.
Everyone laughs with relief.
Madvi and Sarla are happy that they will be in laws in no time.
Everyone is in a celebratory mood and Sarla is shedding tears of joy.

Pragya goes into the room and all the girls come to tease her.
Pragya asks who gave Suresh the cough syrup.
They tell her it was Bulbul and he needed to drink the cough syrup so he could propose, otherwise he would never do it.

Pragya goes to the room where Suresh is sleeping off the cough syrup and stares at him as him lovingly.

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