Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 196 Recap- Aired: Monday 04 December 2017

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Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 196 Recap- Aired: Monday 04 December 2017

Matron is in front of Fonton's door.
She calls his phone and hears it ringing inside the house.

She goes to the window and opens it.
She sees Fonton lying on his couch with his mouth open.

She panics and forces the door open.
She tries to wake him up but he's unconscious.
Oviyon is awake and looking for Senami.
He sees the note she left him under the pillow.
He picks it up.

The note says by now he should have figured out that she's gone for good and she wishes it wasn't that way.
He drops the letter.
He looks heartbroken.

Dethin returns to the shrine.
Mausi asks for Seyive.
Dethin looks down
Mausi asks if they took her.
Dethin nods.

Mausi asks why she appears sad.
Dethin doesn't respond.
Mausi says the gods have taken Seyive and given her (Mausi) more time; they give and they take.

Dr. Jide drives Folake and Obi to the scene of the accident.

Folake rushes to Senami's side
Senami is still sitting on the road with a dazed look.
Dr Jide says they have to take her to the clinic.
Senami says she has to return to Aji.
Folake assures her that they are taking her to Aji.

Sejiro runs to the river screaming for Seyive.
Doris, who is by the river, drags her out.
Sejiro tells Doris to leave her to go to Seyive.
Doris asks if she thinks Seyive is there.
Sejiro is crying.

Doris says she's been there for a long time and Seyive didn't come by.
Sejiro runs off.
Fonton is lying on a bed in the clinic, sleeping.
Matron and Oviyon are watching him.

Matron says they should have paid more attention to Fonton.
Oviyon says they should be grateful that Matron saw him on time.
Matron says Fonton will feel ashamed when he wakes up.

Neza enters the room.
Oviyon tells him what happened.
Matron says they are glad the poison hadn't taken effect because she doesn't know what she would have done with no doctors around.
Neza asks for Senami.

Oviyon says she left.
Sejiro rushes in to drag Neza.
It's nighttime at the shrine.
Mausi tells Dethin to speak.
Peace walks in.

Mausi tells her she looks beautiful and should smile as she's entering another phase of her life
She says it was a long journey but they've arrived.

Peace maintains a stoic expression.
Mausi says Peace will provide guidance and understanding to the people of Aji.
She tells Dethin that just as the stars light the sky, so will Dethin light the way for Peace and will guide her.

Daddy Love is at Iya Oviyon's place.
They finish eating and Daddy Love starts to clear the dishes.
Iya Oviyon tries to stop him but he insists.
Oviyon returns home.

His mother asks what happened.
Oviyon says he's just coming from the clinic and Fonton tried to kill himself by ingesting rat poison.

Daddy Love leaves for the clinic.
Oviyon suggests to his mother that they allow Fonton to come and live with them when he leaves the hospital, so he's not alone and tries something else.

Dr. Jide enters the clinic.
Matron says she was trying to reach him.
Folake and Obi come in with Senami.
Matron asks what happened.
Folake explains.

Matron asks for the other victims.
Folake tells her they didn't make it.
Matron tells Dr Jide about Fonton.
Dr Jide goes to check on him.

Matron asks what the situation with Senami is.
Folake says she's been saying she can't leave Aji.
Folake suggests calling Oviyon.
Senami walks away.

Sejiro pulls Neza towards the river.
Neza is scared.
He tells her that Seyive should be home sleeping.

He tries to call her number but it's switched off.
Sejiro says it's Mausi's fault.
Neza assures her that Seyive is either at home or the clinic.

Matron asks Senami what happened.
Senami says she thought Matron would have figured it out.
Matron asks her to explain.

Senami says she got her things and took a taxi and the driver was sober but before she knew it, the car was swerving.
Matron says Senami is very lucky to have made it out alive.

Senami cries and laughs.
She reminds Matron of Meghonu who tried to leave on a bus and everyone died except her.
Matron says no.

Senami says everyone died and she's perfectly okay.
Matron tells her not to think she killed anyone.
Senami says it was Mausi who did it to make her stay back in Aji.

Matron says she hopes Senami is not thinking of going to surrender herself to the gods.
Senami says if Mausi thinks she is going to give up and join her, then she has another think coming.

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