Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 195 Recap- Aired: Friday 01 December 2017

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Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 195 Recap- Aired: Friday 01 December 2017

Senami stops Peace as she's walking away.
She asks if she's just going to meet Mausi and throw her life away.

Peace says she has tried but she can't run from her destiny and it's best she goes to Mausi so s to avoid what's to come next.
Senami asks what's coming next.

Peace says if only she had powers, Jonah would still be alive.
Senami tells her to come so they can leave Aji.
Peace says she already has a curse on her head as a husband killer and if Senami wants to leave, she should do it discreetly because they (The gods) don't like to lose their property.

Senami tries to stop her again but Peace ignores her and leaves.
An attendant tells Obi that some villagers are outside asking for their money.

Obi tells him to call Ndidi.
The attendant comes back to say she's nowhere to be found.
Obi looks around and he can't find his phone.
He asks Folake who just walked in.

She tells him the last time she saw it was when he gave Ndidi to make the recording of the proposal.
Matron and Senami are sitting in front of the clinic.

Senami says something very wrong is going on.
Matron says she understands and she's surprised that Senami has stayed this long in Aji.

Senami asks if Matron isn't curious about what she has been up to with Mausi.
Matron says she felt Senami would tell her once she's ready.

Senami shows Matron the video Kingsley sent to her.
Matron doesn't appear surprised.
Senami says she has abilities.
Matron asks what sort of abilities.

Senami says she doesn't understand it but that was why she thought she was supposed to be the next Mausi.

Matron asks if she doesn't think so anymore.
Senami says she doesn't care and she will make her own decisions and decide her own future, not Mausi.

Matron says Senami is doing the right thing.
Senami says she wishes she got more of the answers she came for though and she has more questions now regarding her grandmother and Mausi.

Matron says she was just trying to help.
Senami asks who.
The scene changes to animation and Matron narrates.

' Peace's mother Medeyomi, was supposed to be the next Mausi but instead, she made a deal: her child in exchange for her freedom.
But Peace was still a baby and somebody had to do the job.

Meghonu (Medeyomi's sister) was tricked back from her studies.
She begged Iya Minasu for help in getting away but there was no escape from it.
The animation shows Meghonu in a commercial bus and the bus gets into an accident.

All the passengers, except Meghonu, died.
Matron continues'Meghonu, the woman who is Mausi today, had no choice but to come back.

The old Mausi was angry about what Iya Minasu tried to do so rumours began to circulate that Iya Minasu, the village mid-wife, was a witch.

Babies were dying at childbirth and people like Iya Oviyon lost too many children and wanted the rumours to be true.
Iya Minasu ignored them and focused on her son who was making his annual visits with his son.

Matron asks if Senami remembers the last visit when Miyise got missing then Senami and Oviyon gave conflicting testimonies.
Senami and Oviyon were both taken to the shrine, Iya Minasu followed and Matron went with her. So did Senami's pregnant mother.
Something happened there that Senami doesn't remember but it sent her mother into premature labour.

Then the rains came and it rained for two days.
The roads to Wesere were flooded and she died.

By now Oviyon's father was dead.
Senami's father took the girls and left once the rains stopped and they never looked back.
Then the old Mausi died and Meghonu had to do what she had to do to protect Iya Minasu and all of them; she changed her name.
Senami asks what exactly her grandmother did to help Meghonu.

Matron says she doesn't know the details.
Senami asks if her mother was at the shrine when that thing happened.
Matron nods.

Senami starts crying.

She says that weird thing happened so she killed her own mother.
Matron says no.

Senami stands up and says her father was right and she should never have come to Aji
She walks away.
Matron talks to herself.
She says 'I tried to do what you asked, I tried
to keep her safe.'

Senami is packing her bags to leave.
Oviyon enters the room and tells her that they will communicate via Skype and phone calls.
He says he will really miss her.

She grabs him and starts kissing him
Folake asks Obi if he is sure that Ndidi didn't give him the phone.

Dr. Jide forces his way into the palace.
He sees Folake checking around and says he's sure they are looking for something.
Obi asks what he wants.

Dr. Jide asks for the last time they saw Ndidi.
Folake says she's not missing.
Dr. Jide says they are so naive because Ndidi's disappearance only means she has found what she came for.

Folake tells Obi not to believe him.
Dr. Jide tells Obi to search and make sure his pennies are complete.

Obi says nothing is missing.
Dr Jide plays the tape.
Peace comes to the shrine to meet Mausi.
She asks if Mausi is happy now.
Mausi says she didn't kill Jonah: the gods make their own rules, they give and they take and if it were up to her, her decision would have been different.

Peace asks what happens now that she's there.
Dethin takes Seyive to the riverside.
Seyive is in white cloth.
Dethin points at the river.

Seyive says she can't swim.
Oviyon is asleep on Senami's bed.
Senami writes a note and leaves it under the pillow.

Dr. Jide brings Obi and Folake to Wesere.
Folake is on a call with Senami.
She tells Senami that she's staying back in Aji as Obi proposed to her.

Senami says she's leaving and already on the way to the park.
Folake says she and Obi will always come to visit her in Lagos.

Dr Jide comes out of a gate with a lady.
He tells Folake and Obi that he met Michael Wealth at that particular place but the owner of the place is saying she can't remember every customer.

A car pulls up beside them.
Ndidi is in the front seat.
She throws Obi's phone out then mocks him by thanking him and saying he's too sweet for the business.

The lady who was with Michael the day before is seated in the back of the car with him.
She takes off her glasses and speaks to Obi in her native language.

Obi calls her 'Mummy.'
The car drives off.
Fonton is at home.
He brings out rat poison and pours into a Calabash of palm wine.

He holds the calabash and looks up at the ceiling, crying, then he drinks.
Mausi performs an initiation ritual on Peace who is now dressed in white cloth.
Seyive is standing inside the canoe.
Dethin gestures for her to pick up a chicken in the canoe and swing it over her head three times.

Seyive picks it up and says she's scared of chickens.
Dethin gestures again for her to throw the chicken into the river.
Seyive asks if Dethin won't come with her.
Dethin pushes the canoe into the river.
Mausi kills a chicken with her bare hands and rubs the blood on Peace's forehead and chest.
Seyive falls out of the canoe into the river.
Dethin turns around and leaves.
Sejiro draws a diagram on the floor.

She sees it's a girl at the bottom of the river.
She screams 'Seyive!' and runs off.
Senami is in a cab.
The cab driver reminds her that he brought her and her friends to Aji..
The cab suddenly meets with a fatal accident.
Some villagers bring Senami out of the car unscathed.

The cab driver and the other passengers are brought out dead.
Senami sits on the road in a daze.

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