Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 194 Recap- Aired: Thursday 30 November 2017

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Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 194 Recap- Aired: Thursday 30 November 2017

Seyive is at the shrine, on her knees.
Mausi asks if she remembers the conversation they had.

Seyive says she remembers.
Mausi tells her to repeat it.
Seyive says Mausi told her that Sejiro will no longer have nightmares and she will be called upon to pay her debt.

Mausi says the gods have spoken and Seyive will have to pay but it's something small and Dethin will show her the way to the river where she would pay.

Seyive thanks her then asks what she will get from the river.
Mausi tells her to listen very carefully.
Oviyon comes to see Senami at the lodge.
He says he's sorry he made her feel like be
didn't care; he was just having a rough time.

He says he used to doubt her and thought she was an Over Sabi

She asks it he trusts her now.
He asks if there is a possibility of her staying
in Aji.

She asks if he's saying she should stay.
He says if she stays he will be with her every step of the way.

She tells him to come with her so they can leave Aji together.
Oviyon says he can't leave.
She says he doesn't want to.

He says the grant he got for the village farmers is huge.
She says she can't ask him to leave all that to be with her.

He says maybe he doesn't have to, except she has something against the relationship.
She asks if they are in a relationship now.
He says maybe.

She rests her head on his shoulder and asks how they got there.
Daddy Love is at Iya Oviyon's place.
Iya says she knows Fonton has done a lot of bad things but why did it have to be Jonah?
She is fighting her tears.

Daddy Love says it shouldn't have happened to anyone.
Iya says to think she was forcing Oviyon to marry Peace.

Daddy Love tells her not to say what she doesn't know because Peace didn't kill Jonah.
Iya breaks down.

She says she's tired of crying and worrying and fighting and she has decided to be happy because life is too short.

She asks if he still wants to marry her.
He says he has been ready since last week.
She laughs and he hugs her.

Dr Jide comes to meet Michael Wealth at a bar in Wesere.
A lady is seated beside Michael Wealth.
Dr Jide asks Michael why he made him go round and round Wesere.

Michael says he wanted to make sure he wasn't followed
Dr Jide says it doesn't make any sense.
Michael orders for drinks for Jide.
Jide pours himself a glass of beer and says he's not a fool and knows Michael has his eyes on Obi's money and he wants his own share.

Michael tells him to look at his beer.
Jide stops drinking and looks at the bottle.
The lady tells him that it they wanted him dead he would have been dead.

Michael tells him to drink his beer because that's all he's getting.
Michael tells the woman that Ndidi should be rounding up collecting their money from Obi.
Dr.Jide says they had a gentleman's agreement.

The woman says a con is sweetest when a con is conned by a con.
She and Michael laugh and leave.
Dr Jide plays turns on his recorder and the conversation plays back.

Neza and Sejiro are on Oviyon's farm.
Sejiro says she wants them to leave Aji.
Seyive joins them and tells them she will be back soon.

Sejiro tells her she wants to leave Aji because everyone now knows who she is.
Seyive says by the same time tomorrow, all their problems will be over.
They ask her how.

Seyive says she has a plan with Mausi.
Sejiro is shocked.
Seyive says Mausi wants to help.
Sejiro says Mausi will pretend to help but rob you with the other hand.

Seyive says she's older than Sejiro and she wants to help.
Sejiro says nobody can help her.
Fonton pours palmwine on Jonah's grave.
Zansi is with him.

Fonton says he doesn't know how he was able to deserve a child like Jonah because, with all the bad things he has done, he deserves a goat for a child.

Zansi consoles him.

He says if he had known, he would have worked hard to make Jonah proud to call him father.

He starts digging the sand asking to be buried along with Jonah.
Zansi pulls him back and reminds him that he just said he wants to be a better person.
She says she doesn't even think he has had a bath since the incident.

Fonton says he doesn't have water at home.
Zansi says she has water and she will send some to him.
Fonton asks why she's being so nice when he doesn't have any money.

Zansi asks why he would think she wants money.
Fonton falls on the grave again.
Zansi pulls him back crying along with him.
Seyive comes to Senami at the lodge.
She tells Senami to give Sejiro a sedative so she (Seyive) will have the time to carry out some tasks since Sejiro says she doesn't want to stay in Aji any longer.

Senami says leaving Aji might not be a bad thing because it's not helping any of them.
Seyive asks who will help her sister if Senami also leaves.

Senami says if Sejiro stays in Aji she will never be normal.
Seyive starts crying.
She says everyone is the same and it's when one seeks help that they show their true colours.

She says she will help herself so Senami can pack her bags and leave.
Senami asks what she plans to do.
Seyive ignores her and leaves.
Folake tells Obi that the zonal inspector asked if she still wants to redeploy and she's worried with everything going on.

Obi says he doesn't want to be in Aji without her.
Ndidi enters the room.
Obi gives her his phone.
He gets down on his knee and asks Folake marry him.

Folake is surprised.

She says so Ndidi's recording it.
Obi asks what she has to say.
She says she will marry Obi but they need to redo the proposal.
He laughs and hugs her.

Peace comes to see Senami at the lodge.
She apologises for not allowing her to attend the funeral and admits she shouldn't be blaming anyone else for something that's her own fault.

Senami tells her not to blame herself.
Peace asks if she's sure she has no marks on her body
Senami tells her there are no marks.
Peace asks if she can check Senami's body.
Senami asks if she wants her to take her clothes off.

Peace says she believes her.
She shows Senami the designs on her neck and says it happened the day Petunia died and it was the first mark she got.
She shows her the designs on her arms too and says without the marks one can't be Mausi.

She then shows Senami her back.
Senami looks at her back and what she sees shocks her.

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