Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 193 Recap- Aired: Wednesday 29 November 2017

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Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 193 Recap- Aired: Wednesday 29 November 2017

Neza and Seyive find Sejiro at the shrine.
Dethin runs off.

Neza picks Sejiro up and carries her away.
Fonton comes to look for Peace at her place.
He bangs on the door continuously.
Obi begs him to stop.

Peace comes out.

Fonton gives her a slap and asks if she has nothing to say
He asks her what he should do because he won't be able to survive what has happened.
Neza drops Sejiro on the ground.

She sits down and Neza holds her down to prevent her from running away again.
Seyive asks her why she went to the shrine.
Sejiro says she needs to go to the shrine so that things don't get ruined.

Seyive tells Neza to carry Sejiro again so they can leave for Aji.
Sejiro says she's not leaving today.
She lies on the grass.

Neza tells Seyive that he's not leaving as well.
He liess next to Sejiro.
Seyive says they will all stay together.
Peace wakes up in the middle of the night.
She goes to the mirror and gasps when she
sees her reflection.

Next Morning, the villagers are gathered on front of Fonton's house for the funeral arrangements.

Oviyon is amongst them.
Senami arives with Peace.
Oviyon calls Neza on the phone to beg him to help monitor his farm and take care of things as he's in a meeting for the burial.
Neza asks where Senami is.

Oviyon says she's with him.
Neza whispers to Seyive to go and bring Senami from Fonton's house.
Sejiro is still sleeping.

Fonton comes out of his house holding a Calabash of plamwine.
He asks the villagers if they are not ashamed.
He breaks down again.
Peace joins in.

Fonton accuses her of shedding crocodile tears.
Some villagers console Fonton.
Oviyon and Senami console Peace.
Senami receives a call from her zonal inspector.

He asks if she and Folake are still interested in getting redeployed as there are openings.
Senami looks around then says she's ready.
Dr. Jide is at work.

He receives a call from Michael Wealth.
Michael congratulates him for figuring things out.

Dr. Jide accuses him of leaving his partner behind.
Michael says Jide is trying but not enough and if he want tips, he should meet him at Wesere later and should come alone.
Oviyon asks Senami what the call was about.

Senami says it was her zonal inspector and she told him she was ready to leave Aji.
Oviyon says it's a good idea.

She asks if he wants her to leave that badly.
He tells her to look around and see all the bad things happening in Aji.
Obi arrives and the meeting starts.
Oviyon thanks them villagers for coming.
Seyive comes to find Senami.

Peace sees Seyive and calls her a witch for bringing Akweyon to the party to perform a blood sacrifice on Jonah.
Senami goes close to Seyive.

Peace throws a stone at Seyive.
Senami and Seyive leave.
Senami asks Seyive why she came there knowing Peace would be there.

Seyive says she had no choice and had to come because of Sejiro who wants to return to the shrine and has refused to come to Aji.
Senami asks to be taken to Sejiro.

Neza tells Sejiro that if she's not ready to go back to Aji then he will stay there with her.
Sejiro says she can't go to Aji as Jonah is dead.
Senami and Seyive arrive

Senami asks Sejiro why she wants to give up everything, including her studies, to go back to the shrine.
Sejiro says she doesn't want people to suffer because of her.

Senami asks if she wants to return to Mausi where she has no clothes, friends and no Neza.

Sejiro says things are already ruined.
Senami says they are not her fault and she wants Sejiro to trust her.
Jonah is buried.

Peace wails at the graveside.
Oviyon holds her
Zansi is in Fonton's house.
Fonton asks her to get out of his way
Zansi blocks the door.

Fonton says he wants to go and see Jonah.
Zansi holds him as he breaks down.
Senami, Seyive and Sejiro return to the clinic.
Sejiro sits outside.

Seyive calls her inside.
Sejoro goes inside.
Seyive comes outside to pick up her slippers.
She stands up and sees Dethin.
Dethin gestures for her to follow.

Seyive is scared.

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