Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 192 Recap- Aired: Tuesday 28 November 2017

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Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 192 Recap- Aired: Tuesday 28 November 2017

Fonton is asleep on the bench outside his house.

There are two empty calabashes of palm wine on the floor.
Zansi comes to wake him up.
He asks if Jonah is back.
Zansi says she brought him food.

Fonton says he wants to see Jonah.
He accuses Zansi of abandoning him to go to nursing school yet she couldn't save Jonah.
Oviyon arrives.

He tells Fonton that he will handle the burial preparations so Fonton shouldn't worry.
Doris brings more palm wine for Fonton.
3 other women bring him food and they help to clean the compound.
Senami storms the shrine.

She tells Mausi that she wants answers.
Mausi tells her to shut up and warns her never to barge into the shrine that way again.
Senami asks why she's tormenting Peace who now thinks she had something to do with Jonah's death.

Mausi says he died sooner than she expected.
Senami says so she was responsible.
Mausi says every actions sets off an equal reaction; sometimes we believe that a reaction does not fit the action that set it in motion.

Senami asks how Mausi did it.
Mausi says science may save a life but the gods can decide to take a soul.
Seyive sees Sejiro in front of the clinic.
She asks where she has been.

Sejiro says she wasn't needed at the party so she left.
Seyive assures her that she and Neza at least wanted her there.
She goes into the clinic to take her phone.
Sejiro runs off.

Folake and Ndidi enter the palace main room.
Obi asks Folake what they can get for Fonton.
They hear the villagers shouting outside.
An attendant says it's because of their Boku Naira money.

Obi says he needs to see Fonton's first before making the transfer.
The attendant tells him that the people really need their money and delaying the visit to Fonton wouldn't change Fonton's situation.
Folake says it's true.

Ndidi suggests Obi teaches her how to make the transfers so he can still go to see Fonton, while she handles the transfers.
Obi shows her how to make the transfers and he leaves his phone with her.

Obi and Folake leave the palace.
Ndidi is ecstatic.
She clutches the phone to her chest as she celebrates.

Neza and Seyive are looking for Sejiro.
Neza blames Seyive for losing her.
They see Doris and Seyive asks if she has seen her sister.

Doris says she didn't know she had a sister.
Seyive describes her.
Doris says she saw her walking in the direction of Iya Minasu's house.
Neza says she might be on her way to see Mausi.

Fonton comes to the shrine.
He is crying.
Mausi says she knows what he has come.
Fonton says Jonah was a good boy and didn't cause any trouble or steal anything so he wants to know why the gods took Jonah and no him.

Mausi says it appears everyone needs answers they cannot handle today.
Fonton begs her to tell him the answer.
Mausi comes out from behind the curtain and asks if he sought permission for Peace's hand the way he's now seeking answers for Jonah's death.

She accuses him of insulting and desecrating the gods; now they are making him suffer the punishment.
Fonton says he didn't know.
He begs to be taken instead.
He falls to the ground crying.

Mausi ignores him and goes back behind the curtain.
Senami comes to see Oviyon at his place.
She meets him sitting outside.
She hugs him and tells him she's sorry.
He asks if she thinks Mausi has something to do it with it.

She says she doesn't know but the autopsy revealed Jonah died of a heart attack.
He says Jonah was too young.
Senami says his heart was healthy so it's a shock but such things happen.
Folake and Obi come to Fonton's house but
the door is locked.

Obi knocks.

Fonton returns home and he's surprised to see them in front of his house.
He opens the door and they all go in.
Obi begs him to accept their condolences.
Fonton asks how they are.

Folake m0ans.
Fonton asks if she's pregnant.
Folake says they are expecting an Aji baby soon.

Fonton says babies are good and he remembers when Jonah was a baby, he would scatter everywhere.
He breaks down.
Obi assures him that he will cover the cost of the funeral.

Fonton says Jonah is dead and will not come back.
He runs out and Obi runs after him.
Folake is walking back to the Palace.
Dr. Jide pulls up beside her, in his car.
She asks if he wants to rape her too.
Dr Jide tells her not to believe Ndidi.

Folake threatens to call his wife and she reminds him that he's a con man who also tried to rape her.
Dr. Jide tells her that he did all he did in the past, just to survive and Obi is his biggest investment so he wouldn't allow him to be hoodwinked.

Folake calls him the biggest fraud.
He tells her that Ndidi is just deceiving Obi.
Folake warns him to leave.
He drives away.

Sejiro comes to the shrine.
She sees Dethin.
Dethin has something in her palm
Sejiro tries to take it from her.
Dethin pushes her to the ground.

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