Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 191 Recap- Aired: Monday 27 November 2017

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Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 191 Recap- Aired: Monday 27 November 2017

Oviyon is with Senami.
He suggests they go to Wesere to get a hotel room and chill.

He gets a phone call but he terminates it.
Senami says his coming to see her so early is a bad idea.
Oviyon says she doesn't want to go to Wesere with him.

Her phone rings.
He stops her from answering it.
He asks why she doesn't want to go
She says sex is a really bad idea between them now.

He starts kissing her hand.
She tells him to chill as they need to talk.
Peace rushes in and says something happened to Jonah.
They all rush down to Wesere.

Senami tries to revive him.
Jonah is unresponsive.
Oviyon begs Jonah to wake up
Senami tries to talk to him but he ignores her.
He asks Peace why they came to the hotel when they are supposed to be getting married today.

Peace asks if they can't wake him up.
She begs Senami to use her powers.
Folake asks Senami what Peace means by that.

Oviyon tries pumping Jonah's chest but to no avail.
Senami says he's dead.
Peace falls down crying.
Senami makes a phone call.

Ndidi is walking along the road.
Dr Jide is driving.
He pulls up beside her and gets down.
He asks when he will get to see her father because he knows he's free.

She looks at him with scorn.
He tells her he and her dad are allies.
Ndidi asks if he doesn't understand the concept of personal space.
He tells her that he's on her side.
She starts shouting for help, saying he's harassing her.

Doris runs up to them and asks Ndidi what he did to her
Dr Jide gets in his car and drives off.
Ndidi brushes Doris off and walks away.
Dethin is in the shrine.

She appears to be furious.

She drops a red cloth on the ground and opens it to reveal a tortoise.
She pours some sand on the ground to perform a ritual.

Two medical attendants come to take Jonah's body away.
They cover him with a white sheet.
Folake asks Senami if she has anything to do with what happened since she's been mingling with Mausi.

Senami tells Peace that they have to take Jonah's body away.
Peace asks why.
She starts crying again then she screams and says it's Mausi's doing.
She asks why she didn't get pregnant.

Oviyon is standing aside, wiping his tears.
Folake is also crying.
Senami tries to pull Peace up but Peace refuses to let go of Jonah.

Obi comes to meet Ndidi in palace.
He asks her what's wrong.
She says it's too much.
Folake walks in holding her head.
She tells Obi that Jonah is dead.
Obi is shocked.

Folake says something is amiss and she doesn't think Aji is a good place to raise a child.
She looks at Ndidi and asks what's wrong.
She tells them she was coming from the lodge and Dr. Jide grabbed her from behind.
Obi and Folake shout.

Ndidi says she can't even tell them all he did because she feels so dirty.
Obi calls Dr. Jide and politely asks him to come to the office.
Fonton is all dressed up for the wedding and dancing happily.

He tries to call Jonah's number but it is switched off.
A crowd is gathered outside his house.
Matron rushes down and says so it's true.
Fonton comes out to see them.
He asks why they are wearing long faces.
Oviyon says they found Jonah.

Fonton asks if he was missing.
Matron says it seems what they were afraid of has happened.
Iya Oviyon says Fonton has to be strong to hear the news.

Fonton asks if they've gone mad.
Oviyon tells him Jonah is dead.
Fonton takes off his cap and hits Oviyon with it.
He says Jonah cannot die.
They hold him.

He breaks down in tears
Sejiro peeps from behind a bush.
She is almost in tears herself.
Dr. Jide saunters to the palace and tells the attendants that he wants to see the chief.
The attendants prevent him from going in.
Obi, Folake and Ndidi come outside.

Obi asks his attendants if they know what to do.
The attendants push him to his knees.
Obi tells him he's banned from coming to the palace or near him.
Dr Jide asks if Ndidi has been filling his ear with lies.

Obi tells him not to mention her name.
Dr. Jide says Ndidi is a fraud.
Ndidi starts shedding crocodile tears.
Folake says Dr Jide is just a fraud.
Obi orders them to take him away.

Fonton asks if Jonah has gone to Lagos.
Matron says his body is at the clinic.
Fonton stands up and says he wants to see him.
Elder Johnde tells him it's an abomination to see one's dead child.

Someone suggests they carry Fonton inside the house.
The body is taken to the clinic.
Peace is screaming.
Senami holds her as she cries.

Dethin kneels in front of the red cloth with the tortoise.
Her eyes are closed.
Mausi walks up to her.
Dethin says the gods have been silent but they are not dumb, they rumble in their silence and they've heard Mausi's plea.

For her prayers to be answered, there must be a sacrifice in water; the sacrificial rites must be performed by the sister who wants to save another and she must do as she did before.

This is Mausi's last chance at a new life.
Dethin opens her eyes and acts like she has no recollection of what just happened.

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