Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 190 Recap- Aired: Friday 25 November 2017

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Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 190 Recap- Aired: Friday 25 November 2017

Matron comes to the shrine to see Mausi.
Mausi rudely asks what she came for.
Matron asks if Peace is the only candidate she can use for her replacement or if there is another way.

Mausi asks who spoke up for her when they took her own life in the past and who asked if there was another way.
She dares her to interfere and see what happens to her.

Matron says many people failed her but Iya Minasu didn't.
Jonah is sitting outside the house with Peace.
He says he's proud to be from Aji but he's now a Lagos boy and has never met any girl that wanted to wait till after marriage.

Peace says she's going to be the next Mausi.
Jonah doesn't take her seriously.
He says he's going to be the next Otogan or whatever she wants him to become.
He says he knows she has been through a lot and assures her that he will be there for her.
He gets a call from Oviyon.

Oviyon invites him to come with Peace to the corper's lodge.
Seyive comes to the shrine.
Dethin follows her.
Mausi asks Dethin where she's coming from.
Dethin doesn't respond.

Mausi tells her to take some calabashes inside.
Mausi asks Seyive how Sejiro is doing.
Dethin pauses to listen.
Seyive says Sejiro is not okay and still has nightmares at night.

Mausi asks if she's still having them in Aji.
Seyive asks how she knows it stopped in Aji.
Mausi asks if she got what she wanted.
Seyive says yes.
Mausi tells her to be prepared for when she will be called to pay her debt.

The corper's lodge is fully decorated with a Hawai theme.
Jonah and Peace enter.
Folake, Obi, Ndidi, Sejiro, Seyive, Neza, Oviyon and Senami are present.

Neza is teaching Sejiro how to dance.
Everyone welcomes them and Folake places wreaths made of leaves on their heads and garlands around their necks.
Oviyon gives a speech.

He says Peace shouldn't be ashamed of her past as she's moving on to a greater future and he they will be happy together and he congratulates them.
Neza says he has another announcement.
He introduces Sejiro and says she's the bone of his bones.

Folake says it means she's his girlfriend.
Seyive walks in and Neza introduces her as his girlfriend's elder sister.
Matron comes to Fonton's house.
He offers her palm wine and starts talking about the wedding material.

She asks if he's okay with the wedding.
He asks what if she has anything to tell him.
She asks if he wants his son to marry Mausi.
He says Mausi cannot get married.
Matron says her real name is not Mausi and everyone knows she had a name before Mausi and she won't live forever.

Fonton ponders over her words then shouts 'Jonah' and runs out of the house.
Matron says she's glad that he understands what she's trying to say.
Senami and Oviyon are outside the house.
Senami says Kingsley has disappeared, a wedding is coming up and even Neza has a girlfriend so Aji is looking up.

Oviyon asks how things are looking for her.
She asks about his farming.
He says he's looking forward to the expansion.
She says she has never seen anyone as passionate about farming.

He says he's never seen anyone like her.
Senami says Nowheyon must really excited about what he's working on.
He asks why.

She says Nowheyon is his friend and must be happy with what he's doing.
He says he doesn't know how she feels about it.
She says at some point he has to leave Aji.
He asks if she regrets coming to Aji.
She says she has some answers but maybe she would have been better off not knowing.
He says he's glad she came back to Aji.

He leans in to kiss her.
She asks why he wants to kiss her; is it because the moment feels right?
He doesn't respond.

She says she wants more than that.
She asks if he understands.
The music is playing and Obi is dancing hard.
Sejiro starts dancing too but she looks like she's in a trance.

Seyive and Neza get uncomfortable.
Seyive calls her name to bring her back to her senses.
Sejiro opens her eyes and gets embarrassed.
She runs out.
Seyive and Neza go after her.
Ndidi asks what's going on.
Jonah asks if that was Akweyon.

Obi says so Neza is dating Akweyon.
Jonah says Senami doesn't look surprised.
Senami says Akweyon is the victim.
Folake gets upset and accuses Senami of allowing them meet a jazz woman.
Oviyon says there's an explanation.
Ndidi asks why people are afraid of her.
Peace asks Senami if that's why she planned the party.

Senami says no.
Peace asks if Mausi put her up to it.
Senami says she didn't plan anything.
Peace takes off the wreath and says she doesn't want to see any of them at her wedding.
She storms off
Jonah asks Oviyon if he knew she was Akweyon.
He says yes

Jonah takes off the garland and leaves.
It's pitch dark.
Neza and Seyve are looking for Sejiro who is hiding in the forest.
Mausi appears as Megomu, taps Sejiro on the shoulder and walks away.
Sejiro follows her.

Senami tells Oviyon that she knew the truth about Akweyon was going to be revealed eventually.
Oviyon tells her not to beat herself up over it as Sejiro is not her responsibility.

Fonton and Matron rush in and ask for Jonah.
Oviyon says he left with Peace.
Fonton shouts and is about to talk but Matron stops him and says they should leave.
Jonah and Peace are back in the hotel room.
Jonah assures Peace that he won't do anything to her and can even leave the room if she wants.

She cuddles up to him andasks if he loves her.
He says he loves her and she knows it.
She says they are already married and she's his wife.
She kisses him.
He responds.
Megomu hugs Sejiro and tells her she knows she would succeed.

Sejiro stares at her with a frown.
Megomu says she's not there as Mausi and she's talking to Sejiro, not Akweyon.
Dethin who has been spying on them, turns around and walks away.

They don't see her.
Megomu says since Sejiro left, the gods haven't spoken to her.
She asks if they told Sejiro anything.
Sejiro doesn't respond.

Megomu is in tears, she says she is sick.
She asks if Sejiro believes they said her mother will die.

Sejiro says Megomu is not her mother and all men have been appointed to die.
She walks off.
Jonah is in his boxers and a singlet, sleeping on his stomach.

Peace just has a wrapper across her chest.
They have obviously just made love.
Peace carefully takes off the bracelet her family gave him from his wrist.

She tries to wake him up.
He's unresponsive.
She keeps trying but he doesn't move.
She screams and jumps out of bed.

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