Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 189 Recap- Aired: Thursday 24 November 2017

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Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 189 Recap- Aired: Thursday 24 November 2017

Mausi is lying on the floor of the shrine, m0an!ng.
Dethin comes to her with a Calabash.
Mausi slaps the Calabash and orders her to get out.

Dethin moves away.
Mausi crawls to the statue.
She asks if this is how it ends after all the years and all she gave up; the statue will sit and watch her body waste?

She laughs and says she should have known it would be silent as always and let her wait on Akweyon who is as silent as a doornail.
She starts crying.

She says the Akweyon who could hear was taken from her and now she (Mausi) is blind.
She begs to be struck down.
Dethin is watching and also getting emotional.
Senami comes to the clinic.

She meets Seyive and Sejiro.
Sejiro is studying.
Senami says she thought Seyive would be happy for her sister.

Seyive says she's happy but the problem is that Sejiro is only okay when she's in Aji and was always having nightmares in Wesere.
Senami says it's a good thing Sejiro is making progress.

Seyive says she doesn't want Mausi to give them problems.
Senami tells her that Mausi is not as powerful as they think she is and very soon, she wouldn't be a problem

Seyive asks if she's sure.
Senami asks Seyive to trust her.
Matron gets to the clinic and meets Peace outside.
Peace asks why Matron didn't tell her about her mother.

Matron says she thought Peace knew.
Peace asks what sort of a woman leaves her child.
She starts crying.
Matron consoles her.

Peace says so everyone is making fun of her in Aji and calling her a bastard.
Matron tells her she's a child of Aji and the people accept her as their own.
Peace says if she has a child and something happens to her (Peace) will the people of Aji will take care of the child?

Matron tells her not to talk like that because nothing will happen to her.
Peace asks what happens if Mausi doesn't let her go.

Matron advises her to tell Jonah the truth so they can both find a solution.
Dr Jide brings Obi, Folake and Ndidi to the hospital in Wesere.

Folake is on the phone with Oviyon who wants her to help him with a surprise party for Jonah and Peace.
After the call, Ndidi asks if they are planning a surprise.

Folake says Ndidi will help her.
Dr Jide tells them that the doctor is waiting.
Folake and Obi go into the hospital.
Dr. Jide asks Ndidi how it feels to be an aunt.
As she's about to respond, Dr Jide laughs and says she is such a natural and he would advise her to become an actress.

Ndidi asks if he's feeling well.
Dr Jide laughs and says he knows her father is free and he heard her talking to him so he wants her to arrange a secret meeting where they would decide on how to split the money.
Ndidi says she never knew the sun in Aji could affect the brain

She walks away
Matron and Iya Oviyon are in Fonton's house.
He serves them juice then goes in to bring fabrics.
He gets on his knees and thanks them for standing by him when Petunia died and also during the preparations for Jonah's wedding.
He gives them the fabrics and says he wants them to stand in as Jonah's mother during the wedding.

Peace comes to meet Senami in the clinic.
Senami is clearly not in the mood.
Peace asks where Senami's body marks are.
Senami says she doesn't have any.
Peace says she ought to have since she has powers and will be the next Mausi.

Senami tells her to just leave.
Peace shows Senami her marks and says Senami has to be the next Mausi.
Senami says she will never be Mausi and Peace also doesn't have to be.

Peace says both of them don't want to be Mausi.
She ponders on it then says she knows what to do.

Obi and the rest are back in the palace.
Obi asks Folake why they didn't check the gender of the baby.
Dr Jide asks if he can have a word with Obi.
Ndidi rushes to Obi and starts talking about what happened when they were kids.

Dr Jide tries again.
Ndidi holds Obi and asks why he doesn't just propose to Folake.
Dr. Jide begrudgingly joins in the conversation.
Peace comes to see Jonah at Fonton's place.
As he starts talking, she grabs him and starts kissing him.

He pulls back.
She asks if he doesn't want her.
He says he does

She says she wants to get pregnant.
He reminds her that she made him promise to wait till after the wedding to have sex with her.
She asks if he doesn't love her.
He asks why the rush to have a baby.
She bursts into a loud and saya he doesn't love her.

He tries to calm her down and reassure her that he does.
She heads for the door and he follows, pleading with her.
She leaves.
Seyive and Sejiro are walking by the riverside.
Seyive gives Sejiro a list and says it's the items Senami asked her to get for the party.
Sejiro senses danger and looks around.

Seyive says if she's scared of swimming, she shouldn't worry because they won't swim.
They leave and Dethin appears with a knife.
Senami is in the clinic, talking on the phone.
Mausi in a regular woman named Megomu form, walks in and sits.

Senami tells her to leave.
Megomu asks why she has stopped coming for her lessons at the shrine.
Senami says she's done.

Megomu asks if she will rather live in ignorance and watch people she can save with her gift waste away.
Senami says so all the time Mausi was giving her lessons was so Senami could heal her.
Megomu says Senami is a doctor and it is her Job to help.

Senami says it's not about medicine.
Megomu grabs her hand, looking desperate.
She tells Senami to do her thing and help her.
Senami says what if she ends up killing her.
Megomu says she will take her chances.
Senami says she can't have her blood on her hands.

Megomu says yet Senami calls herself a Minasu; she should be ashamed of herself because her grandmother would have helped.

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