Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 188 Recap- Aired: Wednesday 23 November 2017

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Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 188 Recap- Aired: Wednesday 23 November 2017

Iya Oviyon offers Peace's family members kola.
The family members say the child of a thief is also a thief.

Matron and Iya Oviyon tell them that Jonah is not a thief.
The lady amongst them asks for the bracelet Jonah was given.

Jonah says he kept it somewhere.
She tells him he's not even serious.
Iya begs them not to take Peace from Jonah.
One of the men says they can't talk in front of Fonton.

Iya tells Fonton to leave.
Senami, Ndidi, Folake and Neza are in the clinic.
Ndidi asks about Sejiro's studies.
Folake says she will have to do some tests for
Sejiro to determine what class she will fit in.

Dr Jide comes in and sensing he's not welcome, he walks back out.
Folake complains to Senami that she feels funny.

Senami asks if it's because of the pregnancy.
Seyive and Neza congratulate Folake.
Folake tells Senami that she needs to see a gynaecologist so she will have to go to Wesere.
Ndidi offers to go with her.

Dr. Jide comes to the palace.

Obi asks what he's doing there.
Dr Jide offers him a bottle of hard liquor.
Obi asks what he wants.

Dr. Jide says Obi is about to make a Prince or Princess of his own.

Obi asks what he really wants.
Dr. Jide says he came to tell him something disturbing.
Folake and Ndidi walk in.
Obi asks Dr. Jide what he was saying.
Dr says he wanted to know if the inspector has called.

Ndidi says she thinks they should call.
Obi says calling will be reminding him.
Dr. Jide tells him to call and make him an offer he can't refuse

Folake asks if Jide can lend them his car to go to Wesere tomorrow.
Jide says he will drive them himself.
Folake says it's for the whole day.
Dr Jide says it will be a privilege

Oviyon brings a cup of palm wine to Fonton who is standing outside.
Fonton says he doesn't want to drink.
Oviyon begs him to.

Fonton asks what going on
Oviyon says the in-laws to be will tell him when they are done.

Fonton says he has disappointed his son.
Oviyon asks why he put money in Boku Naira and didn't tell Jonah about it.

Fonton says he wanted to use the money realised from it to help Jonah with the wedding but his planned surprise went wrong.

Oviyon says his mother told him she wanted to invest but he discouraged her.
Peace's family members leave.
Jonah walks out of the house and ignores Fonton who tries to talk to him.

Fonton asks Iya Oviyon and Matron what they decided.
Iya Oviyon says Peace's family decided to go back to the old tradition and requested for a piece of land but not from Fonton and since Jonah has no land to give, they called the wedding off and asked him to return their bracelet.

Sejiro is learning the parts or the body from a photo hanging in the clinic.

Neza is watching and teasing her.
Senami comes in and whispers to Neza.
She asks if he and Sejiro are having sex.
Neza jumps back in shock and says no, as they are still getting to know one another.

Senami tells him not to think about having sex for now because it will be borderline abusive.
Neza says he risked his life for Sejiro.

Senami says Neza helped her and it's normal for her to be drawn to that person who helped her; she tried to burn down the clinic with people in it which shows she can't function without someone leading her so, for now, Neza needs to cool off on having a romantic relationship with her.

Peace is with Matron.
She asks if that's how things will end.
Matron says that's the least of Peace's problems.
She asks if Peace is supposed to be the new Mausi

Peace says it's not her anymore but Senami who can even make Oviyon disappear and reappear.
Mausi says if only Medeyomi was around.
Peace asks if Matron knows where her mother is.

Matron tells her to go to Mausi if she wants to know anything about her mother.
Peace says Mausi wants to kill Jonah.
Matron warns that nothing should happen to Jonah because of Peace.

Oviyon comes to the lodge to see Senami.
He tells her that things keep happening in Aji, just like the scamFontonfell for which led to Jonah's wedding being called off.
Senami is surprised.

Oviyon tells her Half-a-day is now mad and eating grass in the village.
Senami is even more shocked.
Oviyon says it shows Mausi is dangerous and Senami has to keep away from her.
Senami says Matron must have put Oviyon up to it.

Oviyon says Matron cares and he thinks Senami should leave Aji while she still can.
Senami says she needs answers.
Oviyon says she's being irrational.
Senami says being irritational was her making him teleport.

He says he knows she did something for him but he now wants her to do something for herself.

She says that's what she's doing
He leaves in anger, banging the door loudly.
Neza is with Seyive and Sejiro at the clinic.
Neza puts a necklace on Sejiro's neck.
He says he will wait for her because unrequited love is not something he's used to.
Seyive sends Sejiro to get something from inside the clinic.

Sejiro leaves.

Neza asks Seyive what the issue is.
Seyive says Sejiro used to have nightmares and was suicidal but it's no longer the case.
Neza says it's a good thing.
Seyive says it was after she paid a visit to Mausi that it stopped.

Neza says Mausi must have forgiven Sejiro.
Seyive says Mausi never forgives.
At the palace, Ndidi shows Obi a figure on a calculator.
Obi says it's a lot of money.
Daddy Love and elder Johnde are in the palace.
Daddy Love says a lot of people borrowed money from friends in neighbouring villages to invest in Boku Naira, that's why it's a lot of money.

Obi asks for Fonton.
Ndidi says Fonton's son's wedding was called off so he's not in a good mood.
The elders apologise to Obi for not listening when he warned them.

Ndidi gives them a notebook to sign for their money.
She asks Obi if he's going to the bank.
Obi takes out his phone and says he will make online transfers.
She starts to call out an account number for him.

She makes a mistake and repeats the number.
Fonton, Oviyon and his mother are with Peace's family.
Jonah joins them and asks what is going on.
Oviyon tells him that Fonton has fixed things and the wedding is back on.

Fonton says he has given Peace's family all his land.
Peace's family members are smiling.
They say Fonton gave even more than they requested for.
Jonah says the land means a lot to Fonton.
Fonton says Jonah means more to him.
Jonah hugs his father.

Peace bursts into the shrine to confront Mausi.
She asks where her mother is and accuses Mausi of knowing where she was all along.
Mausi says Peace is just as stubborn as her mother.
Peace says she's her mother's daughter.
Mausi says it was the stubbornness that made Peace's mother follow a stranger and get pregnant when she had no right to do so.
Peace says that's Mausi's business.

Mausi says when Peace's mother was young, she was chosen to be Mausi but she wanted to see the world and thought she could escape so she traded Peace for herself.
Peace says it's a lie.

Mausi says Peace's mother only saw her when she gave birth to her then left Aji and never looked back so she doesn't love Peace at all and it's the reason why Peace cannot get married and can't be with Jonah so she should stop looking for love in all the wrong places because all the love she needs, is in the shrine .
Peace says it's a lie.

She runs off.

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