'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2181 Recap - Aired: Friday 01 December 2017

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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2181 Recap - Aired: Friday 01 December 2017

IK is waiting outside Serena's house.
Chief drops her off in his car.
Serena goes to IK and asks if he has been waiting all day.

He says he had to make sure she was dropped off safely.
She tells him not to get himself worked up over chief.

He asks what Chief whispered in her ear.
She says he only said goodbye and was just baiting him and it seems it worked.
IK says it didn't work but if roles were reversed, Serena would act the same way he's acting.

Serena tells him not to bother walking her to her flat anymore.
She walks away.
Dikibo asks Amaka why she planned the party when she knows it's not his birthday.
Amaka says she just wants to celebrate him and make up for all the times she misbehaved; she appreciates him and loves him

The ladies chorus 'A www....'
Amaka hugs Dikibo.
Dikibo stares at her with hard eyes.
Chuks returns home.
Ene asks how work is.

Chuks says it was tough.
Ene says his colleague came by to look for him saying he was sick so she told him Chuks had an infection.

Chuks stutters.
Ene berates him for gambling with their source of livelihood to go and play with Shoshanna and Shina.

Helen and DJ Scratchy are in a bar.
He tells her that hes travelling out of town for 5 days.
Helen says it's a long time.
He aaks her to come with him.
She says she wouldn't be able to but he should call her.

He calls her a 'Blessing in the skies.'
She corrects him.
He asks her how blessings can be disguised.
Everyone is seated at the party, eating and drinking.

Joanne asks Philip for Yaya.
Philip says Yaya is getting a gift for Dikibo.
The men money to another room to watch football.

la!de tells Amaka that the party was a bold move.
Joanne says it was a desperate move.
Amaka says she doesn't mind doing it because Dikibo has been very good to her, besides, he doesn't have much time left.
Dikibo is in the room.

Sheila and Joanne clear their throat.
Dikibo says she's wishing death on him.
Amaka says she was only joking.
la!de and Joanne try to tell him she didn't mean it that way.

Dikibo tells Amaka that it was a tasteless joke.
Amaka tells him not to cause a scene.
He says she's worried about other people after what she did.

He calls her by her maiden name, Amaka Ade-Williams.
He turns around and leaves.
Next morning, Tessa comes to Sheila's house.
She tells her that her bosses at work want her to do a story on Sheila's current news.
Sheila asks if she wants tea.

Tessa declines and says she really doesn't want to do the story but her job is on the line.
Sheila thanks her and asks how things are with her and Yaya.

Tessa says she has to leave.
Helen is at Salewa's place.
Sho asks why she looks sad.
Helen says DJ is going out of town for a few days.

Sho and Salewa laugh.
Helen asks Salewa if she can take her mother and grandmother out of the house for a while so she can spend time with DJ Scratchy.
Sho and Salewa laugh again.

Helen says Scratchy is a good person irregardless of his spoken English.
Sho laughs and tells Helen that her boyfriend is rubbing off on her.

Helen says 'Irregardless' is an actual word in
the dictionary.
Salewa confirms it.
Helen calls Sho a grammar police that didn't finish university.

Sho is hurt.
Salewa tells Helen that it's not fair.
Helen asks what's not fair when Who has been making fun of her boyfriend as well.
Dikibo and Gyang are having lunch.

Gyang tries to make Dikibo see that Amaka didn't mean any harm by her statement.
Dikibo says Amaka made it seem like she was doing him a favour.

Charles comes to see Fabian in prison.
A warden gives him a phone to talk to Fabian who has refused to come out.
Charles warns Fabian not to do anything to Tony or any member of his staff.

Fabian hangs up.
Charles comes to see Sankey.
He tells her that Fabian is a hardened criminal.
Sankey says she tried to tell him that Fabian wouldn't see him.

Charles says he had to take his chances.
She gives him a file and says it's Tony's criminal profile.
Charles says he's even worse than Fabian.
Sankey says that was why she was worried and came to warn Charles

Charles says he wishes there was a way to get Tony out of the office without butting heads with Nero.
Dikibo comes to see Amaka in her office.
As he starts to speak, she tells him she's embarrassed enough and she will call her lawyer to get on with the divorce process.
Dikibo says last night was rough but he wants to give them another chance as he doesn't really have much time left.

Amaka says now she agrees it was a bad joke.
He hugs her.
Chuks is at work.
He gets a call from Shina and tells him he will be with him in an hour.
He hangs up and his phone rings again.
Chuks says he already told him he would see him in one hour.

Ene says so he's going to meet Shina.
Chuks is shocked.
He denies.
Ene tells him to take a selfie with his colleagues and send every 30 Minutes.
Monica enters the living room and sees her nurse, Melissa.

Melissa informs her that Philip called to ask for her but she told him Monica was asleep.
Monica says she's hungry
Melissa goes to the kitchen.
Monica opens the front door leaves.

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