'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2179 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 29 November 2017

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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2179 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 29 November 2017

Salewa and friends are home.
Titi runs into the living room to inform them that she has been invited to a closed audition by a top director.

The girls scream and hug her.

Maami comes in to ask what happened.
Titi gives her the news.
Maami is happy for her.

The girls ask if they can come with her to the audition.
Titi says it's fine.
Nero is at his place with Sankey and Tony.
He asks Tony why he abandoned his job.
Tony says he didn't abandon his job but was
sacked by Tony.

Nero says Charles didn't mention it.
Sankey says Charles didn't look too happy when she told him about Tony being Fabian's boy.

Nero is surprised.

Sankey asks to see him privately.
She tells him she still doesn't think it's a good idea.
Nero says he will take his chances.
Sho and Helen are having lunch at Ziggy's.
Salewa calls Sho to ask where they are.
Sho says they couldn't wait at the auditions any longer.

Salewa says so they are at Ziggy's.
She gets upset and hangs up.
Sho sees Obinna and walks over to say hello.
She asks if he's still not in a chatty mood.
He walks away.

She stops him to ask if he doesn't want to know how things are with her.
He says it depends on if she's willing to apologise.

She says no.

She stops him to ask what perfume he's wearing.
He brushes her off and walks away.
Amaka is back home.
She calls Hope to help her get some things.
Dikibo comes downstairs.

Amaka asks Dikibo if he didn't say he wasn't coming home immediately.
He asks if he can't change his mind when he pleases
He walks away.

Dikibo is having a meeting with his lawyer.
The lawyer gives him an envelope and says he was surprised by Dikibo's request.
Dikibo thanks him and he leaves.
Brenda is in her office with Vicky.

IK barges in
The receptionist follows him and tells Brenda that he refused to listen to her.
Brenda dismisses Vicky and the receptionist.
IK tells Brenda that he doesn't like Serena meeting up with Chief.

Brenda says she doesn't like it too but it's Serena's life.
IK says what if Chief does something.
Brenda says IK needs to stop acting like a jilted teenager.
IK says it's not about him.
Brenda says she has work to do so he needs to leave.

Titi and Salewa are having lunch in another restaurant.
The waitress serves them drinks and Titi says she didn't order them.
The waitress points at the man who sent them.

Titi and the man exchange flirtatious looks.
Salewa sees them and pretends something is in her eye.
Titi moves over to her and tries to help her take the thing out.

Ego calls Amaka to let her know that she won't be able to make the surprise party
Amaka tries to talk without giving the surprise away because Dikibo is sitting close to her.
After the call, Dikibo gives Amaka the

Amaka asks what it is.
Dikibo says the divorce proceedings are back on.
Amaka tells him she's doing all she can and he doesn't want to make an effort.
She tells him the kiss was real but he seems to be fighting his feelings for her.

He stands up and leaves the room.

Sankey is gone from Nero's place.
Nero serves Tony lunch and apologises for what happened.
Tony says he will always be judged for why he did.

Tony tells him he can put an end to all that's happened in the past and if he's ready to do all it takes, Nero will be there with him to hold his hand.

Charles is having a meeting with his team.
He asks who they have in mind to play Angela Dede.
Rhoda gives a suggestion.
Oris doesn't like the actress.
He gives his own suggestion and Nnenna shuts him down.

Charles tells them to come up with some names for him to choose from.
Tony walks in.

Charles says he thought he told him not to show his face there again.
Nero walks in and tells Charles that they need to talk.

Amaka comes to Sheila's place.
Sheila tells her all is set for the surprise party.
Amaka thanks her and asks who will lure Dikibo to the party.

Sheila says Amaka who is his wife will have to do it.
Amaka says she doesn't trust herself not to give the surprise away.

Sheila says she has the perfect person.
Titi and Salewa return home.
Titi asks Salewa why she lied that there was something in her eye.

Salewa says she didn't like Titi flirting with the guy.
Titi says she has been warding off guys ever before Salewa was born so she can handle herself.

Maami walks in and Salewa tells her that Titi accepted a drink from a stranger.
Maami is happy.

She asks Titi if she wouldn't consider getting remarried.
Titi says she just might.
Titi leaves the room.

Maami asks Salewa if she doesn't want her mother to remarry.
Nero asks Charles why he fired Tony without informing him.

Charles says he had to make a judgement call and Tony is a protégée or Fabian who tried to kill Angela.
Nero asks if Charles thinks he doesn't know.
Charles says he will not have a person like Tony around.

Nero tells him that he doesn't make the decisions.
Vicky walks in and tells Charles that he needs to get to his next meeting.

Amaka and Sheila are in a restaurant.
Amaka asks Sheila if she's sure that the person she has in mind to get Dikibo to the party can do it.

Sheila tells Amaka to trust her .
Dr Gyang walks in.
Sheila welcomes him.
He looks at Amaka then asks Sheila what Amaka is doing there.

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