'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2175 Recap - Aired: Thursday 24 November 2017

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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2175 Recap - Aired: Thursday 24 November 2017

Cleo is having a meeting with the Odyssey Team consisting of Oris, Nnenna and Rhoda.
She explains that Soji is on fieldwork.

They tell her they were really impressed with the pilot Soji shot.
Cleo is happy.

They tell her to get Soji to pitch a TV show.
Cleo says she will call him.
Amaka and Yaya are in the living room.
Philip is banging on the door to the room but Monica refuses to open it.

He comes back to the room to berate Amaka for upsetting Monica.
Cleo calls Soji and places the call on speaker mode.
Soji tells the Odyssey team that the title of his show is 'Doting.'

It's a story about a young woman who gets paranoid about telling her boyfriend about her exes; they go on a road trip and they end up in a town where there is a 3 day curfew so they go to a motel but she doesn't know it's her ex-boyfriend's motel and this ex-boyfriend has been wanting to rekindle the relationship.

The Odyssey Team loves the pitch.
Rhoda asks when he can finish writing so they can take it to their boss.
Serena is in Sankey's office.
She wants Sankey to help facilitate the date with Chief.

Sankey tells her not to give in to Chief.
Serena asks if she will facilitate it or not.
Sankey tells her that Segun will attend to her.
Freddie is in his bedroom, browsing on his laptop.
OT comes in.

Freddie tells him Sheila has given in.
OT says all his connections are lost because he tried to help Freddie and now nobody wants to work with him.

Freddie says it was all for him to go to school abroad and now he's going.
OT says so what?

Freddie says so it was all about OT's cut the whole time and not really to help him.
OT storms out the room.

Oris, Rhoda and Nnenna are still having their meeting.
Tony brings in coffee.
Nnenna complains it took him too long.
She takes a sip and spits it out.
She asks for the report.

He says he was getting coffee and didn't have time to do it.
She says he shouldn't be giving excuses otherwise he wouldn't get close to a camera.
Bimpe sees Cleo at Ziggy's.

Cleo tells her that Soji just landed a TV deal with Odyssey.
Vicky calls Cleo to tell her they want Soji.
Bimpe asks Cleo which one they will go with.
Cleo says the one who offers a better deal.
Philip tries to get Monica to come out and eat.
Monica is still locked up in the room.

She says she's not hungry.
Philip apologisess to Amaka.
She says She has to go
Monica comes out of the room, smiling.
Amaka asks how she's doing.

Monica says Amaka said all those things about her dad just to see her reaction.
Amaka starts to apologise.
Monica says her dad came to see her and he said he will be back tomorrow.

She asks if they don't believe her.
They say they do.
She smiles broadly then goes to sit at the dining saying she's ready to eat now.
Tony is in the car with Nero.
He complains about how he's being treated at the office.

Nero tells him that humility breeds character.
Tony says Nnenna asked him to do a report, as if her father bought him a laptop.
Nero says he will help.
He gives him a present.

Tony starts rejoicing when he sees it's a phone.
Tony is in the office, looking at his phone.
Sankey walks in and asks where he got it.
Tony says it's his; Nero gave it to him.
Sankey calls Nero to confirm.

Tony says he doesn't like the embarrassment.
Sankey warns that he will end up in jail if he messes up.
Charles enters as Sankey is leaving.
He asks Tony who Sankey cake to see.
Tony says she came to see Nero.

Charles looks at Tony with suspicion.
OT is stull upset with Freddie.
Cosmo tells him they have to prepare a special breakfast for Freddie as he's going abroad soon.
OT says what about him?

Cosmo says he sees greatness in him and the time will come for him to unleash but for now, he should be happy for his friend.
They hug.
Bimpe enters the office.

Damini asks why she's floating.
Bimpe says Cleo has landed a TV show with Odyssey and she's playing the lead.
Damini gets a call from his brother who is coming to Lagos.

After the call, Bimpe asks if his brother is visiting.
Damini says she wasn't told because they weren't talking.
Bimpe says she will get to meet him and she wants Shina to also meet him and they will all go out.

Damini says he's not sure when the flight will land.
Bimpe says she will clear her schedule.
Damini doesn't look thrilled.
Tessa calls Philip.

He rudely asks why she called.
She says she was deleting contacts and saw his number and decided to call
He asks if she's deleting his number.
She says she wouldn't call if she was.
He asks how she's doing.

She already hung up.
Sheila tells Freddie that she has paid the acceptance fee and he will be leaving soon
He says he still has a couple of weeks and there is no hurry.

Sheila says maybe she will change her mind.
Freddie says he's ready to leave right away.
Sheila says she will book his ticket then.

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