Mary My Student - Season 1 - Episode 15

10 months ago

The next day I wore a pair of jeans shorts and sport bra under my school uniform as I planned to hold her to a fight. I did some exercises and practiced with my punching bag.
I waited a bit as I wanted to meet her in the classroom, I knew the only way to make everybody believe who she really is was to make her confess in front of them.
So I took that eye with me. My body was all tensed up and ready for action. I got to the school a bit later than I use to and the principal was there issuing punishments to the late comers.

He seemed pretty moody as he always does for the past three months. I threw him a quick ” good morning Sir” as I stormed past him and he acknowledged it with a nod and waved me off.
Many of the students that knew me were surprised at the scowl on my face and some stopped to ask a question or two but I ignored them.

I moved to the SS one block as I knew she would be there and burst in rudely.
This startled her and she stared at me with surprise.

I walked up to her boldly and stared at her in the eye.

She was like ” what is it?”
So I answered ” what part have you played in those two girl’s death?”
” What nonsense? ” She retorted” are you trying to say that I’m responsible for their deaths?” Her voice rose in anger.
” Yes you are and I want to know the reason. Why did you kill those two girls?” I’m sure my eyes were glinting with ferociousness.

The other students were shocked at my boldness to accuse her, a teacher for that matter for such a thing.

The principal and other staffs of the school had assembled outside the classroom but did nothing to interfere, all of them had the same hopeless look the principal was having on their face.

Cecilia turned and look towards the teacher as if she was expecting any help but they offered none.

She then turned to me and said ” do your worst, I’m not telling you anything, go f--k yourself.”

“Your daring me?” I asked her.
” Yes! ” She replied. ” Who are you?”
” If you don’t want to talk, I’ll beat it out of you.”

” You, beat me, you are a good comedian” she said in a scoffing tone. ” Do your worst maybe I would have to teach you a lesson for meddling in things that doesn’t concern you.”
With that I started stripping off my school uniform.
The students might have thought I had gone mad when I started removing my clothes until they saw my shorts.

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