Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 43

9 months ago

(Beautiful Friday)

Oko MI you didn’t woke me up last night when you came back, hope you are fine. Yes “he replied pressing his phone
ehn! Ehn “who warn the match” white house or green house ‘she spoke in excitement
rotimi look ? ” white house nko ” king and queen nii “may be I told you am going For inter house sport ”

sorry oko MI. She add more rice for him and sat down to add stew ”
before I forgot “ugo would be at the house by 11” Samson wife tailor “tell her the style you want “tomorrow is the party”
thank you oko MI. God would bless you ” she felt excited ”

make sure you choose something nice and good “remember lot of people are coming to the party o”he added staring at her
don’t worry oko MI ” I would get plenty toasters that day”she kept smiling ”
and you would follow them home as their wife “he drank water “no. Am married now, I can’t marry twice ”
but you can cheat ” you would follow them o “rotimi drank water

‘oko MI mabinu ” she touch his hand gently ” he finish eating and pick apple ”
take, do your hair and other neccesary things ” he gave her money and left ”
she felt on top of the world counting it “I would keep some for my mother. She rush upstairs to change and headed to the salon……….

(later in the night)

Rotimi came back holding two big nylon ” he gave one to atinuke and take the rest “she makes sure she saw what inside the second nylon before he had rest of mind ”
oko MI you bought lot of things for me, because as if am the bride “thank you. She kept testing the stuff he bought ”
she had lot of nerve to change in front of him “without feeling shy ” oko MI see “she turned around laughing ” how did look in my outfit
his eyes on her ass and watch her bend down to check the mirror “he grabbed her to the bed gently “she scream when he placed his hand on her head ”
oko MI the hair is paining me ” sorry my hand wouldn’t go there, I don’t even business with the hair ” he unzipped her dressed kissing her neck ”
oko MI wait, I don’t like the way you holding me “wait. She fried herself and bent down to pick the stuff littering the floor ”
he grabbed her close at the waist”oooo”rotimi be patient jhor ” she fired herself and dropp the two nylon at the change room pulling her cloth ”
she use hair net and came closer to him” Oya “she frowned her face ”

rotimi hiss and excuse to the bathroom ” he came back dusting the bed “to sleep ”
oko MI sorry now , am sorry jhor.

Please “she woke him up “he stares at her and kiss her to the bed ” she scream holding her head “oko MI this hair paining me, ”
I won’t go near your hair ” he pulled his clothes and position himself on her ” kissing her ” he dragged his trouser down flinging it” atinuke kept holding her forehead ”
he pulled his short and try to get inside of her “he adjusted her close kissing her ” Yeeeeeeeh ” she adjusted from him and shifted to the other side looking sobber ”
oko MI please now, no way you would sleep with me and enjoy it .my hair is paining me badly ” rotimi hit that bed in anger”
so it a crime to give you money to do your hair atinuke. Atinuke sheybi you see “he pointed to his little man ” oko MI once we come back I would loose it ”

are you mad “he look upset “get out jare, go, go ” am sorry. She located her blouse hurriedly ”
he opened the door for her to leave looking upset ” she kept talking to herself entering the vistor room ” who ask me to do Ghana Weavon now, Yeeeeeeeh. I would loose the hair o”no way. It paining me “this hairdresser you would see big problem if rotimi get angry ” she dusted the bed to sleep *******************************

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