Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 41

11 months ago

Another lady appeared from one of the doors at the back of the shop. She seemed a lot older than this one and they had the same eyes and nose… She was practically an older version of this girl.

2nd lady: oh my goodness… what has gotten into you…? That’s not a way to speak to customers

1st lady: mom… look what this fool did to me.
Mom…? No wonder they look so like. The mother looked at me with concern in his eyes.

Me: mam… I apologized and even offered to buy her a dress so that she doesn’t stink the whole day… you know it was a mere mistake because I didn’t realize there was water… I can even repay that dress.

1st lady: you can shove your money up your ass

Whoa… what the hell is wrong with her?

2nd lady: Fadz… stop being so mean and rude and help the customer… he apologized and offered to buy your dress so do what pleases you either you accept or decline the offer but please do not bring my shop down.
My shop…mmh, I looked at this Fadz girl and raised my eyebrows while smiling at her… she gritted her teeth and watched her mother disappear to the back again.

I ignored her and watched the beautiful pieces that were on display then a gold piece of necklace caught my eye.

Me: excuse me… Fadz… I need your help here.
She rolled her eyes and walked towards me taking her time and chewing a gum like it was her business.

Fadz: what?

Me: is this real gold.

She looked at the piece then raised her eyebrows.

Fadz: that just a piece of steel we spray painted it so that we can trick annoying and stupid customers like you.

My mouth almost dropped to the floor, what is it with her attitude? I looked at the price P 55000.00 this surely can’t be a fake.

Me: oh my… Fadz, you have a stinking attitude and it will bring your mother’s shop down.
She rolled her eyes and blew a bubble.

Me: do you think a mother will like it.

Fadz: I am not a fashion advisor… I just sell these stuff for my mother.

Me: oh really now, I remember you saying this is your shop.

Fadz: do you want to annoy me?
Me: you know what… I will take it.
I took out my very own credit card… which my father made for me. there was more than enough money inside there. I smiled proudly as I handed her the credit card.

She went to the counter and started packing an unopened box… after I paid she waved at me

Fadz: have a pleasant day and don’t come back again…

I chuckled and turned away. “I hope someone splashes your outrageous clothes with dirty water” she murmured.

Me: I heard that…

Fadz: I don’t give a shit.

Me: language

Fadz: you are not my mother
I went out the door laughing and wondering what the hell is it with that girl… she has got some attitude problems. I looked at my car, some of the water was splashed on its sides. I took it to the car wash and walked to the shops where I searched for a dress that could fit her and the problem was I didn’t know her size. I talked to one of the helpers in the shop, her name was lily

Lily: you want a dress for your girlfriend?

Me: what no, no, no… she is my um… sister.

Lily: oh, what size is she?

Me: that’s the problem… I don’t know… don’t you have those one size fits all dresses.

Lily: sir… you don’t know your sister’s size

Me: is it a shocker?

Lily: never mind… please follow me.
She led me to those dresses that look like tops and they are actually so small in size.

Lily: one size fits all

Me: seriously… that’s a top…. What do women of nowadays wear?
I looked at the dresses then I saw some lady who might be her size passing by.

Me: you see that lady, she might be her size.

Lily: ok then..

Me: I want one of those loosened flawless dresses with flowers all over.

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