Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 40

11 months ago

He took me by my hand and led me to the car. He drove back to my house. Mom was not in the house so he went into the kitchen and came out with a glass of water and some tablets. He sat in front of me and ordered me to take them. I did so and then after that my mind reminds me that I don’t even know what those pills are for?

Me: what was that for?

Henry: sleeping pills

Me: you want me to sleep… why?

Henry: I realized that I did a mistake by bringing that alcohol and you drank it like it was water… so I am trying to wear it off.
I looked at him wondering why he would keep some sleeping pills with him.

Me: let’s be honest here… do you think you deserve me… I mean after everything that happened.

Henry: Trisha, I love you.

Me: you messed up my life I think I need some space.

Henry: from me?

Me: yes… from you I need to think straight and I can’t do it when you are always hovering over me and deciding what I should do.

Henry: when have I ever done that?

Me: you are doing it right now.

Henry: I think it’s the alcohol that’s talking

Me: don’t you accuse me of being a drunkard… I am using my brain right now, and I really need some space from you…

Henry: ok… if that’s what you need then I will you give you some space my dear.
In a matter of minutes I already felt my eyes heavy, he pulled me onto his arms and I closed my eyes.


So Henry decided to play unfair, and it led to a major destruction. Serves them right… it may be just a little bit too much on Trisha. All she does is bury herself in her work… I think if it wasn’t for her father’s business then she would be completely destroyed now. It was painful but I was glad I got my last kiss… all that is left now is to see if this will work out perfectly or if things will get messy because it’s still obvious Trisha has some feelings for me or else I wouldn’t have been able to affect her the way I did yesterday.

I was driving around the mall trying to find a small legit jewelry shop because those are the only shops where they sell the only jewelry you wouldn’t see anywhere. I finally saw a little shop at the corner of the street, I remembered its name… Dania Jewelry, Trisha always spoke about it and how big it could get when it is the right hand because they sell genuine pieces. I parked on the only available sport I saw by. Out of nowhere water splashed some lady that was standing besides the parking. She turned to look at me… man she looked a mess I don’t remember it raining so I had no clue where the water was coming from. I smiled at her and looked at the shop… it looked closed.
I got the out of the car and went to the shop, totally ignoring the girl who looks like she wants to destroy my car…

I knocked at the little window of the little boutique. The lady came and stood next to me. She looked ridiculous.

Me: excuse me… when does this shop open.

Lady: Uno penga (are you crazy)
Foreign language… I didn’t understand what she said but with the way she looked she just made me laugh.

Me: excuse me I can’t understand what you just said

Lady: that was drain water… you idiot…

Me: which water?

Lady: don’t you act dumb with me… how could you?

Me: How could I what…

Lady: are you blind… you splashed dirty stinky water on me.

Me: did i…

Honestly I didn’t think it was me… I guess my mind was too occupied things that actually don’t matter.

Lady: mxm

She moved to the door and unlocked it… I followed her in.

Lady: get out of my shop.

Me: oh it’s your shop…

I asked… surprised. She looked so young to be the owner of a jewelry store.

Me: ok miss, I am really sorry for this ridiculous accident ok. Now I need to buy something for my mother.

Lady: go find another shop… I am not selling a thing to you.

She pouted… her little red lips looked so cute when she did that. I smiled at her and it seemed to irritate her.

Me: I apologized miss.

Lady: well your apology won’t get me clean will it?

Me: of that the problem then I can buy you some dress so you can be clean again.
He mouth dropped open.

Lady: if you got so much money to waste then why don’t you go and buy at a fancy shop.

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