Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 19

10 months ago

I opened my eyes. Is it morning? I turned to the window… It seems like its midday. I sat up straight trying to figure out why i am sleeping at midday. M head was aching Henry entered the room and everything came back. He was holding a cofee mug.

Henry: how are you feeling?

Me: i feel fine.

Henry: I made you green tea.

Me: I fainted.

Henry: yes…

Me: did you tell anyone.

Henry: please don’t stress yourself… You might faint again.

Me: Henry…

Henry: I didn’t tell anyone. But I brought a doctor to check you out.

Me: (sighs) why did I faint.

Henry: stress… So please from now on try to keep calm.

Me: I still want to know who Abby is.

Henry: babe… I am not cheating on you okay I would be nuts to do that. I love so much okay.

Me: okay…but who is Abby.

Henry: I can’t tell you who she is.

Me: why?

Henry: I am afraid you might leave me.

Me: if you are not cheating on me then you have no reason to be scared.

Henry: okay… I got her to do some dirty work for me and I played her but she wants more money… When I refused to pay her more she threatened to lie to you.

Me: what kind of dirty job.

Henry: baby… Trust me you don’t want to know.

I took a deep breath. It’s really frustrating but atleast he is not cheating. I went to take a shower. This life is going to drive me crazy if I don’t try to find something that will cool the drama down. I didn’t talk to him for the rest of the day. For the rest of the week Henry has been showering his love to me like I am a princess, I guess what happened made him become more conscious about himself. At the end of the week he dropped me at the mall to have lunch with Tlamelo.

Tlamelo: my sister…

She gave me a hug.

Me: Tlamelo… You look amazing.

Tlamelo: thank you. You also look amazing.
We sat down and ordered.

Me: so how have you been?

Tlamelo: great. We have finished our exams.

Me: thats great… And Lefika?

Tlamelo: he has a girlfriend and he has stopped being annoying.

Me: don’t you have a boyfriend.

Tlamelo: I don’t need one.

Me: what do you want to do from here.

Tlamelo: singing… I want to sign a deal with a recording company.

Me: do you have any back up plan

Tlamelo: I am also going to sign up at a modelling company.

Me: wow… So you don’t want to study anything solid.

The waiter delivered our food.

Tlamelo: I don’t understand what you mean by anything solid. I just want to do what I enjoy and that means being under the sport light.

Me: well I am lucky to have a sister like you.

Tlamelo: do you know that lady? She has been looking at us since we entered.

I turned to look at the person she was talking about. It was a young lady and she seemed familiar. Tlamelo smiled and waved at her.

Me: I don’t know her but she seems familiar.

Tlamelo: she is rude… She didn’t reply my wave. Oh she is coming over here.

Lady: Trisha Tyson…

Me: hi, do I know you?

Lady: we have met once… You may remember me by the name Abigail.

Me: I’m sorry I don’t recall.

Abigail: (signs) your husband owes me… Tell him that you saw me.

Me: Abby… You are the b---h thats troubling my husband.

Abby: he told you about me

Me: he is my husband

Abby: did he tell you why I am troubling him. You know some men are just way too selfish. He got me to do his dirty work now… He got his girl and he gives me peanuts as payment.

Me: what are you talking about

Abby: you need some memory boosters sweety… You saw me at Zenzie’s house the night of your engagement.

Me: what the hell… You sonofabitch.

Abby: nice meeting you.

Me: you too… I know your whole plan… Henry told me about it and guess what, I have told him that you don’t you don’t deserve the money.

Abigail: you are going to regret it
She walked away and I was left staring at her. He made a deal with Henry to get me… They set Zenzele up. Okay deep breaths now… I am not going to cry. I took out my phone and texted Zenzie to come and get me.

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