Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 16

10 months ago

Mrs Tyson: zenzie…

Me: yes mother

Mrs Tyson: are the kids back from school.

Me: on time…. I really love you are responsible with everything mother.

Mrs Tyson: oh you flater me zenzie… You behave like my son for a driver

Me: you remind me of my mother.

She smiled and left. I love her so much.

It has been a Month since I learned who my parents are. It took me a week before I actually started nocked on their door. I asked to see mr and miss Tyson and when I actually saw them I panicked. I actually laugh every time I think about that day.


Mrs Tyson: young man… May we help you. (Eye contact)

Me: uhhh… Yes mam…(swallows hard)…I..I.. My name is… Is..(steamers)

Mrs Tyson: will you stop talking dum.

Me: Zenzele… Yeah thats my name.

Mrs Tyson: How may I help you… Zenzele.

Mr Tyson: relax and talk… We don’t eat people.

The children came running inside the house followed by the sam. They all came and greeted their grand parents and the little Emily sat on her grandmother’s laps. She looked at me and cocked her head to one side.

Me: um… I would love… I mean I am looking for a job of being a driver.

Mrs Tyson: excuse me who are you again.

Emily: he is the stupid man who made mom swear to marry dad in a week.

Mrs Tyson: what…

Emily: yes… He made mom…

Me: (coughs)

Mrs Tyson: do you know Trisha…

Me: yes mam… She is my good friend… I convinced her to marry Henry.

Mrs Tyson: do you have a drivers license.

Me: yes mam.

Mrs Tyson: you got the job.

Me thanks mam.

End of flashback

Since then I have become like part of the family. Everyone fell in love with me since I overworked myself and put them before me. I even make myself available for them at night Thats why they even decided to give me a room at the servants quarters.

I have become friends with the kids of the family even though they are all weird. First there is Troy. The teenager who is bored by everything. Then there is his sister Rose, a girl whose world revolves around a phone. Then there is little Elizabeth, Mrs sport and Kevin.. The genius. Last but not least is Emily our little big mouth. I turned around to go but my Emily stopped me. I picked her up.

Emily: uncle Zee I am sick.

Me: what is wrong my little lady

Emily: (giggles) I miss my mommy and daddy.

Me: don’t worry… Its Just two days before they arrive.

She looked at the entrance then led out a drum breaking scream. I looked to see what could have possibly scared the nuts out of her.


Henry: I still don’t understand why we had to leave.

Me: stop sulking okay… Everyone will be so suprises to see us.

Henry: seriously

Me: seriously… Besides its Emily’s birthday on Friday.

I give him a kiss and get out of the car. I was so happy to be back and I was so glad I went to the honey moon. It really did me good. I got a chance to know Henry a little bit more and now he is my night in shining armour. I don’t think I will ever regrett marrying him.
I opened the door and the first person I saw was Emily. She gave such a loud scream that everyone came running out. The person holding her turned around and I almost fainted. She wriggled off him and came flying towards us. Luckily her father caught her. My eyes locked with his and I blinked. I took Emily and kissed her. What the hell is Zenzele doing here… And what was Doing in his arms. All the kids came to greet us and we greeted the other family members.

Mrs Tyson: you did give us a suprise. Let me introduce you to Zenzie.. Our driver and apparently… Trisha’s good friend.

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