My African Wife - Season 1 - Episode 16

9 months ago

It was a Sunday, mr and Mrs Raymond dressed cooperately for the surprise visitation to Mr and Mrs Danny. The couples were more than happy, Belinda called Rose to remind her about their surprise visit, Rose informed her that they are on their way to Danny’s house already.

She hurried her husband in order to make it up to their agreed time, Ray was so glad seeing his wife beautiful and fair. He complement her dressing while she blushed being glad to have her husband once again.

(Anabel’s pov)

I stared at myswlf on the full standing mirror at my house and smiled…. Danny never knew who I am that was why he was trying me….. He’ll regret knowing me because I’ll expose his secrets to his darling wife today so that he’ll know what I can do and undo…… Today being Sunday will be the end of their marriage….. Foolish man that cannot resist simple temptation…. I’ll fake tears about being pregnant…. I’ll even go extra miles….
I took a look at myself for the second time and laughed….. I’m really bad girl. My phone rang immediately, I checked the caller…. My heart code…. Twas my fiancé but I ignored the call, his sweet voice might make me to change my mind….

I freshened up as fast as I could, I dressed without make up so that my story will sound perfect to her…. Misses Edith from tomorrow hence forth you’ll be miss and for you Danny from tomorrow hence forth you’ll be wifeless cause no secrets will remain secret forever. I’m coming for you.


Edith was so exited when she saw her friends happy with their husbands, although they all knew about what happened between Alex and Rose but they were glad when they saw them happy together….

Danny was the only one who seems to be behaving abnormal although his wife observed but she couldn’t figure out….

(Edith’s pov)

I stared carefully at Rose she seems to be crying silently but I don’t know what was wrong the only people I saw happiness both in and out was Belinda and Ray although it was a though drama between them but I’m glad for them.

I look at my husband, everyone was making a toast but he was just quiet. I wonder what he was thinking of….. Ever since he told me to promise him that he has something to confess he has not been behaving normal….. I wish I could help, he should just say it out and I’ll forgive him besides I can see how guilty he is already…..

We were all eating, drinking and marrying when the door bell rang…. I wonder who it was, the thought of Charles came into my mind…. He might be the one cause he always visits without informing us…..

The whole place was quite when the door bell rang for the second time….. I excused myself to open the door while the rest were still discussing and laughing…….

I opened the door to see my husband ex_PA looking frustrated…. I couldn’t recognize her initially cause she was without makeup up and look like someone that has been crying….. I felt for although I never knew what was the problem.

I ordered her to come in but she insisted she wanted to talk to me one on one….. I was a bit upset but I decided to listen to her cause it looks like something was fishy.

“Ma it’s never my intention to tell you this but it’s done on me ” she said crying
“just speak dear, I might be of help ” I said trying to wipe her tears

“I had an affair with my boss your husband and I’m pregnant for him” she said
Cold ran down my spine immediately I saw Rose standing in front of me, I think she has overheard it. I began to cough immediately, she ran to bring water for me while others came outside, my husband opened his mouth wide when he saw the lady “Just tell me she’s lying and nothing has ever happened between the both of you ” I said faintingly but he didn’t replied.

I couldn’t describe the kind of headache I had immediately he kept quiet, my chest ache not knowing where the pains was coming from exactly.

I ran inside while everyone ran after me calling my name, I took my box where my clothes were well folded inside, I took knife warning that I’ll starb whoever tries to stop me….

I picked my car keys and headed to my family house.

(Danny’s pov)

Without anyone telling me I know I’ve loosed my wife cause she had never leave with her box. She didn’t cry but I know she was hurt deeply, I would have endured everything.

The witch left immediately I came outside…. I know my friends were disappointed of me but what will I tell Edith’s parents….. Tears drop down my eyes…… Alex kept on asking me if what he heard was truth but his voice seems to be sounding from afar…..


(Mrs Brown’s pov)

I was shocked when my daughter narrated everything to me, I’ve never prayed for that upon my children…. Danny has been a responsible person not until when I heard his secret…… I’ll wait to here his own view.

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