Judas in the church - Season 1 - Episode 51

1 year ago

The whole court shouted ”eh” as she continued.

Lady: He is innocent o. There was nothing like rape. Me as I am here and as you are seeing me, I am a commercial sex worker, a well known ashawo.

There was an uproar in the court as the clerk shouted ”order”. She continued.

Lady: I was on my own jejeje when this man came to me, he said his name is Douglas and that he has a Job for me o. He said this job was a very simple one and he would pay me 500k for it. How can I reject that kind of job that will pay me 500k when my ashawo work will give me just 1k in a day and 30k in a month. He told me that all I needed was to convince everyone that Pastor Chris here, that he raped me. ”Eh! ” the people shouted.

That fateful day. (She continued) This Douglas told me to go to Pastor Chris’s house, when we got to the church compound I hid behind his car. Then he came down and asked the gateman of the church to go and buy something for him. When the gateman left, he personally took me to Pastor Chris house. The door was opened. I asked him how he knew the door would be opened. He said that Pastor Chris had invited a carpenter who also works for him to come and fix the door. And that the carpenter was at his house working when he got the call from Pastor Chris that his door was bad and cannot be locked. He said he was the one that engaged the carpenter and lured him with much money so that he wouldn’t be chanced to come and fix the door.

He told me what to do and arranged the torn clothes. Then he hid me inside the wardrobe in Pastor Chris’s room and left. He also planted the three guys and the lady who came to break the door open when they heard me shouting.

When Pastor Chris came out of the bathroom he was surprised. He never touched me. I was the one that tried to drag his towel. And that day was the first time ever that I saw him. I didn’t know him before neither have I gone to him for any special prayer before. This man Douglas here orchestrated and planned everything.

Before she finished her statement, Pastor King and Pastor Chris had knelt down, they raised their hands to heaven appreciating God with tears falling from Pastor Chris’s eyes. Even Happiness joined them in kneeling down as they sang praises to God.

Douglas: It is a lie o! She is lying! What are you talking about?

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