Empire High School - Season 1 - Episode 18

1 year ago

Katherine’s POV
It was the D-Day for the Basketball
competition. Kingsley Academy Basketball
Players arrived about an hour before the
set time. They came with few of their
students too.
“We’ll flog them today” Elena said as we
walked down the crowded hallway.
“Better don’t make mouth yet” I said
“No I’m not making mouth, its what I
know” Elena replied
“She’s right. We won against them in
mathematics competition” Temi said
“40 points” Elena added
And they laughed.
“Hmm you better pray for your players.
This isn’t Mathematics but Basketball. And
Some of those schools that are not
academically buoyant, they always turn out
the best in sport activities”
I said
“You’re right but stop being pessimistic”
Temi said

“I believe with Joseph on the team EHS will
get the cup. Mark my words” Elena said
There she goes again.. Mrs James!
I stopped walking and said
“You girls can go ahead to the court”
They stopped too and looked at me.
“Aren’t you coming with us?”
“Uhmm.. I’ll join you”
“Where are you going?” Elena asked
I’d picked interest in a novel I saw in the
library “One Night”. I wanted to complete it
before the end of the day. Going to watch
the game won’t make me achieve it. And I
can’t scream to encourage the players.
“I want to buy something at the tuck shop”
I lied
I can’t tell them my plans to go to the
library. They will drag me along with them

“Let’s all go together” Temi said
Oops! That not cool!
“I want to buy chewing gum so I can give
Jones. He’s playing today” Temi added
What do I do?

“No, we let’s go and take seats for us and
let Kate buy the bubble gum” Elena said
“Oh that’s fine!” I replied with an half smile
Temi opened her purse and gave me #100
“Please don’t buy Mint bubble gum. Jones
doesn’t like it” Temi said
“Okay” I replied
“We’ll reserve a seat for you” Elena said
And they walked off. It wasn’t my plan to
visit the tuck shop but I have to anyways.
I’ll find a junior student to deliver it to

I made my way to the tuck shop. It was like
a minimart. I stepped in and went straight
to the shelf where I had seen bubble gum
the last time we came here. Everything we
bought that day was on Temi. She treated
us because that day was her elder sister’s

“Oh kate!” I heard a voice say my name.
The store was surprisingly silent and I’d
thought no one was here except for the old
lady at the paying desk. I looked and Emeka
was there. A huge smile on his face. And I
must admit that Emeka has a charming
smile. It looks good on him.
Emeka came over and said
“How are you doing?”
“I’m fine.. Thanks”
My gaze fell on the items in his basket. A
box of chocolate, Mirinda, shortbread
biscuits and one green apple.
Then I looked at him.

“I’m just picking out stuffs I need this
break” he said
I nodded slowly
“Is that all you want?” He pointed to the

“This.. Is.. for.. Temi. She wants to give to
“Jones” he said
“Are you going to watch the game. Its in
five minutes times” he said
“No” I answered
“Why?” He asked in a surprised tone
“I have to finish a book at the library”
I placed a finger on my lips
“Sh, you can’t tell Elena and Temi if you see
them in the court”
Emeka gave me a short nod.
“Aren’t you interested in watching Joseph
play today?”
He asked

“I’m not his fan” I answered
Moreover, completing my super romance
novel was important than the game. Emeka
forehead creased as he stared intensely at
me. I felt uncomfortable.
“I’ll.. I’ll… Go ahead”
“You’re different” he said when I was
almost leaving. I looked back at him.
“Sorry.. I am surprised to find a girl who is
not thrilled by Joseph” he said
I couldn’t say anything as we stared
awkwardly at each other.

“About yesterday.. ”
“I’m sorry” I apologized
Why am apologizing to him?
Ahmm.. Maybe because I don’t know what
to say to him.
“How about I give you a ride today?” He
And without thinking I heard myself say

Then a huge smile formed on his lips. A
bright beam across his face. Why was he so
happy about it?
I wondered
“Thanks. I’ll wait for you at the garage” he
“Is it a bike?”
“No, my car” He said
I nodded
“Don’t you need anything?” He asked
“Like what?”
“You’re going to the library to read a book.
So don’t you want something you can
munch on while reading the book?”
Pinpop sweet! That’s my favorite! But I
can’t buy it simply because I don’t have any
money on me. I didn’t bring my purse to
school today. Even though dad has refused
to give me feeding allowance, I still have
enough money in my account but he
doesn’t know about it. My brother
transferred #20,000 to me before he
travelled back to Italy. Banjo said my eldest
brother (okunola) asked him to give it me.
Everyone was aware of the incident at my
previous school and dad’s strictness
towards me. My mom did her best at
explaining to Okunola that it wasn’t my

“No” I whispered
I should take my leave now. I was fair
enough by accepting his offer to drive me
“What? -”
“Lets talk later” I said quickly Recalling the
incidence at Linda Girls College changed my
mood. It took so many things away from
me.. Freedom, Money, Love, Trust.. And my
first Kiss.
Emeka didn’t say anything.
I motioned towards the paydesk. The old
lady was there.
What her name again?..Mrs Jeremiah!
“Why bubble gum Kate?” She said
Mrs Jeremiah knew I was a new student the
first day I stepped in, that was on the third
day at school. She asked for my name and I
told her.

“Temi sent me” I answered
“Okay.. For the game right?”
“Yes Ma”
She collected the money and gave me #50
“Thank you Ma”
“You’re welcome”
I stepped out of the store. Looking around
to see if I could find any Junior but I found
none. Everywhere was silent. The hallway
wasn’t crowded.. I could hear my

“Senior Kate!” Someone called. It was a
familiar voice! I could tell who it was
without looking. It was Nora! She raced to
my side.

“Why are you still outside?”
“I came to find you. Senior Elena reserved a
seat for you”
“Has the game started?”
“The referee is introducing the players” she

I handed her the gum and #50 note.
“Give it to Temi” I said
“Aren’t you coming?”she asked
“I.. I.. Think.. I need to use.. the toilet” I
Nora shot me a confused look.
“Okay” she said with a shrug
“Bye” she walked away
I exhaled roughly.
And made my way to the library.

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