Empire High School - Season 1 - Episode 14

1 year ago

Jeffrey’s POV
I sat at my reading desk to revise my notes
before heading to school. The upcoming
week was mid term test week, so I needed
to read ahead and study. Well since I don’t
belong to any sport team at school so I just
prepare for test unlike Joseph James the
Starboy and other sport players. They are
all preparing for test and the competition
between our school and Kingsley Academy.
Everyone belived that with Joseph on the
team, our school will win. Well that’s true
but there are other students in hiding that
can do better than Joseph. He hasn’t been
challenged by his team and I’m pretty sure
they are scared of him. I have watched him
play and I know his tactics in playing
basketball. And to be honest, I know I can
play better than him but I wasn’t
interested in challenge with him or
becoming a basketball player at school.

We’d end up fighting if I join the team
because I won’t let him boss me even as a
captain. And I’m sure Joseph won’t
appreciate a guy like me going against
rules or taking away his fame. Everyone
sees Joseph James as the Brightest Star and
all the girls are drawn to him except one.
The image of the girl who wasn’t fond or
drawn to Joseph yet flashed my mind. She
was different. Normally, every new girl fell
for Joseph but I haven’t seen her around
him like I expected. And I was even more
surprised the day I saw both of them.

Joseph tried talking to her But she walked
off. And I guess she’s the only girl who
thinks Joseph isn’t the only special student.
Thinking again of the face of the beautiful
girl in our class. Katherine Adebowale, so
fresh looking, neat and Gorgeous. I must
admit that she was beautiful, long thick
lashes, long hair and so shy you want to do
her talking for her just to help her ou.
or maybe am wrong?

But I’m only judging from the first day she
came to class. She couldn’t say her name
properly until Mr Daniel gave her time to
relax. And she became confident and
introduced herself.. Like Kate was
unbelievably shy!

Over times, I’ve heard some boys talking
about her. They said it wasn’t hard to talk
to her but its hard getting her to talk back.
And Angella and her girls complained that
she was snobbish and unkind. You must be
wondering how I get to hear these things.
Well I am a Ghost!

No one regards my presence in class so
they just talk without minding what they
say and I on the other hand act as if I’m
not listening to their conversation.

Whereas I know so many things going on
in our class.

who is dating who? Who is the richest kid?

The baddest boy/girl? and nasty things
boys discuss about some girls in our class.
Lols! I sabi Everything!
And I think kate needs to be careful cause
Angella and her girls are planning
something against her. I don’t know their
plans but I can tell that they are up to
something. And whenever you see them
glaring at a student and whispering to each
other ears just know something’s up for
such student. Those girls are really up to no
good especially Angella Benson. I can’t
imagine myself falling for such a girl like
her. So mean, rude, arrogant and she has
no regards for rules or anyone. She
behaves as if the world was created for
only her.

I recalled my first day at school, I went to
the tuck shop to buy my favorite biscuit.
She bumped into me and spilled hollandia
yogurt on my uniform. She didn’t
apologize to me instead she and her
senseless friends laughed at me. Angella
dropped the carton infront of me and
asked me to clean it up before she walked
off with her friends. I felt like a fool and at
the same time I was Angry at myself that a
girl mocked me and treated me like I
wasn’t human. And I couldn’t do anything
because my mom’s death was still a sore in
my heart, so I just let her go. But I
promised to never to be friends with her.
Fierce protectiveness welled up within me
as I thought about Angella’s hidden plans
for Kate.

What are they up to again?

The last time a girl on SS1 messed with
Angella,they secretly locked her up in the
boys toilet. Some boys were mad at the girl
when they saw her. They reported that she
was spying on them to see the sizes of
their d!cks so she could tell her friends in

That was absurd! And funny enough she
couldn’t defend herself. I guess Angella and
her girls already threatened her life. They
set her up and disgraced her. She was

The principal didn’t get to the truth of the
matter, he just asked her to do community
service by cleaning the staffs toilet for two
weeks. And the girl didn’t return to school
until after a month when some teachers
went to her home.

I don’t know what had caused the whole
drama or what happened after that it but
all I’m saying is that Angella is a bad girl.

And she was ready to destroy any girl that
tried to steal Joseph from her. I’ve heard of
Stories about her punishing girls who
wrote love letters to Joseph James. She
was ready to devour anybody for Joseph’s

Is that what they call Love?

The sound of my alarm stunned me out of
thought. I stood up from reading table and
went for it. The time was 7:00am.
Time to go to school! I cleared up my
books into my backpack and moved out of
the room. I won’t forget to find out about
Angella’s plans.

And I have no idea why I was concerned
about her plan?

Is it because Kate was involved?
“Jeff” A voice stopped me
I twisted to face him
“Good morning Sir”
“How was your night?” He asked
“Fine Sir” I responded
“I can see you are ready to leave for
school” he said
And I nodded
“So why don’t you eat before leaving? Few
slices of bread will give you strength to
drive to school and sustain you before
lunch time” he said
Now he’s talking like he care about me.
I’m sure that sly reported that I refused to
eat whatever she cooked. Day and night. I
can’t come and eat poison! And thank
goodness I’m not one of those Boys that
can’t prepare anything. My mother had
taught me how to cook.

“I’m late Sir” I replied
He stared intensely at intense. And then a
frown crossed his face. I knew I had
crossed the line by rejecting food. He
doesn’t like my attitude towards his wife.
Ah! So he expected me to accept her with
open arms when she was the reason why
my mom died untimely.
Accept Fire and be consumed? God forbid!
“You can go ahead but we need to talk
when you come back from school” he said
with his arms folded
“Okay Sir” I bowed slightly before moving
out of the house.

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