Dangerous Romance - Season 1 - Episode 163

1 year ago

The waiter came back with our orange juices and after talking about some things we later ordered some real food and we ate, talked and laughed about a lot of things, Leo told me a lot of things about himself about his childhood days and the one that got me laughing is when he sleep walked and peed on the couch.

I shared some of my childhood memories with him too, mostly about Kirana cause she’s the one who made most of my childhood days fun.

We were still talking until we got tired and faced our meal ..

Leo said something but I didn’t hear him so with my mouth full I looked up
“what?..” I asked softly.
“marry me” he said.
M..marry him..

I started to cough without no reason and he sighed and handed me his glass of water and I drank it till I’m okay..
“I’m serious Pen.” he said after my moment of silence.

“I mean we both like each other like so much, and I don’t see what’s keeping us from getting married, if you’re worried about me bailing on you on the last minute of getting married in a church or whatever, don’t be. Cause I’m not” he said and I sighed, he knows my problem.hi ishmeal on 233544142683 to be added to his story rooms to enjoy more stories from there.
“we don’t need to have a wedding for people to know we’re married, we don’t need a priest to court us together and make us say the word I do, to make people believe we’re together, neither do we need a pastor to pronounce us as husband and wife to make you my wife cause saying the word ‘yes’ you already are” he said and I sighed again looking at me.

What am I doing, I’m finally in love again and I don’t need to ruin myself and have regrets. Just as I was about to say yes, he placed his hand inside his jacket pocket and brought out a small box,

He opened it and a small shiny ring la!d on, “if you just put this ring on and say ye–
“can you just stop being dramatic and hear me out first” I cut him off.
“uh…… okay” he said and sulked his lips into his mouth.

“well yes. I’ll Marry” I said plainly.
“really?” his eyes brightened.
“isn’t that what we want, to be together, I know that’s what I want” I smiled shyly and he smiled exposing his dimples.
He quickly placed the ring on my fourth finger and kissed me.


A perfect ending doesn’t mean all people have a happy ending
Everyone has their own directionlife is so long.
Someday in future, you may meet someone, you may fall for someone.

And may also forget someone.

So they are,so are we.

Not everything requires an answer
Right or wrong is not necessary
Someday you’ll just recall that it happened.
Then move on with your life..

That’s all.

Thank you all for reading.

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